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Convert Animated GIF to HTML in 4 Easy Steps

Anuraag Singh | Modified: 29-Nov-2021 | Converter | 5 Minutes Reading


Convert GIF to HTML with the converter software. But first let have a intro:

Graphics interchange format is the full-form of GIF, is a format of BMP (Bitmap image) (convert BMP to HTML). It is also known as JIFF (.jiff). Like other file formats i.e JPG, PNG, etc, format can store images but it also has one more feature that it creates animation.

Not like full animated videos, but yeah GIF is approx. 3-4 sec short video without any sound (if you noticed it).

GIF files are not only about the animations or cartoons, but it can be any short clip from any movies, videos. Now people like to make their own GIF videos as well.

But GIF files were not made for these purposes, it is the new version of the RLE (Run-length encoding) that provides black and white color. But GIF replaces it and provides a colored image in file downloading areas.

It was the first color image format that was used in websites.

It was one of the first two image formats commonly used on Websites, the other being the black-and-white

Reason to Convert GIF to HTML Format

The main reason behind the conversion process is that GIF files are heavy in nature as it is a format of bitmap image that contains raster graphics. So due to this when we load animated GIFs on webpages it takes time to load properly.

That is why web developers prefer to change animated GIF file into HTML before loading it on a web page. So that they only need to add code of that particular GIF. It makes their work easy and save time.

If you have GIFs files in bulk and need to work on a web page. You need to put path for every image separately on HTML of web page i.e. <img src….>.

But if he/she already has an image HTML code, then they can just copy and paste it on HTML and work is done. This is the important benefit to embed GIF in HTML. 

But it’s not possible with manual methods. No application provides any inbuilt feature to insert GIF into HTML code.
Converter tool is the best option to do so. If I have to say which converter user needs to use then I’ll prefer Image converter software which is easy and fast to use with simple steps.

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How to Use GIF to HTML Converter Tool


  • Click on the Download button to get demo version of the converter or Buy button to get the full version/purchase the software, and install the utility on your system.

Download Now Purchase Now

  • To add a GIF file or folder into the utility hit on the “Add File or Add Folder” button.

first page to convert GIF to HTML

  • After that tool will Preview the GIF file, check that and then click on “Next” button


  • Then select Export format from the drop down menu and select HTML to change GIF into HTML

choose HTML

  • And tap on the HTML settings for advance options, then hit on “Convert” button

click on options


  • Procedure of converting file format is Finished.process completes

NOTE: To open your HTML file format view it as a “source”, for example – in windows 10 after opening HTML through web browser i.e. Chrome, press CTRL+U.

Why You Should Use Converter Tool For GIF to HTML

  • Convert multiple GIF into HTML formats in bulk
  • You can create HTML for each file separately or all files in one HTML format.
  • No quality drop in the file(s) while converting them in HTML
  • Save HTML files in your desired location after conversion.
  • Apart from GIF, the converter can convert TIFF files to DOC (DOCX) format.


Can I convert GIF into HTML format in bulk?
Yes, you can convert it into html in a single process.

Does this tool allow you to create HTML format for each GIF?
Yes, just click on the option “create HTML for each image” in the export settings page..

Is there any damage or compression issue that occurs in the converter?
No, there is no issue in the software, it protects your file with integrity.

Can a non-tech user perform the steps?
Yes, users can use it without any issue even if he/she is from a non-tech background. Follow the steps and your problem is solved.

Can I use the tool on Windows server 2016?
Yes, you can use this tool on every Windows version and Windows server 2016 / 2008 / 2012 R2.


User Query: I have approx. 50+ GIF files on my system, I need to convert them into HTML for some purpose. Can I use this software for bulk conversion?
Solution: Yes, the tool can convert it into HTML in bulk, just select the option “ create HTML for each file” or “create single HTML for all files” and you are done.


Use the above given converter software to get advanced option choices. These options will save your time. You can also convert EMF to Text format with this converter easily. As this converter supports various file formats.