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How to Convert JPG to PDF in Windows? – Solved

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The following content represents the solution regarding “how can I convert JPG to PDF file in bulk”. I have explained two different ways, so give a quick read to this blog and try the methods given below.

Images or pics are one of the best inventions created by humans. It is the most convenient way to approach someone

Taking Images has been normal for centuries but storing them is a real point.
Images can be saved in different kinds of formats, one of them is JPG.

JPG stands particularly for those images which are created by digital photography.

The size and quality can be adjusted for the images. And mainly the quality of the images depends on the size of the images i.e. if the size of the image decreases from GB to MB or MB to KB, the quality also decreases.

Nowadays, people have so much craze for clicking images with the best of the best qualities. So that when years after they watch that image, they can live that moment again.

Reason to Convert Multiple JPG to PDF File

Images can be easily modified and don’t leave a digital footprint of any edit that was applied on the file. Means that anyone can change images without leaving any marks and claim his/her rightful person of that image.

Quality drop, we can take example of forwarding images through any media sharing platform like “WhatsApp”. While sharing images on platforms like this, image quality decreases.

Images can be easily opened on any device. That is why most of the misuses happens. If you have a password protected system or you can move them into a private folder with password protection, then they are safe. Other than this, on a single image, you can not add security on it without any third party software.

Ways to Convert Multiple JPG to PDF File

Two ways where you can convert images in PDF format, read the steps carefully.

WAY 1: Use Print Option

Print option is available in all windows, but it comes with some drawbacks. So if a user wants to use this method, first, read the given Note then proceed further.

NOTE: Your all images can make only one PDF file, if you are converting multiple images into PDF. So if you want all images separately into PDF, it can’t be Possible by this method. Going to be time consuming if you have 100+ images.

For Single Image

  • Right Click on your desired image and click on print
  • Save as PDF

for Multiple Images

  • Select all pictures and then click on print option, rest is the same as above.

User’s Query

“Hey there, I have 1000+ images in my phone which are important for me, I need to convert them to PDF. I want to maintain the quality of the images and also add a password onto them. As I searched for the solution on Google, I encountered that there are plenty of JPG to PDF converter tools but none of them fulfil my requirements. So, please suggest something which matches my expectations? – Oprah Grossey”

WAY 2: Use Smart Solution

Use a professional image converter wizard to convert JPG to PDF format. This smart solution is professional user’s recommendation. Other than this user can also change image files into base64. To use wizard follow the given steps:

  • Install the tool on your laptop or computer and after that launch it on your system,
  • Download Now Purchase Now

  • Add your desired files and folder of the images i.e jpg/jpeg files then press on Next button.

add files to convert jpg to pdf

  • You can have now preview you images in the application >> Next

preview of the jpg files

  • Select export file format, PDF setting, PDF security and page layout >> click on Convert button

export setting

  • Converting image JPG to PDF is in process.

conversion process

Benefits of Using smart solution

  • Convert multiple JPG to PDF in bulk
  • You can create PDF for each image separately and also all images in one PDF file
  • You can add a number of images for a single PDF page.
  • No additional Adobe software is required.
  • PDF page layout options are available.
  • Protect PDF file with password and add restriction with the inbuilt feature of the application.
  • No quality drop in the image while converting them into PDF.
  • Save PDF files in your desired location.

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If a user has some images and wants to turn JPG to PDF file, then, manual is a suitable solution. If we are having JPG files in bulk and want to create a separate PDF file for every added image, then, the manual solution fails miserably. This is because you need to repeat the same method 100 times if you have 100 images. The application that I have suggested to you is perfect for any kind or size of JPG files you have.