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Image Converter Tool to Convert Bulk Images in Different Formats

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Do you have images with different types of file extensions which you desperately need to convert into pole apart file formats? Then according to experts’ perception, you will definitely like the SoftwarePro Image converter tool.

Why Use Image Converter

  • Convert all format images (JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc.)

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  • You can add a number of images on a single page.
  • No additional Adobe software installation is necessary.
  • Page layout option is present for PDF and DOC/DOCX export types.
  • maintains image quality while converting them into file formats.
  • Save image formats in your desired location.
  • Convert images into Base64, PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML.)

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Advance Option in the Image Converter Tool

There are important advanced options present in the tool which really helps users to work efficiently. 

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Supports different image file type and formats

Tool can easily accept any image format and convert image types including.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif, .png, .icon, .bmp, .memorybmp, .tiff, .emf, .exif, .jfif, .wmf, .ccitt, .tga, and .ico into file formats like HTML, PDF, TEXT(BASE64), DOC, DOCX effortlessly.

Preview of the Added Images

You will have two previews, first one is after adding images in the tool, you can see images and check whether you want to convert them or not. Second preview is generated when the conversion process gets completed. 

Make Single or Multiple file

Tool permits three option separately in which you can:

Create separate files for each image: Single file format for every image you have added.

Create a single file format for all images: Store all / every added image in one file.

No. of pages in single file: If you’re creating a single file for all images, select this option and add the number of images you want in a single page of the file.

PDF Security

Add Password on your PDF file to encrypt it. As a result, your generated PDF files come out to be secured. 

Add Restrictions password to disable any editing on pdf file and protect it.

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Page Layout Setting (PDF and DOC/DOCX)

Add page margin on all sides of the page, top, bottom, right, and left (min – 2.0 & max -10.0 mm).

Paper orientation: select the export file portrait or landscape mode

Page size: set page size into A4, A3 and letter.

Benefits of the Using Image Converter Tool

Let me tell you the benefits of the SoftwarePro image converter so, that you will know why you have to choose this software above all other tools that already exist in the market.

Convert Images in Bulk

It grants you to export and import images in bulk that too in various file formats. For that, use add file(s)/add folder(s) option and export multiple images in a batch without losing the quality of the image.

Maintains Image Quality

Tool has an inbuilt mechanism that preserves the quality of the images while exporting. And provide you with an exact image of what you’ve added.

Export Report

After converting the image, in the end the tool gives you an export report in which you will have success and fail reports of each and every file. You can save the export report in your system.

Support Windows OS

Tool can batch convert images in Windows. Software supports Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 (34-bit and 64-bit) versions and Windows server 2016/ 2012 R2/ 2008.

Convert Images into Base64

Tool can change any image file format into Base64 code. So, users can also refer to this software as Base64 Images encoder. It stores data in binary formats and only supports text contents. So, the tool has a mechanism that can encode any image format.

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Support Windows OS

The tool can batch convert images in Windows. Also, the software supports Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 (34-bit and 64-bit) versions and Windows server 2016/ 2012 R2/ 2008.

Now, As you can see the advanced option offered by the Software image converter tool is so usable and important to change all types of image files into different file formats. Also you will have full control of “how you want to convert the image & what in kind of format”.

Steps of Using Best Image Converter Software

  • Install image converter tool on your system, tap Download (free demo) or Purchase (to Buy full version).
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  • After that, add images using the given option Add files(s)/folder(s) in the utility.

add files/ folder

  • Then, select Export Options in your desired file format.

export option

  • Now, start the export process and convert images into a file format.

start the process

Why Convert Images Format?

At an essential level, having a minor knowledge about image formats helps you to maintain the image quality. Either an image is to be seen by others or just for yourself.

Understanding the efficiency of the file formats means having a sense of file sizes, which helps you to store and send images efficiently. Image size affects the load times on your website’s pages, which affects both user and SEO experience.

Images types can be easily altered and without leaving any digital footprint of any edit. And this means that anyone can edit and have the copyright of the images. Also, Image file types are not secure. Hence, anyone can open and misuse images.

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Therefore, from the above section, we learned that an image converter is important to change images into different file formats.

The Edge

Image converter software helps you change any image type into multiple file formats. Those who are still not satisfied with the tool can use the demo version of the tool in an absolutely cost-free way. From the expert view, this tool is the best image converter as compared to other software.