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How to Copy emails from Outlook.com to PC/ Computer/ Laptop?

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 15-Nov-2021 | Outlook.com, Technology | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you eager to copy data in Outlook webmail to another destination? If so then, you have got to the right place. We are here providing solutions for Outlook mail users to save a copy of their data at a different location. It can help you access your data at all times and you need not be afraid of data loss ever after.

However, It is a simple task if you’re a technical person, as you can easily add Outlook webmail to any other mail client. You can understand the configuration settings to be entered and after that, connect your Outlook account to that mail client to copy emails from Outlook.com. If you are not good at it, better to avoid that process. It will trap you in a manner that you will be frustrated by the failings.

Don’t worry! We have got you all covered with some simple tricks that will get you data on the destination. It’s sure that you will not regret reading this article.

How to Copy Emails from Outlook.com to Desktop Email Clients?

One way as said is the addition of an Outlook account to any other webmail client. It will be more secure if you try adding the Outlook.com account to MS Outlook itself. It will save all your emails on the desktop itself. But, in some cases, it asks for passwords at regular intervals to access the data in offline mode. If you want your data available in all situations. Then, you can try another method that we are discussing down below.

Efficient Method to Save Emails from Outlook Webmail to Computer

Outlook.com Backup Tool. It is a name you may not be familiar with. It is one efficient application in the market that has proved to be a good helper to Outlook account users. The users are offered many functions like downloading the data items to computer in multiple formats. In addition, there are many other functions that have attracted a lot of users towards downloading emails.

We will disclose some amazing features of it in the upcoming sections. Now, we shall take down the process that will transfer Outlook.com emails to your hard drive.

Steps to Copy Emails from Outlook.com to Computer

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Step 1: Firstly, Run Outlook.com backup Tool and log in with an Outlook account.

 outlook.com backup login

Step 2: After that, select mail folders to download to the computer.

select folder to copy emails from outlook.com

Step 3: After that, choose an email format and browse a location to save data items on PC.

browse location to save Outlook.com emails

Step 4: Finally, Click on Start button to create a backup copy of Outlook.com data.

copy emails from Outlook.com

This is it. As you complete this process successfully, all the data is downloaded on your system. You have got the choice to create a backup copy of emails in Outlook.com to various email formats. This utility provides the option to save the data in EML, MSG, and PST format. Apart from this, there are some amazing features that you can select to perform the data backup process in a different manner.

Some Features are:

Advance Email Filtering: In other words, For efficient data copying, there is option to select mail folders to create a backup. In other words, you get to set a range which will filter the emails within that date copy from Outlook.com to computer.

File Naming Convention: In case of single email files download, reaching each email won’t be easy. So, to make it an easy task you have got an option to select the naming convention of the emails so that you can be easily recognized.

Split PST File: For an old Outlook account, the data file will be very large, and thus, it won’t be admissible at all conditions. Cases like only an email need access. For this, one needs to import the whole. So to treat this situation well, you have an option to split the Outlook PST file created into small files. This way all your data is copied and the required data is easily portable.

A World Wide Announcement!

This facility is available for Mac and Windows systems. For instance, In the state of lockdown, the developers have made it compatible for the Mac systems as well. Now you can copy all your data from Outlook.com to the hard drive on Windows or Mac.

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Final Terms to Conclude

In conclusion, At the state of lockdown, be very sure of saving your data online. The hackers will take no time to get into your account and access all your data. Be very sure about your data security and always keep a copy on your system. For all the Outlook users, try the method above and be happy for a lifetime.