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How Can I Convert Images Into TEXT Documents?

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2021-11-23T17:22:18+05:30 | Converter | 4 Minutes Reading

Looking for a solution regarding “how can I convert images into TEXT documents”. Then, you are on the right blog. Here, you surely gonna find the best solution.

But first let’s have a brief talk about images and text format

In older times, an image was considered as an important piece of paper, but if we talk about the 21st century, an image can be saved digitally in all types such as .jpg, .jpeg, and other file formats.
Image formats standardize the way of storing and organizing the digital images.

While on the other hand, TEXT AKA .txt file (also known as textfile or flatfile) is a kind of computer file which stores plain text or human readable documents that builds the cycle of electronic text. On operating systems like Windows and others, the text file does not carry any special end-of-file (EOF) character because the Operating System keeps tracking file size in bytes.
In simple language we can say that converting images into TEXT files can secure your image digitally. No one can find “what kind of image you have” after converting it into TEXT documents.

The main reason for converting images into TEXT documents is to make the image Confidential and no one can see it. Text file contains human readable content but you will not know what exactly those text belong to.

Sometimes users want to extract some TEXT from the image specifically. We can take an example of any image document in which there is information like name, address etc, then convert it into a TEXT editable document.

How to Convert Images into TEXT

There is no manual solution for this situation, if you are thinking of using Notepad or WordPad but NO, a big No.

“Hello, I’m Daniel from the UK. I am a wildlife photographer and I have a huge list of images which I don’t want to post online. But sometimes I need to share my laptop with my brother and he shared them without my permission. So I want to convert images into text file format to prevent anyone from viewing my images. I looked at some online solutions but they did not match with my expectations. Suggest me anything that is reliable.”

From this given query, you can see how users require the expert suggested image converter tool in different cases. The software I am recommending you is considered the top rate as compared to others without damaging the image quality.

Use Expert Suggested Software

Follow the steps:

  • Install the software by clicking on download or Buy button and open it.

Download Now Buy Now

  • Add file(s) / folder(s), then press on Next button.

add folder /files

  • Preview your images >> and hit Next option

preview of the images

  • Select export TEXT format from the export format >> click Next.

select TEXT option

  • Converting the image to TEXT is in process.

conversion is in process

As you can see, the steps are so easy and simple. Tool provides another export option in which you can convert any image format such as  into different file formats such as HTML, TIFF, DOC, PDF etc.


Does this software export images in bulk into a TEXT file?
Yes, this tool permits you to convert images in bulk. It allows adding folder(s) and file(s)

Can I print images also?
Yes , you can directly click on the print option after adding images. Make sure that printer is connected with your system while printing.

Can I also convert JPG to PDF format?

Yes, this is possible, steps are same as above. Add JPG file and in export setting click on PDF then convert.


Here, in the above blog, I explained that there is no manual method to convert images into TEXT documents and also showed you the user’s query. Other than this, if we talk about the professional method, I have already mentioned above that this software is best among all the other image converters tools.