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Can I Convert TIFF to DOC/DOCX Format? – Solved

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2021-11-26T16:36:28+05:30 | Converter | 4 Minutes Reading

Hey there, hope you are doing well. In this blog we are focusing on how we can convert TIFF to DOC/DOCX format.

Intro of TIFF and DOC/DOCX File Format

TIFF (.tiff/tif), full form is “Tag Image File Format”. TIFF was made by Aldus corporation but now owned by Adobe. TIF file format stores raster graphics in which it has 2D images as a grid of square pixels that is viewable on the computer display, paper, etc.
TIFF was invented to become the standard file format of image scanners due to the popularity of the scanners in the mid-80’s. It is supported by scanners, word document, OCR that are used in desktop publishing. It saves images in high-resolution file format and maintains image integrity.

DOC is an abbreviation of “document”. It is a binary or text file format for storing documents on a computer storage data. DOC file is editable.
DOC is an older file format created by Microsoft. And the new one is DOCX.
DOCX is a successor of Microsoft.
Both are relatively the same, but DOCX creates smaller, more efficient, and less corruptible file(s).
Converting TIFF to DOC or DOCX, is totally the user’s choice.
These files are used for resume, report, documentation, letter, newsletters, presentations, notes ,and more. Apart from containing text, DOCX files can also contain creative formatting, images, objects. If you are opening a Microsoft word file, it will be XML aka DOCX file.

Reasons of converting TIFF to DOC/DOCX or TEXT

For editing the image text in a TIFF file.
A TIFF file can not be opened by any kind of source, but after converting it into DOC format, you can easily access .tiff file.
If I speak frankly, the first time, when I needed to convert TIFF files to DOC format. I have tried finding it online, like other users usually do as I don’t want to pay a single penny for it. I found many converters than I assumed to convert Images to .docx. Although I had few TIFF files, I needed something reliable and which maintains TIFF files integrity while converting them into DOCX.
The converter that I found is reliable Image converter software recommended by experts, as it gives so many benefits such as:

  • Convert multiple TIFF to DOC, DOCX, TEXT formats in bulk
  • You can create DOC/DOCX for each TIFF image file separately and also all images in one DOC/DOCX file
  • Add a number of TIFF images for a single DOC/DOCX page.
  • Additional Adobe software is not required.
  • No quality decreases in the image file(s) while converting them into DOC/DOCX
  • Save DOC/DOCX files in your desired location.
  • Apart from TIFF, converter can convert JPEG, ICON, BMP, JPG file format into PDF, HTML etc files formats.

Know How to Convert TIFF to DOC

  • Install the tool and click Buy/Activate/Continue demo to step forward.

Download Now Buy Now

  • Add images by clicking on file(s) / folder(s), then to march forward click on Next option

add file or folder for converting TIFF to DOC

  • Preview images after adding them >> Next

view preview of the image files

  • Add settings regarding DOC/DOCX format as you desired >> & Next.

fill the settings related to DOC/DOCX files

  • Procedure is completed.

process is completed

Market is full with so many converter tools but this software has enough reasons to use it. Also experts recommend it. If you have a few TIFF files like only 5 files which are important, then you can use the demo version. And effortlessly convert it into DOC/DOCX/TEXT with advanced options.


Can this converter convert multiple TIFF files to DOCX format?
Yes, surely and conveniently. Bulk or Batch conversion is possible.

Does this software have limitations on the size of the image?
No, images can be of any size either MB or in GB.

Are there any changes in the quality of the images after the conversion process?
No, Image quality is safe after changing its file format.

Does the tool support Windows 10?
Yes, it supports Windows 10 as well as other versions also such as 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows OS.

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