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Remove Emails from Google Account to Free Up Space in Mailbox

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2022-03-10T17:53:33+05:30 | Gmail | 5 Minutes Reading

How can I remove emails from Google account? – Asked a user on our forum site.

There are various users who have similar queries & want to delete their emails from the mailbox for different reasons.

Query 1 My Google mailbox has reached its storage capacity & now I need to get more storage. I can purchase more storage but I don’t use this mailbox for any purpose other than keeping my personal emails. How can I erase the data to get free storage space? 

Query 2 If there is any way to remove emails from Gmail account, please suggest. I have a lot of data in my mailbox, important & useless both, but I do not want to lose the crucial emails. I don’t have the time to take a backup first & then delete the data as it takes a lot of time. Please suggest a solution which can do both together.

We will be explaining the reasons for which the removal of emails is required. Before that, you will find the solutions to take a backup & then delete the emails.

Let’s start with the techniques.

Stating the Methods to Remove Emails from Google Account

You can either go for the manual method which involves taking backup first & then delete the emails.

Or, you can use the Intuitive Gmail Email Backup Software & take backup in the following manner:

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Step 1 – Download the software & login to Gmail account.

Step 2 – Choose the file format & click Browse for destination.

Step 3 – Apply the advanced filters for selectively transfer data.

Step 4 – Press the Start Backup button to start the process.

Using the Manual Method to Remove Emails from Gmail Account

If you want, you can first take a backup of the data using Google Takeout method.

The data will be saved in MBOX format.

For the backup steps, go through the following instructions:

1. Login to your Gmail account. Click on the Data & Privacy option.


2. Move to the Download or Delete your Data option by scrolling down.


3. From there, click on the Deselect All checkbox.


4. Mark the Mail option and select the folders you want to download.


5. Choose the Destination, File Size, Format of the files.


6. Hit Create Export option to complete the process.

The first steps of the process to remove emails from Google account is a lengthy operation.

It can take up to days for the procedure to complete. Also, once the files is exported, it will be in Zip format. You have to first extract the files from this Zip folder and then you’ll get MBOX files.

There is no other format in which the data will be downloaded.

Removing Emails from the Mailbox After Backup Manually

After that, execute the following steps to backup the data:

1. Provide the credentials to login to the Gmail account.

2. Filter your emails as per date or phrases or delete the unread emails. Enter the phrase in the Search bar like “is:unread”.


3. Mark the Select All checkbox & choose the Select conversations that match this search option.


4. Remove emails from Google account by clicking on the Delete or Trash option.

5. Navigate to the Trash/Bin folder & open it.

6. Select all the emails you want to delete by clicking on the Select All button.


7. Click on Delete Forever or Empty Bin Now option to free up the space.

8. Press OK to end the operation.


Make sure you do not have any emails that are of importance in the Trash folder or in the unread emails. Once you remove emails from Gmail account, you will never be able to get them back.

Also, the entire process of backing up & deleting the data consumes a lot of time and proves to be a lengthy procedure.

Top-Rated Solution to Take Backup of Emails Before Removal

The software provides various email formats to choose from such as EML, PST, MBOX, MSG, PDF, etc. While exporting the data, the folder hierarchy is maintained throughout the procedure.

Most intriguing feature is Delete after Download which allows you to export the files & then automatically delete them to free up space.

Moving towards the steps.

How Does the Tool Remove Emails from Google Account & Take Backup Simultaneously?

1. Download the software & fill in the credentials for Gmail account. Hit Login.


2. Select the file format from the Select Email Format section & click on the Browse button to set the destination.


3. Tap on the Delete After Download feature to remove the emails post-transfer & hit Yes when prompted.


4. Choose the Apply Filter button to apply the Date-filter for selective transfer.


5. Click on the Start Backup button to finish the process.


Use the Incremental Backup option to take backup of new data only after the first procedure.

What Are the Reasons to Remove Emails from Gmail Account?

The reasons to delete the messages include these:

  • The storage space that Gmail provides is 15 GB from which, the mailbox has 5 GB of space that usually fills up too quickly.
  • Managing the mailbox by removing useless or old emails also becomes important after a certain point.
  • To separate personal & work-related emails by removing one category from the mailbox.

To the End

The reasons & the methods for deleting emails from your mailbox are explained in the article for a clarification of users. The software that you find here is the most useful solution & a recommendation by the experts to remove emails from Google account.

If you want to implement the manual method to delete your messages, either you can remove the data without any backup, or take backup manually first & then delete the data. This clearly is a time-sucking method which is why experts do not recommend it.