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How to Get Data from GPT Protective Partition in External Hard Disk in Windows 10, 8, 7

Anuraag Singh | Modified: 2022-06-23T18:25:50+05:30 | Data Recovery | 6 Minutes Reading

Table of Content:

  1. HDD Partition GPT Protected – User’s Query
  2. Why Hard Drive Partition Become GPT Protective
  3. Steps to Fix GPT Protective Partition Issue Manually
  4. Limitation of Manual Method to Fix GPT Protected Issue
  5. Steps to Recover Files from GPT protected Partition
  6. Conclusion

Hard Disk Partition GPT Protected – User’s Queries

User Query 1: “Please tell me how to recover data from GPT protective partition. This issue is driving me crazy as I can neither open nor view any files located in that drive. This very drive was running fine with my laptop, but as soon as I connected it to my office PC, the problem started. Even the tech guys from my office do not know why this is happening. Asking for your help as this is an urgent situation. Please assist us check if partition is MBR or GPT .”

User Query 2: “I borrowed an external hard drive from my brother but unable to use it. Whenever, I connect that HDD with my system, it is recognized as GPT protective partition. There is no drive letter assigned to it and therefore, I cannot open or access that drive. I feel extremely disheartened and do not know what to do. My brother says he checked that drive before giving it to me and it was working absolutely fine. We are really perplexed about what is actually happening. If any of you have an explanation for how to retrieve data from deleted partition? please enlighten us.”

There are many users around the world, who get the warning of GPT protective partition when they connect a drive with their system. In such cases, users are unable to open or access the disk. In other words, Users who face this situation want to recover data from GPT protective partition, but its solutions are not well-known.

As a result, users find it difficult to resolve the GPT protected partition issue. This post will discuss the manual method to fix hard disk partition GPT protected issue. Also, how to get data from GPT protective partition. First, we will see why do we face this problem in the first place.

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What Causes an HDD Partition to Become GPT Protective?

In a simple language, compatibility issue between GPT partition and Windows OS leads to GPT protected issue. GPT partitions are supported by only 64-bit Windows 10, 8, 7 OS. When these drives are connected to any 32-bit Windows, the system fails to recognize this type of partitions and hence these drives become GPT protective partitions.

GPT Protective Partition Recover Data

How to Fix GPT Protective Partition Issue Manually

Using the disk management of your Windows system, you can recover shift deleted files from HDD. Before that, you have to determine the disk number of the affected drive, since it will not have any drive letter assigned to it. Let’s see how to fix the GPT protected partition issue.

a. Select My Computer icon on the desktop and right-click on it to choose Manage.
b. Click on Storage>> Disk Management option.
c. Make a note of the drive number (like drive 1) of the drive that has been referred to as GPT protective drive.

Now comes the main part of resolving the problem.

  1. Initially, type CMD in the Search box of your system to open the Command Prompt window. In the Command window, type diskpart>> press Enter.
  2. Now,  type list disk and press Enter. A full list of disks will appear in the window.
  3. After that, type select disk number (here, you have to add the disk number of GPT Protective Partition) and press on the Enter key. A message will appear confirming the disk selection.
  4. At this point, you have to type clean and then press Enter. This command will remove the partition and signature of the drive.
  5. Then, Type exit>> hit Enter. Type exit again to shut down the Command Prompt window.
  6. Now, launch Disk Management and use Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard. Or, you can open Disk Management and right-click on the problematic disk to choose Initialize Disk option from the menu.
  7. Finally, When the initialization begins, use Disk Management to format the drive.

Limitations of Manual Technique

The method of disk management described here is often the first choice of the users when it comes to fixing the GPT protective partition issue. However, the success rate of this method is not so high. Users have reported getting these error messages even after performing this technique:

  • “The disk you specified cannot be converted to MBR.”
  • “Please select an empty GPT disk to convert.”

Best Solution to Recover Data from GPT Protected Partition

If you do not want to go through this tedious method to fix disk is GPT protected issue or facing these errors after performing that method, we have an alternative technique for you. Users can recover GPT protective partition data using Hard Drive Data Recovery Software.

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This application will open any kind of partition and restore removed data from Seagate HDD. This is considered the easiest way to retrieve files from HDD That Won’t Boot Windows. In other words, we can say this software retrieves the complete data stored in those drives to so do not run the risk of data loss of any kind. Moreover, this is the best solution to get data from GPT protective partition.

The Sum UP

In conclusion, From the above discussion, we have learned that it is possible to recover data from GPT protective partition. Users can take the help of either manual and alternative solutions. However, whoever wants accurate and hassle-free GPT protected partition data recovery process should use the application mentioned here. This tool will run smoothly and get data from GPT protective partition. After reading this complete article, I am sure it will be quite easy for you to recover files from GPT protective partition.