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Convert Multiple PNG to PDF File Format

Anuraag Singh | Modified: 29-Nov-2021 | PDF File | 4 Minutes Reading

Follow the below write-up to find your solution about converting PNG to PDF format. With the help of the Image Converter Wizard.

Introduction of PNG and PDF Files

PNG Image File

PNG, (.png) abbreviation is Portable Graphics Formats. It is often used as raster image file format for Lossless data compression. PNG format was made to replace GIF (Graphic Interchange Format).

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PNG file format is open source and has no copyright. It can also display transparent backgrounds.

PNG files contain grayscale images and 24bit RGB color palettes. Basically, one can create .png file format to transfer images on the internet.

PDF Format

On the other hand if we talk about PDF format, known as Portable Documents Format. It is designed by Adobe.

PDF files contain a variety of content such as graphics including logical structuring elements, flat text and video content etc. PDF file is a combination of text with vector and raster graphics

You can encrypt your PDF file.
PDF is one of the most generally used file types now-a-days. It can be helpful to store any file of document, ppt, images,

Now, there are two method to convert PNG image file into PDF, user can opt any method and change image file accordingly.

Methods of Converting Multiple PNG into PDF Format

First method is converter software, which is literally easy, within 4 to 5 steps it will convert your image file without taking much time.

1. Use Professional PNG to PDF Converter Tool

  • Download for demo trail or Buy to get full version and open the wizard after installation procedure.

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  • Add your .png files into the Software by clicking on Add file(s) or folder(s).

add the files or folder to convert PNG to PDF

  • Converter will show you the Preview following added images, to step forward hit on Next button

preview of PNG file

  • Tick on the following Export option i.e. PDF to convert your PNG files then, select PDF settings, PDF security and page Layout.

select PDF and set other option

  • Then, to start the export process press the Convert button.

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Merits of Converter Tool For PNG to PDF

  • Convert image .png into pdf in bulk
  • You can make PDF for each PNG image separately or all PNG images in one PDF file
  • Add the number of images in a single PDF page.
  • Adobe software is not required.
  • Gives “Page layout setting” advanced options.
  • Option to encrypt PDF files is available.
  • While exporting image quality and properties are safe.
  • Convert  JPG format to PDF with the help of this converter tool.
  • User can also convert BMP image file into PDF

2. Manual Way of Converting PNG File into PDF Format

  • Choose your desired PNG image which you need to convert and right-click on that then, select the “Print” option.
  • Now, select the Microsoft Print to PDF file option and hit on the “Print” button.
  • Then the save as dialog box will appear where you can save your PNG file as PDF with desired location.
  • Now save PDF file into your desired location.

Users can use a manual method when he/she have few PNG files for conversion. Otherwise there are limitations that can occur during the conversion JPG to PDF file process.

Disadvantages of Using the Manual Way

  • No option is available to change multiple PNG. Users need to redo the same procedure over and over.
  • Time consuming as well as contains high risk regarding data deletion, plus duplicacy can occur.
  • It may affect the properties and quality of the PNG images file.
  • Manual methods do not have any advanced options like page layout, margin etc.

Final words

In this article we have discussed the ways where users can choose, in what way he/she wants to convert their multiple PNG files to PDF format. Using manual way can be tough and tiresome for some users. To resolve this issue the professional method is also described above. Users can use this software in any Windows version either its 10, 8, 8.1 or 7.