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ScanPST Not Responding After Clicking Repair – Solved

Summary:- After clicking on the repair button the ScanPST not responding on Windows OS. Find the expert-verified solution in this post. You are recommended to use the verified utility to fix the scanpst error that occurred scan stopped.

Scanpst not responding after clicking repair issues means double trouble for Outlook users. The scanpst freezes during repair mean that the PST data file is already corrupt. The outlook inbox repair tool not responding to issues will only make the bad situation.

Unfortunately, this condition is not uncommon as we have come across this related user queries in Microsoft Outlook technical forums:

Here in this blog, we will discuss solutions for all googled queries related to this Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool not responding during the repair process.

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Scanpst exe Not Responding During Repair – User’s Case Study

User A said:

“For the last few days, I am having some serious trouble with my MS Outlook 2010 version. I thought of trying the built-in tool of Outlook, which is also known as Inbox Repair Tool or scanpst.exe. That tool was also able to locate the corruption of the PST file. But the problem started when I attempted to repair those corruptions.

As soon as I clicked on the Repair button of inbuilt utility, Scanpst.exe became not responding during the repair process or after clicking the repair button. I had to end the task by going to Task Manager to get back to the normal mode. Nonetheless, the same problem happens whenever I try to fix scanpst exe not responding during repair issues using that tool. Please tell me a way out of this disturbing situation.”

User B said:

“In order to fix inaccessible PST file issues in my Windows 7 system, I tried scanpst.exe, which I thought to be a trustworthy solution to solve Scanpst error occurred scan stopped problems. But I was wrong. That tool was not able to fix PST file corruption, it ends up like Scanpst not responding after clicking repair.

It clearly shows that this tool does not have the ability to resolve PST file corruption issues for some reason and end up with scanpst freezes during the repair. Due to this reason, I could not use MS Outlook 2016 for several days. Therefore, I am requesting all my fellow Outlook users of this forum to respond and provide me with a reliable technique to scanpst crashes during repair.”

As readers can see, they are not the only ones having this ‘Scanpst.exe not responding during repair’ problem. Many Outlook users face scanpst.exe crashing issues when they attempt to fix the damaged PST file with Inbox Repair Tool.

Now comes the question of how to get rid of Microsoft’s inbuilt utility that scanpst exe not responding during repair button problem. We will be discussing this in this write-up, which will include the major reasons and mending approaches.

Why Does Scanpst.exe Fail to Respond?

Before we move towards the solution to the Scanpst error that occurred scan stopped the problem. Readers must be interested to know the cause of this problem. Here are some of the major causes that are responsible for the “scanpst.exe crashes on repair” problem.

  1. Improper Installation of Scanpst Tool: If the tool not installed properly and has some subfiles like DLL files missing, it can malfunction.
  2. Outdated scanpst.exe:- Always use the same version of Microsoft Outlook and scanpst.exe. If Inbox Repair Utility is not updated according to the Outlook version, it will fail to repair the lost PST file, and the result in scanpst.exe hangs on the repair process.
  3. Severe PST File Corruption: If there are some major damages in the PST file that are beyond the capacity of ScanPST, it will stop responding.
  4. Broken PST File Header: Scanpst tool mainly works based on the headers of PST file items. If the header broken, the tool will fail to mend the PST file and therefore, may become irresponsive.
  5. Oversized PST File: Scanpst not responding when repairing can also result if the PST file size has reached its threshold, which is often the case.
  6. The issue with Exchange Server: If Outlook connected to Exchange Server, this issue may occur due to some problems in Exchange.

Best Solution to Solve Scanpst Not Responding After Clicking Repair Problem

Many random sites will suggest readers use various manual methods to fix scanpst freezes during the repair. However, we will not do that. Why? Because we care for our readers and know the value of their time. We will only suggest the best solution that is not only superbly efficient but also cost-effective. It effectively resolves the ‘scanpst freezes during repair’ issue.

In case the scanpst freezes during the repair process and stops responding, simply stop using it and switch to the trusted utility to Outlook PST Recovery Tool. This application is a one-stop solution to all PST file corruption since it is built with advanced technology.

Even if the PST file has all the issues that can cause the scanpst Repair tool to freeze, this alternative software will not have any trouble fixing those files. This tool can also repair Outlook BAK files created by Inbox Repair Tool and remove SMIME and OpenPGP encryption from Outlook emails.

The trial version of this application is available for free which allows you to recover Outlook data files and preview them in the panel. And the full version license can be purchased at an affordable price if you prefer to export or save the repaired files in PST, MSG, EML, HTML, or Office 365. Here is how you can run this utility in a few quick steps and fix Outlook PST not showing all emails. Free download and install this utility on your Windows system.

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Working Steps to Fix Inaccessible PST File

Step 1: – First of all, launch the software and click on the Add File button.

what to do when scanpst does not work

Step 2:- Either Add a PST file or folder from the email recovery

scanpst not responding during repair

Step 3:- Preview all Outlook Mailbox data in the tool panel

microsoft inbox repair tool not responding

Step 5: – Finally, Save data after restoring from MS Outlook PST

scanpst not responding after clicking repair

Final Words

Here, we have talked about the most convenient way to get rid of the “Scanpst not responding after clicking repair” problem. This is a commonplace problem for Outlook users and may occur anytime due to PST file damage. Scanpst not responding when repairing problems occurs.

Don’t waste your time by trying to fix the scanpst freezes during repair issues. Rather, opt for the alternative third-party application. Which considered a robust solution to fix inaccessible PST files or scanpst errors that occurred the scan stopped. While the ‘scanpst.exe crashes on repair’ issue due to its high success rate.