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No. 1 Kerio Mail Backup Tool to Export Emails without Data Loss

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Published On December 29th, 2023
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Email communication is the backbone of most organizations and individuals. Among the array of emailing solutions available, Kerio Connect has emerged as a trusted server. It empowers organizations to manage their email communications effectively. However, even the most robust systems are not immune to unforeseen challenges. Thus, creating a robust Kerio Mail backup strategy is not just a matter of precaution; it’s a proactive step toward ensuring the continuity of your communication and the security of your information.

In this guide, we will explore the critical reasons why you should safely keep your emails. At the same time, we’ll introduce the best Kerio Connect email backup tool and its step-by-step process such that you can take the backup smoothly.

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Why Choose the Professional Automated Tool for Kerio Mail Backup?

This tool has so many rich features that can benefit at some point:

1. Backup IMAP Mailboxes: This is one of the best features of this tool which you can easily take backup of single or multiple IMAP mailboxes to a specific location. It also gives you the option of taking a backup from any source or domain such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. 

2. Bulk IMAP Mailbox Backup for Mac: You may use this utility this function to create backup copies of your data in different file formats like PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, TXT, HTML, EMLX, MSG, CSV, and MHT file formats, among others. 

3. Maintain Your Folder Structure While Doing Kerio Mail Backup: The folder hierarchy will be preserved throughout the procedure. It doesn’t change the order and name of backup files.   

4. Delete Emails and Incremental Backup: This trustworthy software also offers the option of incremental backups and the capability to remove emails after download. According to your needs, you can select any one of them. 

5. Securely Backup IMAP Server on Mac: Using this tool keeps your data secure and safe. The hierarchy and structure of the mailboxes are not affected either during the process or after the completion. 

6. Compatible with OS Edition: It can easily run on all the new and prior versions of Mac. This software is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.   

If you were eagerly waiting to learn the working process of taking backup then your wait is over because, in the next part, we will discuss it.

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Kerio Mail Backup – Detailed Step-By-Step Procedure

Here, we will learn how to use this trustworthy software. But, remember, don’t miss any part because if you do it you face some difficulties while taking backup. 

In this instance, we are taking the backup in PST file format. 

Step 1: Download the tool. Then, choose the IMAP host domain from the available choices. Click the “Other” option if you cannot find your host.

select IMAP host domain (Kerio mail backup)

Step 2: After that, fill up all the fields with your password and email address. Next, click on the “Login” button.

enter Login details (Kerio mail backup)

Step 3: Then, This interface will show on your screen.


Step 4: Now, let’s move on to the advanced settings. You have two choices here: delete after download and incremental backup is the second one. As per your need, select any one option among them.

advance settings (Kerio mail backup)

Step 5: When you select the advanced setting, this type f interface will be open, in which you will see two options for taking a backup Kerio connect. First in accordance with “Size,” then using the “Date Filter.” After this, click on the “Save” button once you’ve finished selecting everything.

select size and date filter (Kerio mail backup)

Step 6: Now select the location where you want to save your files by clicking the “Change” button. Afterwards, click the “Ok” button.

change destination path

Step 7: Last but not least, press the “Start backup” button to start the processing of your file.

click on start backup

By following the above process, it becomes easy to do Kerio Connect full backup. After reading this article, hopefully, now your all doubts have been cleared. 

FAQs Related to the Kerio Connect Backup Tool

Q- How long does it take to take Kerio mail backup?

The number of emails you have to backup is the deciding factor of the time taken to complete the process. The lesser the number the lesser the time to backup emails.

Q- What if I receive emails during the backup process, do I have to repeat the whole process?

With the tool, you don’t have to go through all the fuss. Just select the incremental backup option and your newly arrived emails will be backed up from your Kerio account.

Q- Can I use the tool free of cost?

Absolutely! Yes. You can try the demo version of the tool and backup 100 emails. See how the tool works and then to backup all your emails from Kerio, try the full version of the tool.

Core Importance of Taking Kerio Connect Mail Backup

There are several reasons why should consider taking a backup of your crucial emails from the Kerio Connect server. Such as;

1. Data loss prevention – Accidental deletion or technical glitches may happen during digital communication. However, Kerio email backup can save you from irrevocable loss of critical data.

2. Business Continuity – Business operations can be interrupted if there is an email downtime. But, things would be different when you implement the backup strategy in place. It can save you from unexpected outages and help you swiftly restore your mail server to experience seamless communication.

3. Protecting Emails from Cyber Threat – These days cyber attacks in the form of ransomware and phishing are on the rise and they mainly target organization’s business communication. Having secure backups will not just help you recover your important emails but also keep you from fulfilling ransom demands.

Wrapping Up

Let’s come to the final conclusion of this article. If you are concerned about your data security, then a backup is an excellent solution. That’s why in today’s article we have discussed the most asked question about Kerio mail backup. Now, if you are planning to take a backup of Kerio emails then follow the above steps.

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