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Convert BMP to PDF Windows 10 & Prior Versions

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convert BMP to PDF
The given blog is all about how to convert BMP to PDF. BITMAP is a technical file format as compared to PDF format but here I will explain to you in simple terms “what is a BMP file” and what benefit you will get after converting a .bmp image file into a .pdf format.

BMP is a file extension of the image also known as “Bitmap”. It stores images in a raster graphic way which represents two-dimensional as a grid of square or rectangular pixels. In simple terms we can say that raster graphics characterized the image by height, width and by no of per bits pixels (smallest addressable element in display devices).

There is no doubt that a BMP file is a good image format, when you need images to be in high quality and realistic manner. Other than this, there are no issues while Sharing and editing the BMP image file.

Limitations of BMP Files

The BMP image file contains a large number of colors and this affects the size of the file. So, an increase in no. of colors will increase the size.

Data compression can reduce the size of pixel data, and this can slow down the reading and interpretation process and also affect the colour of the image.
BMP files are not easy to resize without pixilation of the image.

These disadvantages may be less but their effect on image is serious. As BMP image file contains a raster graphic image with colour combination in more bits than normal image, the corruption chances are high as well.

All things have bad sides too. And to maintain that balance, we will need some good things side by side.
Converting a BMP file into PDF is a good way to avoid the above explained con’s that the former file format offers.

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Why am I suggesting you PDF format?
To know that read the given below pro’s of the PDF :

Benefits of PDF File Formats

A PDF contains the exact same data or content no matter what type of Windows OS versions, device or software you are opening on it.

The PDF format can have different types of contents – images, text, graphics, animation, videos, audio, 3D images, hyperlinks etc. PDF combines these types of elements and organizes them as a report or presentation, and others.
PDF file formats are easy to read and can be created by everyone.

It offers options such as encrypt password-protection, digital signatures and watermarks. So that no one can even view your PDF file, without your permission.
PDF files can be compressed without damaging the content and its elements.

After all this, the question arises “how to perform Bitmap into PDF conversion?”
Well there are two ways to perform the same, first one is to use converter software and another one is manual.

Method to change BMP to PDF in Windows

1. Use Converter Software

Any wizard user’s can use as per their choice, but are they trusted, reliable or recommended by experts?
Well I found the software in which all these qualities are present with advanced options.
Reliable Image Converter software, this tool maintains the quality of the image in a secure manner without damaging or changing its integrity. Additionally, this amazing utility supports all the versions of Windows operating system.
The advance option are:

  • Add BMP file(s) or full Folder(s)
  • Preview after adding BMP files
  • Also convert image to Text (base64) file,
  • Create .pdf file for each .bmp file
  • Create single .pdf file for all .bmp file
  • No. of .bmp image in a single .pdf page
  • Add Password and Restriction on .pdf file
  • Add Page Layout setting for .pdf file
  • Save Export Report option.

Steps of Converting BMP to PDF

  • Click on Download or buy button to step forward.

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  • After the installation process is completed, hit on Add file or folder and set location where you want to save PDF file after conversion >> Next

add files for converting BMP to PDF

  • Preview your BMP file and recheck images >> Next

view images in preview mode

  • Set export format & PDF setting >> Convert

fill pdf settings and convert

  • Export process is finished.

process finished

2. Use Print Option and Convert BMP File into PDF

The benefits of using print option is limited, you can only convert a single .bmp file at one time into .pdf. Repeat the given step every time again & again if you have more than one BMP file.

  • Go to your BMP file location on your system,
  • Right click on BMP file and select the Print option,
  • Select Print as PDF (every window has different option)
  • Then on save prompt, Save BMP file as PDF file.


So, I hope you can now easily convert BMP to PDF. The steps of both ways are simple and authenticated. And I assume this article will solve your queries effortlessly and will increase your knowledge about image file format i.e. BMP and PDF.