SoftwarePro Hard Drive Data Recovery Wizard

Best Tool to Recover Lost, Corrupted, Deleted & Formatted Data from Hard Drives

hard drive file recovery
  • Allows to recover & save permanently deleted files from Hard Drives
  • Support to Recuperates data from the External and Internal storage media
  • Software Offer support to Recover Data from FAT, NTFS and GPT file system
  • Restore videos, images, music, doc files, multimedia from corrupted Hard Drives
  • Facilitates with 3 recovery modes i.e., Recover Normal, Deleted, Formatted data
  • No limitations imposed and serves users with unlimited Hard Disk Data Recovery
  • Hard Disk Recovery Software is operable on all the Windows Operating Systems

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Remarkable Features of Hard Drive Data Recovery Wizard

repair corrupted hdd files

Recover Complete Hard Drive Data

Now, using the hard drive data recovery wizard, the users can get back there lost or damaged photos, videos, music files, documents, data files and the other multimedia files from any Hard Drive. The best part of this application is that it can even restore the data from the corrupted files too. Moreover, the tool has the credibility to keep original format and details intact.

recover deleted hard drive data

FAT and NTFS Recovery Supported

The amazing thing about hard disk recovery software is that it can even recover and restore data from both the FAT and NTFS file systems. That comprises of FAT 16, FAT 32 components. In addition to it, the application even has the potential to save the data at a desirable location after data recovery process is completed.

corrupted hard drive data

Recover Permanently Deleted Data

The Hard Drive Data Recovery tool has the credibility to restore the items from formatted/ reformatted hard drives of unlimited size. The software diagnoses the available partitions automatically after scanning disk. In many cases, if we are having permanently deleted data the software restores it also from NTFS and FAT Hard Disk file format.

regain deleted data

Internal/External Storage Recovery

The hard drive recovery wizard can easily recover corrupt/lost data from system hard drive and external storage devices i.e., IDE, Blue-Ray Disk, SAT, iPod, SCSI, Memory Card Hard Disk, USB flash Drive, etc. It even auto-detects the drives along with the attributes. It even previews in front of the users with associated elements like model number, free size, etc.

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Restore Corrupt MBR, MFT, GPT Files

Using this option, the users can recover corrupt GPT & MBR files as corruption in such kind of files may create hard disk failure or corrupt data loss. Both of the files comprises of special information regarding each file stored in NTFS/FAT file systems. In such ways, the HDD recovery tool can be employed to restore lost data due to MFT, MBR, GPT, and FAT file corruption. It can also recover corrupted, deleted and formatted data from all file partitions. So simply download the utility and recover complete hard disk data.

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Recover Lost Data by Multiple Options

The Hard Drive Recovery tool offers users with three options to recover the data in different editions:
1. Restore Normal Data: Recover Data without Deleted Files/Folders.
2. Recover Deleted Files/Folders: This option is available to restore the permanently deleted data.
3. Recover Formatted Partition: This option is used to retrieve data from formatted & reformatted drives.

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Recover Files by Retaining Hierarchy

In case file system is previewed as RAW or if you are unable to access any drive and you are getting the warning like “Disk Not Formatted, Do you Want to Format Now?” then, in that case, the hard drive is corrupt. In such circumstances, instead for going for formatting a particular drive and losing data, then users can recover complete data by using corrupt hard drive data recovery software.

search hdd file recovery

Search and Sort Items via Attributes

The users can opt for searching any specific file or item inside the restored data with the smart searching option of hard drive data recovery software. The users need to apply the date filters option for refining the searching by its file creation date or the last modified date. It even restores the selective folders from the drive by tapping on check/uncheck button.

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Complete User Guide to Operate Hard Disk Data Recovery Software

User's Questions About Hard Drive File Recovery Wizard

Is there any provision to restore corrupted Hard Drive partitions data using tool?
Yes, wizard easily recuperates corrupted hard drive data via software. All the users need to do is follow the steps below:
  1. Run the Hard Drive Data Recovery Software
  2. Selected and Scan corrupt hard disk drive
  3. Preview the selected files and folders data
  4. Extract complete files/folders at desired location
Does the Hard Drive Recovery software save the recovered data on my device?
Yes, the recovery tool has the credibility to store the data and retrieve the data on your local device.
Is there any limitations imposed on the software when it comes to recovering Drive of any size?
No, the Hard Drive File Recovery Software does not impose any restrictions on the tool in case of recovering any drive of any size.
Does the wizard restore all the media files from the smart phone or memory card?
Yes, the hard disk drive restore software can easily recover all the media files from smart phones or memory cards, hard drives, etc.

Steps to Recover Hard Drive Corrupted, Deleted and Formatted Files

Step 1: Download and Install HDD Recovery Software

First of all, download the Hard Disk File Recovery Software in your device and then launch it.

download hdd recovery tool
Step 2: Option to Either Scan or Formatted Scan

Now the hdd recovery tool will provide you two option to scan your hard disk.

Scan: - Perform hard disk scan for Shift + deleted data / normal deleted data.

Formatted Scan: - Perform this for formatted data recovery form hard disk.

formatted files recovery
Step 3: View Scanning Report and Recovered Data

Now the software will start scan process on selected hard disk partition. Wait till it completes to 100%

browse hard drive data

After successful scanning, software will list all folder in left side of software windows. Also it mark all folders containing data.

scan corrupt hdd

Simply explore the folder and view entire recovered (normal deleted / permanent deleted) data. The deleted data highlighted by red color after recovery.

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Step 4: Save Recovered Data on System

Here software will enable you to either save selected files or complete folder.

For Selected Files: - Select required files and right click on it and choose Extract files

For Complete Folder: - Select the folder from folder hierarchy and hit Save button.

corrupt hard drive file

Provide location to save recovered files and hit OK.

best recovery tool
Step 5: View Exporting Process Details

View complete exporting process details and wait till it completes to 100%.

shift + delete data recovery
Step 6: Apply Filter and Search Required Files

Advance searching option by Data Filter and File Extension.

formatted hard drive
Step 7: View Recovered Data from Saved Location

Go to the location where you saved recovered data and view complete data.

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Online Video of Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Client's Words About Hard Disk File Recovery Wizard

"I am really mesmerized over the working and features of the hard drive data recovery wizard. This application helped me in many ways and I am so satisfied with it that I would like to recommend it to all the users across globe"

-- Jason Derulo, New York

"I have used this hard disk data recovery tool, and I feel like no other program has the credibility to work so smoothly. Its working algorithm has been developed by hard-core professional software designers. Thanks for the wonderful effort."

-- Nicky Minaj, Amsterdam