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How to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook – Best Solution

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Published On March 29th, 2024
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Are you looking for a solution to delete duplicate emails from Outlook? If yes then, you are at the right post. Here you will find the ultimate solution to delete multiple emails from Outlook folder. We know that it is a bit frustrating scenario. That’s why we decided to write the content on it for our users.

Duplicate email makes managing email messages very hard for Outlook users. This can lead to many issues. Like Outlook performing slowly, hanging problems, storage space issues, and so on. Growing the size of the Microsoft Outlook mailbox can infect users’ workflow. In the upcoming segment, we will talk about the causes of duplicate Outlook emails.

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Possible Causes Behind Duplication of Email Messages in Outlook

There can be several reasons behind this issue and all of them are mentioned below.

Wrong Configuration of Rules:- If rules are not configured properly, there are chances of confusion when an email message is received. In addition, generate duplication of emails.

Small Intervals in Sending and Receiving Messages:- If the inbox is updated on a low frequency having a short interval of time, the emails and other data items will not get synchronized properly which results in duplication of data.

Incorrect Account Setup:- If are using the same email account on other devices like a laptop and mobile, it repeats the synchronization of the incoming messages. It can be one of the possible reasons behind email duplication in the Outlook mailbox.

Inappropriate Mailbox Settings:- When you create an account in Outlook, you did not set mailbox parameters properly. This is the reason you are receiving the same email or messages multiple times.

Other Technical Issues:- If there is some technical problem in the mail server, there may be a duplication of Outlook items. Such instances frequently happen if you activate If “Leave Messages on the Server” option is checked, this type of instances will occur frequently. If two or more “move a copy to” rule is set for a specific incoming email, the wrong configuration of Microsoft Outlook is. However, it results in the duplication of emails also. Merging two or more PST files into a single PST can also create a duplicate in Outlook.

It does not matter what reason is creating multiple copies of a single message. It will surely affect Microsoft Outlook’s productivity. Thus, you must delete duplicate emails from Outlook.

Delete Multiple Emails from Outlook With Easy Solution

It is important to clean the duplicated files from your mailbox. However, handling hundreds of duplicates will be tough. If the number of duplicate emails and messages goes high, then manual deletion of them becomes impossible. And, there is no such easy manual method available that a user tries to delete multiple emails from outlook. Even Microsoft itself does not offer an easy fix for the same in any Outlook version 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007.

Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook With a Reliable Solution

As we said above deleting duplicate emails from Outlook 2016 is one of the safest cures to protect your mailbox data from any kind of corruption or productivity issue. But the sad part is that Microsoft Outlook does not provide any utility to delete duplicate emails from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.

Now, in this scenario users have only one solution left and that is an automated solution. Although there are various tools and automated solutions available over the internet that claims to delete duplicate emails from Outlook 2016. But in this blog, we are going to suggest the most reliable and recommended tool by professionals to delete multiple emails from outlook folder and i.e., Outlook Duplicate Email Remover. It is a tool that is known for its accuracy and efficiency while deleting duplicate files from Outlook.  Download the application on your PC to check the working.

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The tool is also capable to delete duplicates like emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, journals, and notes from Outlook OST/BAK/PST files without any data loss. 

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Working Steps of Utility to Delete Duplicate Email in Outlook

  1. Install and launch the Tool on your Windows machine.
remove duplicate emails in outlook

2. Click on Add Files or Add Folder button.

remove duplicate emails in outlook 2010

3. Now, tick the checkboxes provided under the Select filter and duplicate criteria option.

remove duplicate emails in outlook 2016

4. After that, select one or more fields to customize duplicate email processes from Specific duplicate criteria options.

how to delete duplicate emails in outlook

5. After all the settings, click on the Next button to start the process of de-duplication of emails in Outlook

how to remove duplicate emails in outlook

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Remarkable Features of the Software

  • Preserve Data Items- This application comes with some advanced features that will ensure the maintenance of the folder hierarchy. As well as preserve the metadata during the process
  • Various Fields Option- The tool gives you the option to delete duplicate data items according to various fields like BCC, Subject, Cc, Start Date, Body, and many more.
  • Diverse Removal Option- During deleting redundant items from Outlook mailbox like Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Journals, Calendars, and Notes. This utility provides different actions to delete multiple emails from Outlook such as Delete Permanently, Move to Deleted Item Folder, Move to Folder, Put Flag, and Mark as Expire.

Manual Tricks to Delete Duplicate Items in Microsoft Outlook

If someone wants a free solution to delete duplicate emails from Outlook then they can use the below-explained methods.

1# Configure Outlook Rules Properly

The very first thing that you need to check is whether Outlook rules are configured properly or not. If they are configured properly, there are chances of confusion between the different email folders. So, it is important to configure the rules correctly.

2# Modify the Inbox Updates Frequency

Another possible way of avoiding duplicates is to change the inbox update frequency. Now to do the same, start Outlook and move to Send/ Receive. After that, choose the define Send or Receive Groups option. Then, set the value of inbox updates frequency between 15-30 minutes.

3# Use Clean Up Tool to Inbox

There is a number of tools and add-ins used by Outlook. One of them can help you out in cleaning duplicate messages. Follow the steps mentioned below to clean up your mailbox:

  • First of all, open Outlook
  • After that, choose the mailbox folder
  • Then, choose Home >> Cleanup Now, choose any of the below options:
  • Clean up Conversation: To delete and move the duplicate message present in the conversation.
  • Clean Up Folder: To delete the duplicate message from a particular folder
  • Clean Up Folders and Subfolders: To clean up duplicate folders and subfolders
  • At last, right-click on the Deleted Items folder >> Empty Folder. It will surely delete the emails.

4# Antivirus Application

Another possible reason for duplicate files in your mailbox could be the settings of the Antivirus application. If a server connection is not shut down in an appropriate way, emails are not flagged even after receiving and result in duplicates. Now to fix this problem, you need to check the manual of the Antivirus application and turn off the email protection option.


Duplicate items are very frustrating for those who work on Outlook on a daily basis. Once the duplicate is created in the Outlook mailbox, then it is very hard to delete it. Thus, to make this task easier, in the above article we have discussed the best possible methods for how to delete duplicate emails from Outlook without any data loss.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Do we use Outlook Import/Export to remove duplicates?

Ans- Yes, one can use the Import/Export option to remove duplicate emails from Outlook. But this process is very tedious. Because first, you have to import all the data first and then you have to import it back in order to remove duplicate emails from Outlook.

Q. Do duplicate emails consume space in the mailbox?

Ans- Yes, the duplicate emails take the same space as the original ones.