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Computer Gets Infected? Know How to Recover Virus Infected Files from Hard Drive

Unfortunately, it can happen sometimes that the antivirus program installed on the system becomes unable to detect the new worms, viruses, or Trojans, even if it is up to date. But, the hard fact is that no antivirus program guarantees complete reliable security. So, how would you determine if your Windows computer is infected with a virus? Well, the symptoms may vary and most of the viruses stay quiet until they infect the entire hard drive and users may not even notice the infection.


Is My Hard Drive Infected With A Virus?

With the help of the following series of clues you can detect the signs of an infection with a virus or malware on your system hard drive:

  • Abrupt opening and closing of the internal CD-ROM Drives
  • The firewall triggers an alarm because of the unusual connection attempt
  • On-screen starts prompting unusual messages or drawings
  • A computer automatically attempts to connect to the Internet
  • The computer’s hard disk drive starts emitting strange sounds
  • The random launch of any program without user intervention
  • Computer displays Emsisoft Anti-Malware alert messages
  • Antivirus reports that it has detected a virus on the computer
  • Antivirus displays ‘The computer is not protected’ error prompt
  • Frequent network activity, continuous light flashes, fans turning on

Note: Some of the symptoms of infection are also manifested via email messages.

How to Recover Virus Infected Files from Hard Drive?

Now, if you are sure that your computer’s hard drive is infected with a virus then, immediately disconnect it from the network and other external storage media. After that, opt for any of the methods mentioned below to recover virus-infected files from the hard drive:

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Method 1. Recover Virus Infected Files From Hard Drive By Using CMD

Command Prompt is the very first thing you should try to recover lost files from the hard drive. This is an eminent way that works effectively on all versions of Windows OS. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, connect the hard drive to the computer (if an external hard drive is infected). Click on Start
  2. After that, Type ‘cmd’ in the search bar and press Enter key. Now, open Command Prompt as an administrator
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  3. Then, Go to the system drive from where data gets disappeared or is infected
    In cmd.exe panel, type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*“. Hit the Enter button how to recover deleted excel files from pendrive
  4. After this, Windows will start repairing the virus-infected drive and the complete process may take a while to finish. So, wait until the repairing process gets completed successfully
  5. In the end, After finishing the recovery process, you can access your virus-infected files on the hard drive without any problem.

Note: In the case of using the Hard Drive Recovery tool, this utility does not provide the functionality to recover hard drive data from dead computer. In order to use this tool, first you need to format the hard drive and later you can recover your files with the help of this versatile software.

Method 2. Automatically Recover Virus Infected Files from Hard Drive

To recover your lost data from the hard drive you can try Computer Data Recovery Software. It is an eminent solution to repair and recover permanently deleted word documents from Hard Drive. Using this, one can recover images, videos, documents, and all other media items from your PC. Download this software on Windows OS. This tool recovers deleted files from your hard drive safely. Below is how this tool works to recover virus/ malware-infected files from a computer hard drive:

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“I had stored my all crucial data in my computer hard drive. Yesterday night I was trying to open my files and folders. My data infected by the virus. Now I don’t know how do I fix a virus infected hard drive? Please help me and suggest me solution How can I recover permanently deleted word documents from hard drive. Thanks in advance.”

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In Conclusion

Virus attacks on the computer, hard drives, and USB Drives are very common in this digital arena and they might affect users very badly. For users who have no idea about how to recover virus-infected files from a hard drive, it can be a real disaster. Therefore, considering such user problems we have come up with this article. Here, we have disclosed two simple and actually working techniques to recover data from deleted partition.