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How to Export Email from Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook – Read This to Know the Solution

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Published On March 28th, 2024
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Summary:  In this article you will learn about how to export mac Outlook mail to Windows Outlook. The users will get a brilliant idea about Mac Outlook file and Windows Outlook files and all the basic information related to them from this article. We will also learn about the automated software to transfer emails from mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Before start the article we will learn about the differences between Mac and Windows Outlook.

Differences between Mac and Windows Outlook

There are mainly two major differences between Mac and Windows Outlook:-

  • Mac creates an OLM file whereas Windows Outlook creates a PST file.
  • If you want to convert email from Outlook Mac to Windows, then you must have to convert Mac Outlook files into Windows Outlook files format otherwise you are unable to access your old email messages whereas Microsoft doesn’t need any tool to export emails from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows.

Short Introduction

The application generates an OLM file on the local computer when a user operates a Mac Outlook. It is generally a collection of emails, messages, data, journals, etc. whereas a PST file (Personal Storage Table) is a Windows Outlook data file. It consists of data for POP3, IMAP, appointments, etc.

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Why Export Email from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?

Some reasons to transfer Mac Outlook contacts and email to Windows Outlook are given below:

  • Different versions or updates of the computer.
  • Functioning on one or more computers at a time.
  • Change of an organization.
  • Operating a different computer for email functioning.

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Manually Export Email from Outlook Mac to Windows Outlook

It is a temporary method to transfer Outlook email from Mac to Windows. You should have the information about this method. Following are the steps given below to convert email from Outlook Mac to Windows:

Method 1: Export OLM Files from Mac Outlook

  • Firstly, sign in to Outlook for Mac. Then, navigate the File option from the menu bar and scroll down for an Export option.

  • After that, once users hit on the Export option, a dialogue box will display in front of the screen. Select all the needed options and hit on the right arrow on the same.

  • Now, enable this option “No, do not delete items”, if you wish to save the exported Outlook Mail for Mac items after the archive procedure.

  • Then, in the Export to Archive File (.olm) dialogue box, save the archive .olm file with the name according to your choice. give a storage destination where users want to save these email messages. Click on the Save button.

  • Finally, after Outlook mail for Mac, finishes transferring data, hit on the Finish button.

Method 2. Add Gmail Account to Mac Outlook

  1. Again open Mac Outlook and hit on the preferences option
  2. From the preferences Window, select the accounts option under personal settings
  3. Then, hit the plus(+) sign from the left corner in the below section
  4. Choose an email from the drop-down list
  5. Finally, hit your Gmail account detail and hit on Add an account

Method 3: Move the OLM Files to Gmail Account

  • Check your Gmail account and right-hit on the newly added Gmail, and choose New Folder.
  • Enter the folder name and then click File >> Import.
  • Now, right-hit on the items from the chosen folder, and select Move >> select Folder
  • Then, search the Gmail folder and hit on the Copy option
  • Finally, your OLM file data will get added to the new Gmail folder

Method 4: Add the Same Gmail Account to Windows Outlook

  1. Initially open your Windows Outlook application, and configure the same Gmail account users have set up in MS Outlook for Mac
  2. Once the Gmail account is configured with Windows Outlook, then users will simply capable to see their Mac Outlook emails in Outlook for Windows.

Once users have the exported .olm archived email messages, now users can export contacts/emails from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook with the help of a USB flash drive.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • It is a long process, so users may skip some steps.
  • It only exports email data of Mac Outlook files to Windows Outlook.
  • The user may lose his data while exporting or importing because the file gets damaged.

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Error-Free Solution to Export Email from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

The OLM Converter tool is very simple to use and also It is a collection of many advanced features. This tool is also able to import OLM files into Windows Outlook. The following are the advantages of choosing this tool:

  1. It exports contacts from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook.
  2. One can convert Mac Outlook Archive to Email folders to Windows Outlook files.
  3. The user can instantly preview all the emails.
  4. It permits you to export Mac Outlook files into 8+ File formats.
  5. Compatible with all versions of Windows Outlook.

How to Export Outlook from Mac to Windows – Working Steps

  • Download and Run the Tool on your PC 

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  • Click on Add File button to Add an OLM file

how to export emails from outlook for mac to outlook for windows

  • Then enter the desired location and click the Add file option to start file scanning

Note: You can preview emails in the Normal Mail View tab once the Mac Outlook file scanning process is successful.

  • Now, you have to select the file format to which you want to export the Mac Outlook file.

export email from outlook mac to windows

Note: You can also split large-sized PST files into smaller ones using the advance option tab.

  • Navigate and choose the destination folder, and click on the Export option to initiate the process.

export emails from outlook mac

After completion of the process, you can see a Confirmation Window. Now you can save the exported report. Provide the desired name for that report and click on the save button. The report destination address will be displayed in the window. Browse the location where you save the Windows Outlook file, and verify the items. Now you can preview the PST file in Windows Outlook.


This article will help you to export Mac Outlook mail to Windows Outlook and will provide you with a simplified way of exporting mail from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. We discussed different methods to transfer emails/contacts from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook in this post. The manual methods have a bit of limitations whereas the error-free method doesn’t have such limitations and also it is easy to use as well and there is no data loss issue in it.