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How to Import VCF to PST File Format Step by Step Securely?

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Published On April 1st, 2024
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Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 have proven the best email services for the past years that’s been frequently used by people. Both have multiple advanced features that users found interesting. That is why due to their popularity most people search for this conversion of the contact list. As contacts plays important role in everyone’s life. So, read this guide for the hassle-free solution to import VCF to PST file.

When users have more than one VCF file and want to open it as PST, it will be a time-consuming process. Because Microsoft doesn’t provide any feature to import multiple or bulk VCF files in one go.

However, Outlook provides an inbuilt wizard, but its limitation is literally a blockage to marching forward. So, apart from the inbuilt feature, there is no manual way to import VCF to Outlook PST file.

Both are dependent applications and secure as well but due to such limitations or the fragile nature of their file formats i.e. PST, it can create huge problems. Simple network errors can cause file corruption or damage.

VCF files are difficult to manage or convert if they are in bulk. That is why creating a single PST of it and then importing it into a required email client demands a reliable or trustworthy solution.

Native Way to Import VCF to PST Format

As we have mentioned earlier there is a limitation while using Import-export Wizard for importing a single VCF file at a time. Moreover, there will be high chances for corruption of the file if your network is not stable while importing contacts. Follow the below guide to know the manual method in detail-

  • Launch your MS Outlook application on laptop/PC.
  • Press the File button and hit on Open & Import to convert VCF to PST.
  • Then, press Import & Export option after that Import/Export wizard opens,
  • After this, select Import vCard file (.vcf), and select your VCF file from your system.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete and then access all the imported contacts.
  • Repeat the above steps if you have more than 1 VCF file on desktop to import to PST file.

Steps are literally so easy but drawbacks are huge if you want to import multiple vCard files to PST. In this method, you must have an Outlook app installed. Also, make sure that you have less number of VCF files otherwise it might create problems.

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Advanced Way to Batch Convert vCard to

The manual way is not for non-technical users as they might not be able to do it. That is why experts designed the vCard Importer Tool so that everyone can easily perform the VCF to PST conversion.

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The software has simple and intuitive dashboard to operate and multiple features to customize the conversion. So, both technical and novice users can properly use this tool without any hurdle. It can import vCard files to PST in bulk in a fine manner, so users don’t need to fear of loss of any contact. One doesn’t need to install the app for importing the contact to PST format via this tool.

Step by Step Guide to Import Multiple VCF to PST

First, to launch the software, the user needs to Download or install it from the official site. Follow the given steps to perform the task easily-

  • Go to the Add file and Add folder option and click anyone option as necessary.
    run software
  • After this, just add VCF files/folder from the local system wherever you have stored your contacts file.
    add vcf files
  • Thereafter, just take a preview of all the added contact list in different give view options.
    preview vCard files
  • Now, tap on the Export icon to select the Export in new PST or Export in existing PST option as necessary.
    select export type
  • In this step, browse the location path on the computer to save the output PST file containing contacts.
  • Hit on the Export button, the tool will automatically start the VCF files to PST format.
    Finally convert vCard to PST

Virtues of the vCard to PST Wizard

  • The tool gives advanced options: Create New PST, Import Existing PST, or Profile in Existing.
  • Moreover, you can simply add multiple VCF files without any size limit then import them to PST in one go.
  • Supports every vCard file version including vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.
  • Maintains proper VCF file attributes and imports without loss.
  • Import VCF to PST file without installing supported application on PC.
  • Furthermore, it has an intuitive dashboard which makes it helpful for both technical and non-technical users to operate it without any issues.

In Conclusion

The following article has detailed information on how to import VCF to PST files with all the user information. Conversion processes manually take a lot of time and effort, thus requiring constant attention. Manual methods always have risk factors. That is why we have also shared a reliable vCard to PST converter. Which makes your work easy. You can use this tool and import multiple contacts to PST file in one go.

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Q- Is it possible to use this tool to import 100 VCF files in PST format?

Answer- Yes, this software allows you to import VCF to PST files in bulk without affecting the existing data.

Q- Does this tool provide the option to view all added VCF files before importing them into PST?

Answer- Yes, you can use the horizontal or vertical view to preview all the added files before starting the import process.