Common Lotus Notes Errors: Top 5 Errors and Their Fixes

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: November 29, 2018 | Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes is one of the most commonly used email clients in the different organization. Its feature-rich nature makes it the first choice of the users. However, it is said that everything has some pros and cons. Similarly, Lotus Notes also has some flaws in it. It is prone to different errors which makes difficult for the user to work with Lotus Notes. Moreover, when any kind of error encounters it interrupts the user’s workflow. Thus, it becomes very important to resolve the issue as soon as possible. To help all the Lotus Notes users, we are going to introduce the most commonly occurring Lotus Notes errors with their solutions.

Possible Causes of Lotus Notes Errors

Now, it is very important to know the causes responsible for Lotus Notes errors. This will make easy for the users to eliminate the chances of recurring errors future. Some of the possible reasons due to which Lotus Notes error occurs can be improper installation of Lotus Notes software, complex user-interface of Lotus Notes, issues with ID and password etc.

common Lotus Notes Errors With Solutions

Troubleshooting Common Lotus Notes Errors

When an error occurs while working on some vital project then it becomes a very frustrating situation for the user. Thus, in this section, we are going to discuss the most frequently occurring Lotus Notes Errors with their fixes.

Error 1: Your current ID does not specify an Internet certificate for signing

When the user sets the default settings to sign emails by using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) then this error occurs. The client signs messages to other Lotus Notes recipients with this public key. When the user sends emails via the Internet then Lotus keys do not work. For this, the user must have an X.509 certificate integrated into the Lotus Notes ID.

Solution: The user needs to change the default settings of the signing messages to resolve this error.

Error 2: The object store that is used by this note was not found

This error message is related to the Lotus Notes shared mail. Whenever, the user tries to access the Lotus Notes document, which is unavailable in Domino object store then this error message encounters.

Solution: One can resolve this error by running Collect task on the Lotus Notes database.

Error 3: Database corrupt cannot allocate space

This error encounter when there is some issue with Notes client’s Desktop.dsk file.

Solution: The user can resolve this error by implementing different solutions:
Create a fresh copy of the corrupt database by navigating to File > Database > New Copy on IBM Lotus Notes
Delete the cache.ndk and then rename it to bookmark.nsf

Error 4: Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time

It is one of the most frequently occurring error messages faced by Lotus Notes users.

Solution: The user can fix this error by implementing two different solutions.
In Lotus Notes client open the Replicator page. Then trigger the line manually, sending outgoing mail.
Open the existing location and in Lotus Notes client check the Mail tab. If the location of the Mail File is set as Local then change it to On Server to test it. After that, check the send outgoing mail option. If the option is set as directly to the Internet then change it to Domino Server.

Error 5: Entry Not Found in Index

This error encounter when the user has edited a policy locally in past.

Solution: The user can resolve this error by editing/re-saving all the described policies straightforwardly on the server copy of names.nsf.

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Summing Up

Lotus Notes is a versatile and feature-rich email client but users face various errors while working with it. Thus, to eliminate errors associated with Lotus Notes the user can implement the solutions explained above. If still, the user faces any issue then he/she can switch from Lotus Notes email client to another email client such as Microsoft Outlook. To migrate Lotus Notes database to Outlook PST the user can opt for an automated solution that is SoftwarePro NSF to PST Converter.