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Convert TGA to PDF File in 2 Different Ways

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Hey, welcome to this page, hope you are doing well. So, if you are on this page, your query is related to the “convert TGA to PDF format”.
The given article describes the conversion process regarding TGA format convert to PDF. I also wrote some additional information about what TGA and PDF files are. I hope you won’t face any problem on this topic after reading this article.

Preface of TGA and PDF Format

A brief introduction of these file formats:

What is the TGA File?

TGA aka TARGA, is a raster graphic format designed by Truevision inc. It is the local format of TRGA and VISTA. Initially it was as Graphic cards for IBM-compatible PCs to support hi-color display.

Graphic cards are considered as image synthesis for professional computers and video editing. That is why TGA resolution matches with video formats of NTSC and PAL.

TGA contains 1 to 32 bits per pixel color depth, in which 8 bits of alpha channel are there and the rest 24 bits are for RGB. TGA files are used for many types of images, textures referenced by 3D video games and digital photos

What is the PDF Format?

PDF is an E-document format made by Adobe Systems. It contains text, images, videos, gif etc. It is a set of PostScript language, and graphics & layout. A mixture of these elements make a complete PDF file.

The most convenient thing about PDF format is that the user can compress its size without damaging the content and it won’t take much storage space in your system or hard drive. That is why it’s easy to share and receive as it will take no time to download.

PDF is the most relevant and useful tool in industries, companies as well as the forensic department too on a daily basis.

Ways of Converting TGA to PDF Format Effortlessly

Users can try both ways, the first one is software designed by SoftwarePro, named as “Best Image Converter Software” reviewed by experts and it has many features.

Another one is the direct method “Print” option. This way is less beneficial and has more complications. So read attentively and perform accordingly.

1. Use Officiant TGA Converter Software to Convert TGA to PDF Format

  • Download or Purchase the software and install it on your laptop, then accept the agreement and start it.
  • Download Now Purchase Now

  • Add your TGA files or folder by pressing on Add file or Add Folder.
  • first page of the tga to pdf converter

  • Software will give you the Preview of your added TGA files/folder, then move on to next Step by pressing on “Next”.
  • preview node

  • Now, press on Export format option and select PDF,
  • export format

  • After that, tick on PDF setting in which way PDF file you want, then PDF security and Page layout then tap on “Convert
  • pdf settings

  • The converter automatically processes the conversion procedure.
  • processing

Qualities of the TGA Converter Software

  • Convert multiple TGA images to pdf.
  • Also change following file into formats:
    Convert BMP to PDF file
    Convert EMF to Text format
  • Important option given by converter: Create PDF for each TGA image, Create single PDF for all TGA images.
  • Users can choose the option: number of .tga images in a single PDF page.
  • Additional converter or application is not needed.
  • Fill Page layout setting for PDF file.
  • Add document password in PDF file and restriction on PDF file.
  • Integrity and quality remain the same after the conversion process.

2. Manual Way to Convert TGA to PDF

  • Go to the location of the TGA image file and click right on it then, select the “Print”.
  • Now, choose Microsoft to PDF file option then, click the “Print
  • After that, save as PDF.
  • Go and check the PDF file.

Benefit of This Method:

  • It is a 2 step process and easy to perform.

Demerits of the Manual way

  • Users can not convert multiple TGA to PDF in one process.
  • Have to repeat the same process 50 times, in case you have 50 TGA image files.
  • Not a Time saving Process in case of bulk conversion.
  • Can affect the quality and properties of the TGA images.
  • Do not give confirmation of success or fail report

The End

Hope you will get your solution and now, you can maintain your TGA format in PDF. Professional converter gives you the option of Demo trail after you download it i.e. “continue demo”. Manual method is totally free but it has many limitations. For a single TGA image file is a perfect solution, otherwise it’s not.