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How to Split Archive PST Without Outlook? – Powerful Technique


This article is for those users who are irritated by the large size of Outlook data files, which causes Outlook to operate poorly. Oversized Outlook PST files degrade system performance and make it difficult to save PST files from corruption. To avoid future corruption, you need to break oversized files into smaller sections. This blog will teach you how to split archive PST created by Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 using the best and expert suggested solutions.

About Outlook Archive

MS Outlook offers archiving of emails and data items. When users choose to archive Outlook emails it means moving emails from the network mail server to the local system. Users will still be able to access those archived files on the Outlook platform.

But problems arise to split archive PST when the file size is too large to manage by the Outlook application. In that case, the user seeks the tool for it.

Split Archive PST Without Outlook in the Easiest Way

The main issue is that Outlook does not offer direct functionality to crop the size of PST. Therefore, it is preferable to use the effective and demanded PST Splitter Tool. It supports dividing archive files without Outlook in a safe and secure manner.

Additionally, this solution supports dividing ANSI and UNICODE-type files.  If you choose this solution, you won’t face any data failure or corruption issues afterward.

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Here are some prominent features it offers:

  • You can split the Outlook archives into smaller ones without losing any data.
  • Perform on ANSI and UNICODE file types.
  • Users can create new folders to store the PST file.
  • Software with an easy-to-use interface that produces results in a few simple steps.
  • Users can divide your large-sized files ranging in size from 1 MB to 1 TB.
  • Offers 6 Distinctive Methods to split archive PST by:
    • Date
    • Size
    • Year
    • Folders (for example, contacts, messages, etc.)
    • Email ID
    • Category

The Steps to Split Archive PST Are:

Step 1. Launch the tool on your system.


Step 2. Click on Add PST files or folders. Browse the destination location to save the resultant files.

split archive pst

Step 3. Choose the options to split – Size, Date, Year, Email ID, and Category according to your preference.

how to split pst file without outlook

Step 4. Check the shown summary of Split Information and click on the Next button to continue.

split archive pst

Step 5. The process to reduce PST file size without Outlook will get completed within minutes. split archive pst

In this way, you can easily split the Outlook archive into the desired size. Now you know how to split archive PST in the easiest way possible.

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Prominent Reasons to Split Files

MS Outlook saves emails and other information in PST files, which are growing in size. Previously, there was a size restriction placed on PST files in general. Hence, the maximum size restriction in MS Outlook 2000 and 2002 was set to 2 GB. Outlook 2003 and 2007 had a limit of 20GB, however, with the launch of versions 2010 and 2013, the limit has been increased to 50GB+ expendable. Later on, the default PST file size limit in Outlook 2016 is 50GB, which may be expanded to 4 PB (4000 TB).

This is the reason if a user is currently using MS Outlook 2002, which has a maximum storage capacity of 2GB, that user will need to split archive PST into smaller files at regular intervals. The same goes with 2003 and 2007 Outlook versions of PST files, which enable a maximum size of 20 GB, resulting in a performance issue in Outlook.

Sending/receiving activities on a large-sized PST file might also be time-consuming. It is necessary to split the archive Outlook PST file.

Author Suggestion

Up to this point, we hope that you know how to split archive PST. We’ve covered the smart solution to split MS Outlook PST Files into Smaller Parts. The professional software helps you to split the Outlook archives into just a few simple steps. It alleviates all of your concerns about the security of your mailbox data.