SoftwarePro OLK to EML Converter for Mac & Windows OS

Best Tool to Convert Mac Outlook OLK file to EML File Format on Windows OS

olk to eml converter
  • Covert OLK file to EML, PST, MSG, MBOX, PDF, HTML, VCF, and ICS format
  • Export complete data from OLK14 & OLK15 to Office 365 Account
  • Preview option to view data with attachments
  • No file size limitation for OLK to EML Conversion
  • Naming convention to save resultant EML File
  • Support conversion from OLK14Messsage & OLK15Message file
  • Compatible with all window 10, 8, 7, vista & all below versions

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Features of Mac Outlook OLK to EML Converter Software

export olk14message to eml

Convert OLK file to EML Format

OLK to EML converter software all user to convert OLK14Message and OLK15Message file into EML file format. The software also export olk14source, olk14msgsource into eml format. It ensures that the complete data will be converted into emails format.

naming convension

Naming Convention to Export EML

After successful conversion of OLK file data to EML format the software provides naming conversion option to save resultant file. Use can save data by subject, date, from or the combination of these attributes. Select this feature from advance feature setting.

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Date Filter for EML Conversion

Filter the required data from large olk file. Simply apply the date based filter in which you need to just provide date From to To and the olk to eml converter tool will automatically select only those files which are sanded between the provide dates. User will find this feature in advance setting option.

online conversion

Convert Selected File or Folder Only

User can select required files or folders by clicking in check box. This option is very helpful in case of large olk file. Simply select the important files form olk folder and software will convert the selected files into EML format. It is time saving option and makes conversion fast.

olk14message to eml

Maintains Original Folder Hierarchy

If user want to save resultant eml file in same folder hierarchy as it was saved in olk file. Then select the maintain folder hierarchy option from the bottom of software window. It ensures that all the converted data will be saved in original folder structure.

best software to export

Support Bulk OLK to EML Conversion

Mac Outlook creates outlook14message or outlook15message file for each incoming or outgoing mails. The olk to eml converter support bulk olk conversion so user can export multiple olk file simultaneously. It is highly used feature for fast conversion of entire data.

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User Guide to Operate OLK to EML Converter Software on Windows OS

Frequently Asked Questions for OLK to EML Converter

Does software support naming in bulk conversion process?
Is the software compatible with windows operating system?
Yes, the converter tool is compatible with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista and all its below versions.
Can I convert single selected olk file into eml format?
Yes, the software supports selected data conversion. Simply check the required data and right click on it and hit on export option.
How to created .dmg file from .olk file?
Simply compress the .olk file and you will find resultant .dmg file.
What is the use of ~temp folder while converting olk file to eml format.
The software provides preview option to view scanned data before applying converting it. So it save data temporary in temp folder. By default it stored in C: drive, If there is not enough space then its location to other drive partition.

Steps to Convert OLK14Message to EML Format

Step 1: Launch the Software

Install the software on your local machine, and home window will be appear like this. Click on Add File button from menu bar.

steps to export olk14message to eml
Step 2: Brows OLK file

Select option to brows the olk file.

A: - Check File radio button to load .dmg file and click on Add Button
brows olk file

B: - Check Folder radio button to load .olk file. Then click on Add File button

choose olk folder
Step 3: View Scanning Process

Now the software will show the complete scanning report in new pop up.

view olk scanning report
Step 4: View Scanned Folder List

View all scanned folder in Folder List Pane and select the folder that containing data. If you want select mails then check required one otherwise software will convert entire data. Click on the Export button from menu bar.

online conversion
Step 5: Select Resultant EML Format

Now select the EML radio button and hit on Adv. Setting to apply advance features.

select eml file format
Step 6: Apply Advance Feature

Now check the required feature like Date Filter and Naming Convention and click on the Save button.

advance conversion
Step 7: Export the OLK file into EML

Now provide the destination location by clicking on Brows button. Also Check the list from the Data Record, Archive Root etc. And then click on Export button.

export olk14message to eml
Step 8: Save Resultant File and Exit from Software

Now the software will show the successful export process report. Simply click on the OK button and exit from the software window.

best software online

Online Video of OLK to EML Converter Tool

Client′s Review for OLK to EML Converter Software

"I have two year old olk file and I want to convert it into EML format. Then I searched on internet for olk to eml converter software and downloaded free demo version of the software and analyse the working of the software. Then I purchased full version of the tool and converted entire data into email format. Thanks to the development team."

-- Emily Jonson, USA

"I stored many olk file in single folder and compressed it and found .dmg file. After some time I need to convert some file into eml format. Then I purchase OLK to EML Converter Tool, It posses many featured like export selective files and apply date filter. These feature helped me a lot in converting selective data. The support team help me while performing conversion process. "

-- Leona Morrison, England

Best Tool to Export OLK14Message and OLK15Message to EML File Format on Mac OS

olk to eml for mac
  • Software Support to Convert OLK to EML, MSG and PST File Format
  • Open OLK14/OLK15 message files and convert them to EML format
  • Save OLK messages with attachments to .eml file without data loss
  • Export multiple OLK15message or OLK14message to EML in bulk
  • Apply date-based filter to sort out email messages before migration
  • Optional to maintain folder hierarchy when moving OLK14 to EML
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Mac OS X 10.10 and above
  • Software is Compatible with Outlook for Mac version 2011 and 2016

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Remarkable Features of OLK to EML Converter Software for Mac OS
best converter tool

Export OLK Messages to EML Format

The OLK14 to EML migration tool can transfer complete message data with proper formatting to .eml files. The application works with the conversion of both OLK14mesage and OLK15message files. The tool extracts message body and attachments from an OLK14 message source and transfers to EML format.

import olk email to eml

Bulk Transfer Multiple OLK14 Files

Collectively transfer multiple OLK14message or OLK15message files to EML format in bulk. There is no limitation imposed on the file size or number of OLK messages. The OLK File to EML Converter is compatible with all versions of Mac OS X 10.10 including OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 and 10.10.5. The tool also works with Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3.

data filter

Apply Date-Based Email Filtering

There is an option provided by the OLK to EML Converter for Mac tool to selectively migrate data. This is a feature to apply email filtering to OLK message files based on a date range. Just set a ‘to’ and ‘from’ date to restrict conversion to a certain time period. This will save time and prevent any needless conversion of data.

online olk to eml

Set Output File Naming Convention

The Mac OLK File to EML Converter allows a user to pick a suitable naming convention for the resultant EML files. This can be based on a serial number, subject or date the message was received. This gives unique identification to each .eml email that will be exported as a result of using this tool. The OLK15message to EML emails will be named based on the user’s choice.

olk to eml for mac

Optional to Keep Folder Hierarchy

It is optional to maintain folder hierarchy in exported .eml files when using the OLK14message to EML Converter. This option only speeds up the entire process of conversion as the tool need not adhere to the folder structure. At the end of the export procedure, a complete progress report can be saved in CSV for future reference.

online folder order

Generates Live Progress Report

The Mac OLK to EML Converter software generates a complete live status report during migration. This includes information regarding the select path, email count, the contact count and the calendar items count. A progress status and size of the OLK14message file is also displayed.

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Software Navigation for User to Operate OLK to EML Converter Tool on Mac Machine
Frequently Asked Questions About Mac OLK File to EML Converter Software
What are the prerequisites to using this software?
Users need an Outlook for Mac 2011 or 2016 to work with this application. Also, Java development kit 1.8.0_101 is also necessary on the migration machine.
Is Outlook Installation required to open OLK files on Mac using the tool?
Yes, MS Outlook installation is not a prerequisite to open OLK15 messages in Macintosh computer.
What is the difference between the free and the full version of the software?
All the features are same. The only difference is that the free version can only migrate 25 items per folder.
Is this an OLK File to EML Converter available for Windows users as well?
Yes, there is an OLK to EML Converter available for all versions of Windows.
Can the tool export data from a corrupted OLK14Message File in Mac?
No, the tool can only migrate to EML the healthy, non-corrupt OLK files.
Steps to Convert OLK to EML File Format on Mac OS X Machine
Step 1: Download and Install the Software

Firstly, download and install the Mac OLK to EML Converter and launch the tool. The homepage would look like the image below:

how to export olk to eml on mac
Step 2: Add Mac Outlook OLK Folder(s)

Next, click on the Add Folder button.

add olk folder

Then, Browse to the location were the OLK14Message files in Mac are saved. Select the folder and click Choose.

online converter

View all the OLK14Message files added to the OLK to EML Converter for Mac tool with path and size. Then, click Next button.

import olk to eml
Step 3: Select EML as Resultant File Format

From the Export Type section, select EML option to migrate OLK14messages to .eml format in Mac.

select eml

Set the following filters, If required:

  • 1. Date Filter: To restrict Outlook OLK File Mac to a certain time period based on ‘Received date’ of emails.
  • 2. Maintain Folder Hierarchy: Optional to keep folder structure intact in resultant EML emails.
  • 3. Naming Convention: Set a naming pattern for resultant output EML files based on a number, subject or date.
migrate olk file to eml
Step 4: Select Destination and Start Export Process

Next, click on the ‘...’ button to set a destination location where the emails will be saved after OLK to EML conversion.

mac olk

After selecting an appropriate folder path, click on Choose button.

choose olk file

The path will be displayed in the text box area after Destination path. Then, click on Export button.


After the OLK to EML Export process has been completed successfully. Click on the OK button to confirm the message box.

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Step 5: View OLK File Export Report

To save the OLK15 to EML export report, click on View Report button.

online olk file to eml converter

This will open a folder explorer window were the OLK14 to EML Export report is saved in CSV.

transfer olk file

Get the export report and view complete conversion process report.

export csv option
Online Video of OLK File to EML Converter Software
Client′s Review for OLK to EML Exporter Software for Mac

"This is an easy-to-use, user-friendly software that has been designed for every type of user. It has a simple interface that can even be used by a non-technical user like me. The Mac OLK to EML Converter is the best solution for converting OLK15 and OLK15 message files to EML format. It did so without any changes to data or email formatting."

-- Alyssa Underwood, Uzbekistan

"This is an amazing software! Using the Mac OLK File to EML Converter, I was able to migrate over 4000 emails saved in an OLK14Message format my Macintosh computer. It is completely easy to handle and export files using the tool. This is the best OLK to EML Converter for Mac available in the market. I want to thank the development and support team for there efforts."

-- Roderick Stokes, Ukraine