Restore A Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010 Quickly and Efficiently

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: March 9, 2021 | Exchange Server

Taking the backup of Microsoft Exchange server database is one of the most useful ways to tackle data loss. It doesn’t matter that which backup technique you are using. It can be either on-premises backup or cloud backup. Having backup makes Exchange administrator’s job easy to restore lost files in Exchange 2010 database. Here in this post, you will find and perfect solution to restore a single mailbox in Exchange 2010. Continue reading…

What Will You Find Here:

  1. Why We need to Restore A  Mailbox in Microsoft Exchange 2010
  2. Pre-requisites for Restoring Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010
  3. Methods to Restore Individual Mailbox in Exchange 2010
  4. Final Verdicts of Complete Write-up

Why Do We Need to Restore A Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010?

There are many situations in which Exchange administrator needs to restore mailbox in Exchange. Let’s take a scenario for same. Suppose a user deleted some emails from his mailbox and send the request to Exchange Administrator to restore his/her mailbox in Exchange 2010. In this condition, Administrator will prefer to restore single user mailbox instead of restoring complete mailbox.

Let’s take another scenario. Suppose a user’s mailbox is corrupted and restrict him to access the files. In this situation, the administrator will prefer to restore a single mailbox in Exchange. The conditions may be different but the solution is the same.

Pre-requisites for Restoring Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010

Before performing the restore procedure let’s first discuss some common points. These points will help to restore mailbox in Exchange without any hassle.

  1. The Microsoft doesn’t provide any automated way to restore exchange mailbox
  2. Usually restoring the single mailbox in Exchange not required. But in the case when the deleted mailbox is removed from Disconnected Mailboxes. It needs to be restored.
  3. Taking the backup using Backup Exec 2010 or Windows Server Backup. Help in restoring mailbox in Exchange.
  4. Perform the recovery steps mentioned below. Only if you are familiar with Exchange server backup and restore procedure.
  5. Keep backup file to remove any hindrance.

Methods to Restore A Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010

The Exchange server administrator can restore individual mailbox in Exchange 2010 using different methods. All are mentioned below, simply select one which best suites for you and complete the task.

  1.  Restore a Mailbox in Microsoft Exchange 2010 Using PowerShell Command
  2. Use Windows Server Backup to Restore Mailbox in Exchange
  3. Restore Single User Mailbox in Exchange from Backup Exec 2010
  4. Try Automated Solution to Restore Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010

Note: – All the methods are explained in details in the different post. Simply visit the link and perform the procedure. Here you will find the automated solution to get it done.

Automated Solution to Restore A Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010

Performing the manual procedure is quite hectic and prone to data loss as well (in some cases). To make this process easy for administrator and individual user. Try SysTools Exchange Recovery Software to restore  single mailbox in MS Exchange 2010 and recover as well as repair Exchange mailbox database from corruption without any loss of data. This tool possess many advanced features. It will ensure the safe and secure restore process.

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Windows OS
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(100% Secure)

Users can export mailbox to PST from offline EDB file in a hassle freeway. Along with Outlook Data file, users can export mailboxes directly to Exchange Server, Office 365 and PDF, MBOX, MSG, EML, HTML file formats.

Benefits of Using This Tool: –

  1. Search .edb file if you don’t know the location. Provides option to search from the specific drive or from all drive.
  2. Quick and Advance Scan mode to fix minimum corruption and high corruption issue respectively.
  3. Provides the preview of the entire mailbox. Simply select the required one to export on Live Exchange.
  4. The tool provides the option to restore individual mailbox in Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016.
  5. No size limitation to restore mailbox in Exchange mailbox
  6. Ability to restore mailbox from Offline or dismounted EDB file to Live Exchange Server.

Steps to Restore A Single Mailbox in Exchange 2010 Using This Software

  • Download and Install the Utility.

    Download Software
    Windows OS
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    (100% Secure)

  • Hit on Add File from home windows of this utility. restore mailbox in exchnage manually
  • Here select either Select File or Search File and perform the steps. After that select either Scan or Advance Scan option depending on the corrupted level of the mailbox.  These scan mode easily repair corrupt mailbox Exchange 2010/2013/2016 with no data loss.
  • load edb file
  • Now the software will list all mailboxes store in the .edb file. Simply select required one and hit on Export button. click export button
  • Here select the Live Exchange option and apply advance setting option if required. Also, select the Enter Destination Mailbox radio button and hit on Nextlive exchange server
  • Finally, the selected single mailbox restored in Exchange 2010restore single mailbox

Final Words!!

I hope after reading the complete write-up you are capable enough to restore a single mailbox in Exchange 2010. Apart from the manual solution, it is recommended to use the automated solution. Because the utility provides a wide range of advanced and required features. Still having an issue, Ping us without hesitation.