SoftwarePro MBOX to EML Converter for Windows & Mac OS

Best Tool to Export MBOX Files to EML File Format Effortlessly

mbox to eml converter
  • Convert MBOX to EML, PST, MSG, NSF file formats
  • Preview all mailbox contents with attachments
  • Switch software preview modes: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Software Provide Naming Convention to exported EML files
  • Bulk conversion of MBOX file emails to EML File Format
  • Outlook installation not required for MBOX conversion
  • Automatic detection of MBOX data with or without file extension
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS Like Win 10, Win 8, Win 7 etc.

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Main Features of MBOX to EML Conversion Software

export emails to eml

Export MBOX Mailbox To EML

MBOX to EML converter allows users to convert entire mailbox contents of MBOX file to EML file format. It is an efficient solution that can convert data items without the need for MBOX file extension. Users can convert ‘.mbox’, ‘.mbx’ file format to EML, MSG or PST file format. Outlook is not required for conversion.

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Intelligent Email Client Detection

The MBOX to EML migration tool has the unique feature of detecting email client software installed on the system. The software can simply detect the email clients that support MBOX file format. No longer is the need to browse for MBOX files. Choose from the email client list generated by the software after scanning users machine and start the conversion process.

emails with attachments

Preview Mailbox Before Conversion

The MBOX emails to EML file Converter allow users to preview their entire contents of MBOX mailbox before conversion. Users can preview all email properties like header, body, to, cc, etc along with their respective attachments. This migration software has the added facility to skip preview and go straight to the conversion process.

selected emails conversion

Convert Selective MBOX Files Only

Users can view live status report during the conversion process. A detailed report is shown about the number of files converted, pending files and overall progress bar. This makes the software that much reliable and relevant to use.

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Live Conversion Status Report

Users can view live status report during the conversion process. A detailed report is shown about the number of files converted, pending files and overall progress bar. This makes the software that much reliable and relevant to use.

conversion report

Conversion Report in HTML format

After the process of conversion is completed, an HTML report is generated. It contains full details of the activities performed during migration. Users can choose to save the conversion report in either HTML or CSV format. This file can be used for future reference to gather the details of migration performed by the software.

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Navigation to Operate MBOX File Emails to EML Converter Software

Frequently Asked Question for MBOX to EML Converter Software

Is this software compatible with Mac Computers?
No, this software is compatible only with computers working on Windows Operating System.
Does this utility tool support Windows 64-bit computers?
Yes, this software is compatible with Windows 64-bit computers
How many MBOX files can a user import into the software?
Unlimited MBOX files and folders can be loaded into the converter software for conversion.
Can the MBOX files be migrated to EML file format without Outlook installation?
Outlook installation is needed for converting MBOX email files to EML format.
Can I transfer multiple MBOX files using this software?
Yes, Bulk migration is supported by this software. A user can choose to export single MBOX file or MBOX folder with multiple MBOX files.

Steps to Convert MBOX File to EML File Format

Step 1: Open MBOX File to EML File Migrator

Download or buy the software and properly install it on your system. After completion of entire procedure, open converter and then, click on Add File >> Select file(s)/folder option.

steps to export mbox file to eml
Step 2: Now browse One or More MBOX / MBX File(s)

Hit on button having 3-dots for browsing one MBOX file from the system. You will first have to enable ‘Use Folder Mode’ option, for choosing a folder having multiple MBOX file within it.
Recommendation: In order to hold MBOX folder hierarchy select Maintain Folder Hierarchy option for the same.

brows file
Step 3: Preview Chosen MBOX Emails With Attachments

The entire data items of MBOX files get loaded on preview window. You can have a look on all listed data without any time restriction. 5 + different styles are provided to view messages as per your convenience.

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Step 4: Steps to Exports Emails of Entire MBOX Folders

Hit on Export from software toolbar and activate Export All Folders option. Choose EML option from Export File As listed options

brows mbox folder online

Select the location where you want to save resultant EML message files, by utilizing Change button. Choose the path and click on Export.

best online converter
Step 5: Transfer Particular Email Folders of Selected File

In the Export wizard, check the checkbox of Export Selected Folders and select EML option from listed file formats

select export option

Choose the folders, whose messages are to be saved in EML format

convert emails to eml

Update the location of EML file saving by clicking on Change button and then click on OK

best tool

4. Finally, start with exporting process by hitting on Export

select export button
Step 6: View MBOX File Migration Process Simultaneously

The procedure of exporting MBOX file to EML gets displayed in front of you. You will be able to see current progress without any external efforts.

migrate mbox file to eml
Step 7: Finally Exit form Software Environment

Just after few minutes, software will be flashing a process completion notification wizard. You have to click on OK and then migrate towards the location, which you have chosen while exporting file. Here, you will find that all your email messages are migrated successfully in .eml format.

view conversion process

Online Video of Best MBOX to EML Converter Software

Client′s Review for MBOX Emails to EML Exporter Software

"It is a great, easy-to-use software. It is very efficient and helped me convert all my MBOX data files to a format that can be accessed through Outlook. It was important that we converted the files. My company decided to move to Outlook Express as their email client for internal and external communication. Thank you for this great product!"

-- Kirk Richardson, France

"Thank you for creating such an amazing product. I used the freeware and now have purchased the upgraded version. I am very glad to have used this tool to transfer my files from one email client to another. I want to thank the development team for their amazing efforts"

-- Katie Thornton, USA

Best Tool to Convert MBOX File to EML Files on Mac Computer

mac mbox to eml
  • Convert Mac MBOX to EML, PST, PDF & HTML File Format
  • Convert MBOX files to EML format on Mac with attachments
  • Bulk export multiple .mbox folders to individual .eml files
  • Data integrity and security is maintained during transfer
  • Move emails from MBOX storage in Thunderbird to Outlook EML
  • Compatible with all versions of Mac OSX 10.10 and above
  • Choose a different naming convention of each batch of files
  • Maintains perfect formatting of email body with inline images

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Key Features of MBOX File to EML Converter Software
best converter tool

Migrate MBOX Folder to EML Files

Separate out individual email files from a MBOX storage folder. A .mbox file is a storage email folder or multiple message files. The MBOX to EML Converter tool has a user-friendly interface. It is easy-to-use and can export .mbox files with the click of just a single button. All emails are transferred along with their attachments.

batch file conversion

Transfer Multiple MBOX Files in Batch

Move multiple .mbox folder files to separate emails in bulk using the Mac MBOX Converter. The tool can move complete mailbox with different folder files like Inbox.mbox, drafts.mbox, Trash.mbox to individual .eml files. Create a different folder for each MBOX by selecting the ‘Separate Folder’ option. There is no data loss during migration.


Apply Date Based Filter to Email Files

Option to apply a filter to emails by setting a range of dates on which the emails were received. Set a ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates which will limit the mailbox migration to a certain time period. This will save time and prevent any needless conversion of data. This is also a way to selectively migrate emails according to user’s choice.

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Different Names for Output Files

Choose from different types of Naming Convention to give to output EML files. Name emails according to date, subject, to, cc etc. Convert MBOX files to EML in Mac operating system using the tool. The utility is compatible with all versions of Macintosh operating system including all versions Mac OSX 10.10 and above.

filter mbox file

Data Integrity & Security Maintained

It is important for a software to ensure data security and privacy. No email information is shared by the MBOX Extractor tool. Nor is any information used by the tool itself. Data integrity and folder hierarchy is maintained in the output EML files. The messages are found in the exact same folder as they were in original mailbox storage file.

support mac os

Retains Formatting & Properties

Email body and header contain important information that is kept intact when using this MBOX EML Extractor tool. The header contains information about sender details, to, cc, bcc, server information, IP address, SMTP name etc. The formatting of email body is retained during transfer. Even the images are inline with text as in original MBOX file.

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Software Navigation for User to Operate Mac MBOX File to EML Converter Tool
Frequently Asked Questions About Mac MBOX File to EML Converter Software
Does this tool work with Mac OS 10.9 version?
No, the MBOX extractor can only work with Macintosh operating system version 10.10 and above.
Can this tool repair a corrupted MBOX file?
No, this tool can only convert a MBOX file to EML file format. It can repair a corrupted file.
Could you let me whether this utility is free of malware, viruses and Trojans?
Yes, the tool is safe and secure to use. Just download and install the application to start extracting MBOX files.
Does the tool use my email data for advertising or promotional purposes?
No, once the .mbox file is uploaded into the tool, it is completely safe and secure. The mailbox data is not shared with any third party or used by the tool in any way.
Do I need to be connected to the internet while using this tool?
No, there is no need for internet connectivity during transfer. The MBOX files can be converted when offline.
Steps to Export Mac MBOX File to EML Format on Mac OS X Machine
Step 1: Install Tool and Add File

Initially, click on the Add File(s) button to upload the .mbox file into the tool.

how to export mbox to eml on mac
Step 2: Browse To The Folder Location

Next, Browse to the folder path where the MBOX file is saved.

add mbox file

Now, the file path with size will be displayed in the MBOX EML Extractor. Click on the Next

Step 3: Select The Output File Type As EML

Then, choose EML file type to move MBOX file to EML format. From the Select Filters for Conversion, set the following settings:

  1. Date Filters: Set a ‘to’ and ‘from’ date based on which the emails will be filtered and migrated.
  2. Maintain Folder Hierarchy: Select this option to choose whether to keep folder hierarchy in output emails or not.
  3. Naming Convention: Choose a naming format for the output EML files.
  4. Select the Destination Path: Click on the Browse button to set a destination folder path where the .eml files will be saved.
migrate mbox file to eml
Step 4: Choose the Location to Save Result

Following that, go to the folder path where the output files will be saved. Click on the Choose button after confirming the destination location.

best software
Step 5: Proceed to Export Mac MBOX Files

Now, the folder path will be displayed in the text box. Having made the changes, click on Export button to initiate the conversion process.

export option
Step 6: View Export Process with Details

View the Live Progress Report Now, a live status report will be displayed containing information regarding present File Name being converted, Mail Count, Fail Count, File Size and Export Status.

view mac mbox data

Next, a message box will appear indicating completion of the export procedure. Click on the OK button to move to the next step.

resume process

Following that, a complete progress report will be displayed containing information regarding MBOX EML migration process. The report contains details like File Name, Mail Count(number of emails migrated), Failure Count(number of emails not moved), File Size in MB and Export Status. The exact details on each email will be saved in a CSV report which can be viewed by clicking on View Report button.

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Step 7: See the Complete Folder Directory

Next step is to verify the successful completion of the migration process by checking the spreadsheet report.

free converter
Step 8: View the Mail Count In CSV Format

The CSV report will contain information regarding Mailbox Path and the Mail Count.

online exporter tool
Step 9: Verify The Successful Completion

Finally, go to the Destination Path set earlier to verify whether the process has been completed successfully. Open some of the .eml files to verify if they are in correct formatting and in designated new folders.

import mbox to eml
Online Video of Mac MBOX to EML Converter Software
Client′s Review for Mac MBOX Emails to EML Exporter Software

"It is a simple yet effective tool that is a one-stop solution to all email conversion needs. I could easily transport my Thunderbird folders to Outlook using this tool. All I had to do was upload the .mbox file for each email folder as the guide suggested. I was able to migrate thousands of emails to individual emails in minutes. Thanks!"

-- Fernando Richards, Australia

"This is a revolutionary product. I was looking for a solution to move my Eudora to Outlook for years. I was using Eudora in my Mac computer for years. Since it has been stopped being supported by Microsoft, I had to look for alternatives. I preferred now to use Outlook for Mac and simply uploaded my years worth of email files using this tool."

-- Mamie Warner, Canada