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Convert BMP to HTML File in Professional Way

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2021-11-26T16:35:30+05:30 | Converter | 4 Minutes Reading

In my perception, Both BMP and HTML are not for normal users, these file formats are particularly for those who work on websites or designing etc. But somehow anyone can have images in BMP format, which they need to convert BMP to HTML. Conversion process can not be done manually. For that you’ll surely have to install a converter tool which supports BMP file format.

Hypertext Markup Language file (HTML) is a language for web pages to create displays on browsers. The newest version of HTML is 5.2, which provides lots of flexibility while working on it.

It can be uploaded from the local system or can be received from the server, where they are hosted. Every HTML page is made of HTML elements i.e. images, text, links, animations etc.
Every web page, any display you see on the internet has an HTML page.

Brief Intro About BMP Files

BMP file is also known as bitmap image file. BIP is a raster graphic image format.
A BMP file format contains images which are solid and heavy in nature as compared to normal images.
It is capable of storing two dimensional images in the different RGB color combinations in a particular image and maintains the pixel quality.
The more color it can store, the bit depth of the images increases so as the size of the image too. BMP format calculates data bit-wise, while normal images has 2-bits, bitmap has 24-bits means over 16 million colors can be displayed in image

.bmp is an device independent file format (can be viewed in any device) that stores uncompressed data, so they are in large size. That is why it is also known as Device Independent Bitmap (DIB), was created by Microsoft to save images in a way that can not be distorted when it is viewed on different devices.

Benefits of Converting BMP to HTML

Once your BMP files as HTML are uploaded then the user needs not to attach the image again and again. One has to just embed that path and the rest will be done.
BMP format captures lots of storage spaces, so changing BMP to HTML can solve the problem.
For putting BMP images on the web, HTML is the best option. Users can easily upload them if he/she have them in HTML format.
Due to the large size, we need a graphic adapter to display them but HTML can open in any browser.
Converting BMP to HTML is a technical concept. There is no manual method of converting BMP file to HTML, users have to opt for a converter tool.

So to have all these benefits users need to acquire converter software designed by experts.
Convert BMP to HTML with the help of dependable image converter tool. This tool is 100% reliable and works efficiently. Gives users free demo and supports windows versions either new or old. Designed by experts to solve problems like this.

How to use BMP to HTML Converter Tool

  • Firstly, click on the Download button , Continue demo version or click on the Buy button to purchase the software.

Download Now Buy Now

  • To add a BMP file or folder into the tool for that hit on the “Add File/Add Folder” option.

add Folder or files for converting BMP to HTML

  • After that tool will show you Preview images that BMP file contains, check that and then press “Next” option.

Preview bmp files

  • Then add format (HTML) in which you need to convert BMP to HTML

click on HTML

  • And tick on the HTML settings in which you need your HTML, then click “Convert” after that.

tick on HTML settings

  • BMP to HTML converter completes its work.

process completes

Why Suggesting this Converter Tool

  • With the help of the tool user’s don’t need to add a path every time as the tool converts BMP file to HTML, it
  • adds Base64 code in that HTML file.
  • Advance Options
  • Create HTML for each image
  • Create single HTML for all images
  • Gives preview of BMP files.
  • Other than BMP, converter converts JPG, ICON, TIFF file into DOC/DOCX, PDF etc.
  • No other software is required such as adobe, graphic adapter etc.


Here, in this article I explain how to convert BMP to HTML with software which is indeed trustworthy and reliable. Tool is best among all the other converters. It also allows user to convert multiple files of the Images into TEXT documents as I briefly wrote in the above benefits of the converter section.

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