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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Word Documents from Hard Drive?

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Published On March 29th, 2024
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Overview: Are you going to find out an eminent way to recover permanently deleted word documents from hard drive? Sit down, because now you have arrived at the perfect place. Today! We are going to reveal the techniques to restore word document that was permanently deleted without any omission. Let’s take a quick look at the complete write-up to learn more.”

As per the survey, 99.5% of people prefer computers as their storage devices. Nowadays, the laptop also takes place and is proficiently utilized across the globe. Users can keep their word documents, valuable photos, viral videos, and other important data in it without any hassle. Nevertheless think, about what exactly happens if you lose your crucial word file. We know that this is a heartbreaking situation for anyone.

But, almost every single user has experienced this deleted data file from a computer/laptop issue once in their entire life. So, we took this issue into consideration and come up with a smart way to retrieve deleted word document. Furthermore, this is a common issue that can be resolved within a few minutes. Simply, follow this flawless guide to do so.

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Few Steps to Recover Deleted Word Documents

  1. First, Download the tool on your system.
  2. Select a partition and click the scan button.
  3. Preview of all recovered files after full recovery
  4. Finally, save all the recovered data files.

Reasons to Recover Permanently Deleted Word Documents from Hard Drive

There are so many users who are still looking for a free solution to recover permanently deleted PST files from hard disks. Let us know that no manual approach is obtainable in permanently deleted circumstances. Mainly, there are three scenarios in which a free method fails, and then the third-party application is the only way to get rid of this issue. Let’s have a look:

  • Recover Permanently Word Documents from Hard Drive: When users unintentionally or intentionally delete their data files by pressing the shift+delete keys together. Then that file will be permanently removed from the local machine. In this situation, users should stop utilizing the existing storage device to prevent an overwritten issue. Because any data file is overwritten, it will be irreparable.

  • Recover a Deleted Word File From an External Hard Drive: We know this is not a known case among all the users. Mainly, any data file is normally deleted from an external storage device like a pen drive, USB drive, thumb drive, hard drive, memory card, or SD card. So, it will be permanently wiped instead of going to a trash bin. After that, there is no free solution to retrieve recently deleted word file. In this circumstance, only professional software works adequately.

Recover Permanently Deleted Word Document From Recycle Bin

If you deleted your data by pressing the delete button, then you can recover your data from the recycle bin. But if you deleted your data from the recycle bin by pressing the shift+delete button, Its recovery is not possible in a recycle bin. Rather, you have to avail yourself of some reliable tool.

After analyzing and considering all the above-stated different cases, Now, it’s time to proceed toward the reliable workaround that works in multiple arenas appropriately.

Ultimate Way to Recover Permanently Deleted Word Documents from Hard Drive

After knowing the fact, i.e., no manual solution is available to retrieve recently deleted word file data, But if we say that you can easily regain your wiped data files within a few minutes, Yes, we are right! You can easily restore corrupted, deleted, and formatted data from a computer or laptop using this amazing tool named Hard Drive Data Recovery.

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Mainly, this facilitates a safe and secure process for recovering deleted CCTV footage from DVR hard disk. With the help of this utility, a user, whether savvy or non-savvy, can implement the recovery procedure without any hassle. Chiefly, this textendsedly to all advanced and below versions of Windows OS and does not associate with any kind of compatibility issue. Hence, you can check out this proficiently utilized application by visiting its official website.

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Recover Permanently Deleted Word Documents from Hard Drive – Detailed Guide

Here, in this segment, you will get the instructions to implement the permanently deleted word file recovery procedure. All the steps are disclosed sequentially. You just have to follow all of them to get the expected output.

  • Firstly, download and launch to your system.

hard drive data Recovery

  • Now, the utility will provide you with two options, such as Scan and Formatted Scan. So, you have to select normal scan to proceed ahead to retrieve deleted word documents

Scan Options

  • After the completion of the scanning procedure, Here, the application will show all the information in the left pane of the application. However, this software will automatically highlight those folders that contain data files. Afterward, you need to click on any folder to expand and explore to review the whole data in the right pane of the software.

deleted data

  • Then, the tool will display all the recovered permanently deleted videos from the computer hard drive in the right panel. From here, you can export and save either specific or all retrieve deleted word documents as per your necessity.

save delete data

  • Additionally, the software will facilitate a search option to find a particular data file. To do the same, you just have to click on a drop-down list adjacent to On. And then, opt for an option from Created, Modified, and Last Access according to your requirements.

  • Fill in the From and To date fields from the date filter option to move further.

Created data

  • After that, add the desired file name in the search bar and hit the search icon. Then, the search process will begin properly; you should wait for some time.

add the desired file name

  • Once the search procedure is completed, So, you can view your desired file in the right panel properly.
  • Once you select the preferred data files to export, So, hit the Save button to start the export procedure properly.
  • Finally, the software will notify you with a pop-up message that states Export Complete Successfully. Subsequently, you have to hit OK to quit the export procedure.

Export successfully

Time to Verdict

Now, you are aware of the approach to recovering permanently deleted word documents from hard drives, etc., without any hindrance. As we all know, no manual solution is obtainable in this arena. So, only an automated solution can work effectively and efficiently in this circumstance. Despite that, you get so many resolutions when you come across the internet. But it’s your time to find out the difference between the best and the worst.


Q: Is it possible to recover deleted word documents?
Yes, With the help of the above blog, users can recover all types of data, such as Word documents, PPT files, Excel files, etc. It also recovers virus-infected files from a hard drive and unlimited data from a hard drive without any limitation.

Q: Can I retrieve a deleted Word document?

Yes, by using the SoftwarePro HDD Recovery Utility, we can retrieve a deleted Word document.