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Find The Best Option to Convert EMF to TEXT File

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2021-11-26T09:55:19+05:30 | Converter | 4 Minutes Reading

Following blog represents the user query’s solution about how to change EML to TEXT (.txt). As there is no manual way to solve this query, the converter tool is the only solution. So you are on this page, then I assume that you do not find any reliable converter out there that matches your needs. Read the article carefully and surely, you will find something that matches your requirement.

In this Article you’ll find-

‘Well, before starting the method to convert EMF to TEXT, let’s have a brief intro regarding following:

What is EMF and Text File Format?

EMF Files

EMF file (Enhanced Windows Metafile) format, designed by Microsoft and contains images in vector graphics. Vector graphics create visual images directly from geometric shapes.

EMF file is a device independent format. It is a new version of the WMF (Windows metafile format). It contains 32-bit RGB image data, also having drawing commands, graphics objects and property definitions to display images on screen.

EMF also supports bitmap data. Both the EMF and WMF formats are similar to (SVG) Scalable Vector Graphics and (EPS) Encapsulated PostScript formats.

TXT Files
On the other hand, TXT (.txt) abbreviation Text file or Flat File, is a computer file which contains plain text or human readable text or documents. The content that Text file contains can be any personal notes or list, newspaper or journal, article, book, or anything that is typically in typewritten form.

Now, after knowing the file format and its structure, let’s get into the need of this conversion.

Why Need to Convert EMF to Text(TXT)

EMZ and WMZ formats are also designed by Microsoft to lessen the file sizes of EMF files and make it easy to transfer the vector graphics between apps. These formats adopt gzip to compress the files.
Basically EMF is a large sized file which generally can’t be compressed.

User’s Query

user query

Use Professional converter Software

There are lots of queries like the one given above. Users face problems when they need to extract text from images.
Removing text from particular images is not simple, that is why there is no manual solution to convert EMF to Text (TXT). Users need to opt for a converter. Use expert suggested image converter software to convert EMF to Txt.

Direction of Using EMF to TEXT Converter Wizard

  • Install the converter tool on your laptop or pc and complete the installation steps.

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  • After that, Add file(s) or folder(s), then tap on Next button.

add fil/folder to convert EMF to TEXT

  • Then, Preview your EMF image files >> and click on the Next option


  • Select export Text(base64) format >> click on Convert.

choose text format

  • The EMF to TEXT conversion is in process.

process is in way

There is always a reason to use something. People have a habit to see benefits in whatever they use, mostly we can see this habit while they need to buy or use products. So keep in that perspective given below are the advantages to the converter tool.

Features of this Software

  1. It extracts text from the image without damaging or compressing it.
  2. It extracts text with base64 code.
  3. No other application needed to be installed.
  4. Save the EMF file after changing it into Text in your desired location.
  5. This tool can convert different image file into various formats, such as:
  6. Convert Multiple JPG to PDF format.
    Convert BMP to HTML file
    Convert BMP to PDF in windows
    Convert TIFF to DOC/DOCX


Users can use the demo version to convert EMF to TEXT get an overall preview of the converter software and tool that supports Windows version 10/8.1 and other & also Windows 2016/ 2012 R2 and others. It surely maintains 100% integrity and quality of the image. So I hope now you will find the right converter.