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Format Laptop Without Losing Data in Windows – Quick Way


Know how to format a laptop without losing data. The complete guide for Windows 10, 8, 7, and below versions. In case of data loss, use this below tool:

When a Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 laptop loses speed. Most of the time it’s because of growing program files, temporary files, and other data that slows down the work process. If the operation of the laptop is generally no longer fluid and unstable, the device must be checked.

As a rule, Windows will not work properly until it has been reinstalled or get formatted. Sometimes it’s just inevitable: malware infections, hardware defects, or massive misconfiguration require the formatting of Windows.

Here we will talk about how to format laptop Windows without losing data.


Back-Up Data and Have License Key Ready

Firstly, all data should be backed up before reinstalling Windows 8. This can be done on the hard disk partitions for data backup. With this method, there is a risk that all files on the hard disk will be deleted during installation.

To avoid this risk, it is recommended to save the files on an external medium, such as a USB stick.

This will important to safely store the necessary license key for the software. Without this key, it is not possible to install the software. So, it is advisable to deposit the key in a place that is accessible at all times. It has proven to stick the license key directly to the device. If the device came with an installation CD, sticker, and the key area in the packaging. A backup of all license keys should also be made.

Installation of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Etc.

Unlike its predecessors, the installation of Windows 8.1 is much easier. To reinstall the system, only a few steps are necessary. With the significant improvements in the Windows 8 operating system, even non-professionals can rid themselves of their computer problems.

After completing the installation of Windows 8.1, the installation of further hardware drivers is easily possible. Incidentally, anyone who does not put the PC’s performance first may be satisfied with the drivers automatically installed by Windows.

Refresh the Computer

There are basically two different ways to reinstall Windows 8.1, On the one hand, Windows 8.1 can be refreshed. Not all problems are dealt with because the process is rather superficial. The software checks all system-relevant data for incorrect operations or errors and replaces them if necessary. In this way, users will not lose videos, private documents, programs, or pictures.

The method is suitable for users who want to thoroughly rid the laptop of garbage to achieve more speed. The time required is quite high. If you want to go faster, and the express version is available:

In the Metro interface, you can access the “Settings” menu via the menu bar and then “Change settings”. In the following overview, the user selects “General” and then scrolls down. There You have the option to choose between “PC without affecting the files refresh” and “Remove all and reinstall Windows”. After the users have selected “Refresh PC without affecting the files”, the laptop runs the process on its own.

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Format Laptop Without Losing Data in Windows

On the other hand, if Windows 8.1 is to be completely reinstalled and all files are deleted beforehand. the second option “Reinstall Windows” must be selected. In this variant, the hard disk is completely deleted and the system is returned to its original state upon delivery. This version has the advantage that viruses, Trojans, and malicious software are safely removed and no reminders are left.

In this case, select the “Remove All and Reinstall Windows” option. Windows needs some time to prepare after the selection. Afterward, the selection has to be confirmed before the reinstallation starts. Again, everything happens automatically, an intervention is not necessary. After Windows 8 or 8.1 has reinstalled, the users will be guided through the new setup. Afterward, the program installation will appear, like the first start of a new device.

Regular Backups Protect Against Data Loss

The best way to protect yourself from data loss is to make backup copies. If Windows does not work properly anymore, the hard disk is defective or you have plugged in an encryption Trojan, you can recover data after formatting the hard disk at any time.
As the backup strategy, we recommend a complete backup of the entire hard disk at a time. When the system is running properly, all drivers and the software you are using are installed. Although this is annoying and time-consuming. You can restore a functional state completely and without manual reworking at any time.
Use an external USB hard drive with sufficient capacity as the backup drive, which you only connect to the PC during data backup. Otherwise, there is a risk that malicious software will also infect the backup files.

What If You Don’t Have Backup? Recover Data Without any DATA Loss!

What will you do if you don’t have the backup? And you lost all your files then you can try Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for complete recovery of data. The software supports to recover permanently deleted word documents from hard drive. It is capable enough to fix external hard drives not formatted errors. The application can recover virus infected files from hard drive and also supports to restore GPT & MBR hard disk partition data. Recovery of all multimedia files can be done by downloading this utility.

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  • Download and Install the Computer Data Recovery Software on your machine.
  • Now utility provides two options for Scanning: Scan and Formatted Scanning
  • Click on Formatted Scan, it is used to view & recover files from a hard drive that won’t boot Windows which are formatted accidentally
    recover deleted data
  • The tool will start scanning and previewing the result to recover deleted PST files from hard drive. retrieve format laptop data
  • Search option is provided for searching for the particular file. Click on the Dropdown adjacent to On and Select accordingly format laptop without losing data
  • You have Date Filter Option, Choose them accordingly how to format laptop without losing data windows 10
  • Enter the file name in the search box and Hit on the Search icon.
  • The software will give you the search results as shown in the image.

reformat laptop without losing data

  • Finally, Hit on Save button to save the restored file at the desired location how to format laptop without losing data


Are you looking for a solution on how to format laptop Windows 8.1 Without losing data? Well, the blog covers the solution for the same and gives you the best solution on it. It also discusses the solution if you don’t have the backup of your files.