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How to Show Hidden Emails in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

Published By Deepa Pandey
Ashwani Tiwari
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Published On March 23rd, 2023
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If you are unable to view some of the emails in Outlook, then you’re not alone. A lot of users go through this situation worldwide. This is why we are going to learn how to show hidden emails in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016 &  all other versions. 

The only reason users are unable to do it on their own is a lack of technical knowledge. We will teach you the easiest yet most effective solutions for finding these missing emails. This article consists of the manual as well as the automated approaches that can bring out hidden Outlook emails.

First of all, users need to understand the entire scenario in-depth & knowing the reasons for this problem is critical for this. Let’s understand these reasons & then we’ll move ahead toward the solutions.

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Need to Learn How to Find Hidden Unread Emails in Outlook

There are various factors why users have to face this situation. The hidden emails can be a result of one of the below-mentioned reasons. These are the most basic reason why users couldn’t find their emails in the Outlook mailbox.

  • Network Interruption:- Disturbance in the internet connection often causes this error due to improper communication between the system & the server. This is why it’s possible to not get to see a few emails.
  • Unsynchronized Emails:- Sudden shutdown of the system, power cuts, windows crashing, or Outlook crashing can also result in PST files getting disappeared. Therefore, users need to execute these operations to get these back.
  • Oversized PST Data Files:- As we know PST files are fragile, they can easily get corrupt. In addition, if your PST file is heavy in size or a little oversized, it is more likely to get corrupted easily. Because of this issue, file transfer can be very risky as files can go hidden due to corruption.
  • Deletion of Outlook Emails:- Accidental deletion of emails is the most common reason why users can’t see their emails. A lot of users permanently delete their files unintentionally & then didn’t find their files in their expected location.
  • Lack of Storage Space in Outlook:- Outlook stops receiving emails if its storage is full. This is quite obvious as to where will Outlook accommodate these emails when there is no space left in it.

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How to Show Hidden Emails in Outlook 2016 Manually?

If you want to know the manual methods then there are two of them. The first is the method to change the view settings of Outlook which may also cause this error. Whereas the second method is to clean the storage space in Outlook to accommodate new emails that are hidden or unreceived.

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#1 Change View Settings

Default view settings of Outlook can sometimes cause this error to users. Follow the below steps to prevent such issues.

  1. Open your Outlook application.
  2. Now Go to the View tab located at the top bar.
  3. Here, Click on the Current View option,
  4.  In the current view option, Click on Customize Current View button.
  5. Go to the Filter options & remove all filters by clicking on the Clear All button.
  6. Go to the Outlook Inbox & then Hit Send/Receive & you can see all of your hidden Outlook emails.

To learn how to view hidden emails in outlook, this method works only if there is an issue in the settings. If emails are deleted then it won’t work.

#2 Make Space In Outlook

If you’re Outlook does not have the required storage space then follow the below steps to clean your Outlook storage space.

Users just need to Go to the Files tab first. Select the Tools option followed by Mailbox Cleanup Location. There are various options to clean unnecessary data files.

Below are the options users can select

  1. View Mailbox Size
  2. View Conflicts Size
  3. View Empty conflicts
  4. Find Items Older Than
  5. Find Items Larger Than
  6. Empty Deleted Items Folder

Modern Method to Learn How to Find Hidden Email Addresses in Outlook

As we discussed the causes above, we can say that manually there is no reliable way to recover deleted pst files from pc. Especially when these emails are erased permanently. That is why we are going to show the automated method to retrieve emails that are deleted permanently in Outlook.

Users need to download the Microsoft Outlook Recovery Software developed with core technicalities & advanced AI algorithms. This is the reason why experts recommend this tool over all other solutions available. In addition, this method keeps the data integrity intact & security utmost for users.

Download and install the utility on your system & then follow the below-mentioned steps with their respective images. It can help you recover permanently deleted emails. If want to know how to show hidden email in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003. Then this is the best method. 

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Working Guidance to See Hidden Emails in Outlook

Step-1. Select the Add File option to add your PST files with missing emails in them.  

how to find hidden unread emails in outlook

Step-2. Click Quick Scan for instance. You can select Advance Scan for in-depth results.

how to find hidden emails

Step-3. Select the Deleted Emails here highlighted in the Red color that you require.

how to hide emails in outlook

Step-4. Browse & Enter the Destination Location with the Resultant Format of files.

outlook sent items not showing

Step-5. Click on the Export button to get your hidden emails back in Outlook.

how do i find my unread emails in outlook

Users can get the status report at the end of the successful procedure to further analyze the statistics.

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Automated Tool for Mac OS

If you’re working on the Apple ecosystem rather than Windows, then don’t worry. This automated tool is also available for Apple Mac OS. Users working on Outlook through MAc can download this tool instead of the Windows version. The steps are almost similar to this one, so there are not any major changes.

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The Advanced Feature of his Automated Method 

There are so many features present in this modern tool that makes this method smooth. Although this tool has plenty of features. However, here we are going to show only the major ones.

  • This tool can show users all of the hidden emails that they were looking for. It can get their emails & export them into various file formats.
  • Various smart features are present in this tool for users that can speed up tasks & reduce users’ efforts. 
  • Learning how to find hidden unread emails in Outlook using the automated method allow users to recover selective data files.
  • The software provides customized results to users with the help of category & date filters. Moreover, users can get their hidden emails back in bulk quantity.
  • Are you’re hidden files password protected or encrypted with OpenPGP & SMIME encryption? Don’t worry as the utility can get these files back too.
  • It can also repair some of the hidden or deleted files if corrupted with any level of corruption. This feature is not present in any other solution till now.
  • All of the Outlook versions are supported by the tool. Windows 11 & below OS are also compatible with this utility.

To Conclude

Now we can say that after learning how to show hidden emails in Outlook, users can easily access their emails. The automated solution is recommended by us, other users, IT experts & Microsoft’s MVPs. That’s because of the level of security & accuracy it possesses. Whereas on the other hand, the manual method fails to provide customized results.