Tips to Fix Lotus Notes Error No Sitemap Found – Quick Guide

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: December 3, 2018 | Lotus Notes

Everything in this world comes with both pros and cons. Nothing is free from errors in this fast-growing technology world. So, like any other application, in Lotus Notes also errors encountered sometimes. Lotus Notes is an email application that is very much famous among the organizations. A small issue in it can break the continuity of work also. Thus, whenever a user faces the Lotus Notes error No Sitemap Found message, it needs to fix as soon as possible in order to get back everything on place.

There are number of error messages displayed by Lotus Notes. But, No Sitemap Found error is the one that is covered in this blog. In most of the cases, users encounter error messages when there is an issue in the user system. However, it is not the case with Lotus Notes, here a user face error when there is some problem in the application. Mainly, this error occurs when a user tries to open calendars, inbox, or to do lists from the Notes application. And, the mailbox and calendar is already opened from the previous session.

Possible Causes of “No Sitemap Found”- Lotus Notes Error

If a user is facing some issue, then there must be some reason behind it. The primary reason that leads to this error is when someone tries to open the copy of mail file on the server. Therefore, a user is unable to access Inbox, Calendar, or To Do views, either from open menu or workspace. And, as this error occur, the Lotus Notes is unable to create a sitemap for the display. It is because of application’s design cache stored in the local cache.ndk.

Lotus Notes error no sitemap found

Solution: In order to fix this issue, a user can update the Lotus Notes by new version i.e., 8.0.2 Fix Pack 3 or 8.5.1. However, if a user still encounter Lotus Notes error no sitemap found while opening inbox, then simply close all already opened tabs and restart the applications. After doing so, there are high chances that a user will not get the same error again.

There are multiple ways to fix the error messages which are faced by the users while using the IBM Notes. If by chance, the user is still getting the sitemap not found error in Lotus Notes, then the users have to opt for various methods to open the inaccessible mailbox items.

What If Lotus Notes Error No Sitemap Found Occur Again?

In order to resolve any particular error in Lotus Notes, there can be many possible way. But, Lotus Notes has very complicated interface which is not easy-to-use for a novice user. It becomes more complex if a user encountered any error in the same. Resolving Lotus Notes error without any expert help is very difficult. Thus, to avoid all such issues, it is advised to switch to some other email client. Microsoft Outlook is one of the best options that a user can look forward. But, Lotus Notes supports NSF file format and Outlook supports PST file format to store mailbox data.

Thus, in order to perform migration successfully, take help of some professional solution. Export Notes is one such application that a user can try to NSF to PST format. It is a simple, reliable, and easy application to move from Lotus Notes to Outlook in just a few clicks. It export all data items from Lotus Notes to PST format without any hassle. Moreover, a user can install and launch this application on any version of Windows.


No doubt Lotus Notes offers an immense level of security to its users but due to this only, its interface is very hard to understand. Therefore, whenever a user faces an issue like Lotus Notes error no sitemap found, it is suggested to switch to some other email client. To make this migration task easy for the users, an Export Notes application is suggested above. One can take help of this tool to perform the migration in a seamless manner.