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Create PDF From Multiple JPG Files in 2 methods

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create PDF from Multiple JPG file

Whether it’s new, old or important JPG images, creating PDF from multiple JPG files is the solution to store them properly.

As a user I also create PDFs, when I have so many JPG files that take up lots of storage space in my laptop.
So I think, it is a common way to decrease space and maintain your JPG files quality.

But in my perception this is not the only reason where users need to create PDF from images. I’m saying this because some of my friends work in MNCs where they have to deal with the designing team on a daily basis, and they need to send images in bulk after they modify them.

So either they send them separately through emails (if images are in less quantity) or they create a single PDF file and send it in once.

Documents that are in JPG files such as Pan Card, Aadhar card, college Ids, screenshots, screen recordings, Print, etc. can be converted into the PDF format.

Storing documents in PDF is a long story that starts from 1992 by Adobe Inc.
Adobe created PDF format so that it can contain Text, documents and even images. But now, it also contains Form-field, annotations, rich media (videos and other), 3D (three-dimensional things using PRC and U3D).

Now after the above intro, the question is do you know how to create PDF from multiple JPG image files?

If yes, then I think you only know the manual solution that is “print”, not the other one which can combine multiple Images into one PDF.

If the answer to the above question is No, then, it’s a great way to showcase my knowledge to you guys.

Methods to Create PDF From Multiple JPG Files

1. Use Automated Solution

The other method I was talking about is JPG converter Software which is literally the best tool you have ever used. It is rated by Trust pilot, Experts, Google and has 96% of users satisfaction.
Also, this software can convert images in bulk in a trouble-free manner.

Users can use this converter in certain cases like, they have a huge list of JPG files or need separate PDF files for every image or want a number of images in a single PDF page.

Steps to Create PDF from multiple JPG files

  • To use the converter first, install it on your machine and to do that hit on the Download or Purchase button
  • Download Now Purchase Now

  • Then complete the process of installing and Add file(s) or folder(s)

Add files to create pdf from multiple JPG files

  • And on the same tab, change or add location than tap on Next

add location

  • Now, you can Preview your JPG file >> tap on Next


  • After that on Export format select PDF

add export format

  • Now, on drop-down fill PDF Setting, tick on “Create single PDF file for all images” and fill carefully PDF Security Settings

PDF setting

  • Then, fill Page Layout Settings and tap on Convert

page layout setting

  • Process begins automatically

process begins

2. Use Manual Solution for Creating PDF From Multiple JPG Files

This method has limitations but users can use it at their own risk, as it does not maintain JPG file quality, and users need to make separate PDFs for every JPG specifically.

Steps of Using Print Option in Windows 10

  • Head towards your JPG file location,
  • And click right on it and tap on Print Option,
  • Now, on Print Screen, go to the printer and select Microsoft print as PDF
  • Then , tap on Print option and save that JPG file as PDF

Steps are easy but the risk is higher with this method as you might permanently lose your images.


So, I hope you know what to do now to create PDF from Multiple JPG files and how to use both methods. Merits and drawbacks are also written with each method. The JPG converter software supports every Windows version and Windows Server. Users can also convert JPG to TEXT files with this converter tool.

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