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SoftwarePro™ Privacy Policy

SoftwarePro is a distributor of SysTools and are devoted in maintaining the data you share with us. We prize and uphold the privacy of the customers without any delay. The details are maintained with high confidentiality at and do not let a third person or party to have your details. All the details provided by the customers are used only for the fixed purposes and we do not disseminate them. The information is used for informing the customers about the products and services we provide as well as for the delivery of the products safely.

The privacy policy complied and the information taken by us are cited in the coming segments. Just go through and see the policies that we undergo.

Information Collected:

SoftwarePro collect the information with the prior informing to the customers. The information is collected mainly at the time of purchase. The customers can visit our site without any login credentials. We necessitate you to give the name, email address, etc. for responding to your inquiry on the products, services, etc., and for the correct delivery of software. All the information collected from the customers is secured by access control procedures along with network firewall thus, preventing access by unauthorized users.

What For Is The Information Collected

Security: SoftwarePro lays down a good assurance for the information regarding the user's online transactions and credit information. A tight security is provided for this information.

Online Ordering: The information such as the name, email address, phone number, state, etc., are collected while the customer purchases any software and is used for the due delivery of the products and for the conferment of the shipment. The same information is also used for any clarification or agreement, if there.

Contend and Survey: Sometimes for any contest, for the delivery of prize the information of the customers like; name, mail address, shipping address, etc. are requested. These are done with the prior concern.

Technical Team: For the response to the customers query, the support team uses the information provided mainly the email address.

Change to Policy: The policy can be altered by time. For the detail view of the changes made, one has to go through the site often.


So far, we have kept the faith of our customers and have brought up new products according to their requirement. Since we have been through customers needs, we are now standing among the world top class sellers. More than 500+ companies and countries are satisfied with our products.