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How to Save Email as MSG from Outlook Online? Using Top 3 Methods

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Published On April 2nd, 2024
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Overview: Let’s find the solution to the most discussed query “How to save email as MSG from Outlook Online”. Here you will find the top 3 methods to export Outlook emails to MSG files. So that you can choose between them as per the necessity.

“Hey, as an Office 365 admin, I need to convert all the emails into MSG files for the backup of employee data. I was trying to do this manually but can’t succeed. Please suggest me the right solution so that I can complete the task in a short period.”

Outlook 365 is the email client that manages the emails in the proper hierarchy. MSG files are also a solution to store emails in one place in the local system. Due to this, the sharing of emails becomes easier and more efficient. However, the question arises of how to convert Outlook email to MSG files. So keep going with the article to find the solution. But before deep diving into the solution let’s find some benefits of saving email as MSG files.

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Why Save Outlook Email as MSG File?

  1. The PST file is used to store all the emails in Outlook. Because of this, all the necessary and unnecessary emails are stored in that file. To filter out the required emails only, you can convert
  2. Outlook 365 email as MSG.
  3. In a situation, when the receiver is not using any email client then you can share the message within the MSG file easily.
  4. To reduce the Outlook data file size, the MSG is also an alternative solution.
  5. MSG files are also the best solution to take backup of Office 365 mailbox data.

How to Save Email as MSG from Outlook Online?

To save email as MSG files from the Outlook web, there are two approaches: manual and professional. The manual approach is executed with the help of Outlook and the professional approach is executed with the help of an automated tool. The manual approach has two methods to export email from Outlook 365. Let’s discuss each one in detail.

Manual Approach to Save Outlook Email as MSG File

With the help of Outlook, you can convert emails to MSG files. Two different methods one can convert email to MSG one by one. The second method can convert multiple emails into MSG files. Let’s see both the methods.

Method 1. Export Outlook 365 Emails to MSG Using the Save As Option

  • Step 1. Run Outlook on your system and open the email which you want to export.
  • Step 2. Next, go to File and choose the Save As option.
  • Step 3. Provide a file name and select the location for saving the file.
  • Step 4. Hit on the Save button.
  • Step 5. Move to the destination path to access the MSG file.

Method 2. Save Email as MSG from Outlook Online Using Drag & Drop

  • Step 1. Run Outlook and select the folder to export into the MSG files.
  • Step 2. Press CTRL+A to select all the emails in the folder.
  • Step 3. Now it’s time to Drag and drop the files to the destination folder.
  • Step 4. Access all of the files in the destination folder.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach

  1. Outlook should be installed and configured on the local machine.
  2. As per method 1, you need to select each file manually. Due to this, it becomes a time-consuming process.
  3. There is no surety that folder hierarchy is maintained after exporting multiple emails as MSG files.
  4. There is no option for the file naming while converting emails as MSG.

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Professional Approach to Save Email as MSG from Outlook Online

After analyzing the drawbacks of the manual method. It’s time to discuss the third method to convert Outlook email to MSG files efficiently. It uses an automated tool to complete the process and that is Office 365 Export. This tool is easy to operate and you are not required to install Outlook on your local machine. Let’s see the steps that you need to follow to complete the process without any errors.

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Save Outlook 365 Email as MSG Using Automated Tool

Step 1. Download and Select Office 365 as the Source and MSG as the Destination.

enter source and destination

Step 2. Under the workload section, tick the checkbox of the Email and apply the Date filter.


Step 3. Now in the Source Window, enter the required credentials and Validate them.

Source screen

Step 4. Choose the path to save the MSG file and provide a name then Validate and Next.


Step 5. Load all the users into the automated tool using different options such as Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download template option.

fetch users

Step 6. After the successful validation of the users, click on the Start Export button to save Outlook email as MSG file.

start export

Why You Should Choose Automated Tool?

  1. Using the automated tool, you can select the shared and In-Place archive mailbox to export to MSG files.
  2. There is an advanced Date filter option to filter out the required data only.
  3. Provides naming convention option while exporting the emails.
  4. Generates a complete report of the process after the end of the exporting process.
  5. Several advanced features for a seamless process such as Delta, Retry, and Re-run.
  6. Maintains the complete data integrity and hierarchy of folders.

Concluded Words

Save email as MSG from Outlook Online is the best choice to store Outlook 365 emails. As the PST file sometimes becomes larger and creates several issues, the MSG file plays a vital role in storing the necessary email messages. Here both the approaches to save Outlook 365 email as MSG whether it is manual or professional are discussed in a detailed manner. The professional approach is advised to use because of its advantages over the manual approach.