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Backup Roundcube Emails – Updated Methods to Export All Emails

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Ashwani Tiwari
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Published On April 2nd, 2024
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If you are a Roundcube user and searching for methods to backup Roundcube emails then your search ends here. In this article, we’re going to provide you with two different methods using which you can export all emails from Roundcube and save them on your device. Stay tuned till the end.

Roundcube – A Brief Introduction

Being a web-based email service, Roundcube allows users to receive, send, and manage their communication via email. Users working on the c-panel platform can avail of this open-source service. Also, users can access emails from anywhere and on any device with just an internet connection. Though this platform has its flexibility, downloading emails from Roundcube is also essential for different reasons.

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Why Roundcube Download all Emails?

Backing up Roundcube emails ensures that all your sensitive information is safe from security breaches, data corruption, and many more. Let’s have a look at the key reasons why you regularly take backup Roundcube emails.

  • Data Loss Prevention: Accidental deletion, hardware failure, software glitches or server issues may result in data loss. So, to keep your data safe, it’s essential to have a copy of all your Roundcube emails.
  • Disaster Recovery: If you have a backup of your sensitive emails then you would easily recover your data in the event of a server crash, hacking, or natural disaster.
  • Data Security: Ransomware attacks are happening now and then. So, if you Roundcube export all emails and have an extra copy of sensitive information, you won’t have to pay any Ransom money to recover your emails.
  • Data Migration: In case you wish to switch to another email client of your choice, having a backup would help in migrating your emails smoothly.
  • Long-term Data Storage: Sometimes emails play an important role in legal matters. So, backing up the data for an extended period would definitely help you in the long term.
  • Stay Safe from User Errors: It happens that users accidentally delete important emails or make changes that were not necessary. In such cases, the backup file becomes helpful.

But, the question is, how to take backup? Let’s check out.

Simple 5 Steps to Backup Roundcube Emails

  1. Install the software on your PC.
  2. Enter Roundcube account credentials and Log in.
  3. Choose a file format that works best for you to backup your emails.
  4. Apply the advanced settings as per your requirement while taking backup.
  5. Finally, start backup process of Roundcube emails.

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Rouncube Export All Emails – Learn Different Methods

You can either make use of the manual method by using the c-panel itself. Or apply the smart approach to download messages in bulk without any loss situation.

The manual technique will export messages one at a time in an EML format. If there is a need to export all Roundcube emails or backup multiple emails, users will have to execute the download process multiple times until every email is saved. 

On the other hand, there exists a smart approach that will backup all the messages in bulk or selectively as per users’ needs and that to be in different formats.

Let’s explore these methods!

Manual Method to Backup Roundcube Emails

Implement the following steps for downloading emails manually:

  1. Go to cPanel on a browser and click on the Roundcube option. Login to your account with your credentials.
  2. After that, choose the email you want to export.
  3. Click on the More option to open the extended menu.
  4. Press the Download (.eml) option from the dropdown list and navigate to the location.
  5. This will backup Roundcube emails to your local device. Then, you will find the message stored in your Downloads folder.

Limitations of the Manual Method for Downloading Emails

  • You do not get any other format than EML format to save the messages.
  • Performing the procedure to download messages separately will take more time than usual.
  • When you backup Roundcube emails manually, there is no way to download messages in bulk in a single shot.
  • The option to filter the messages or save them selectively is not available. You will have to select the emails by hand to save them one by one.
  • When you want to export all emails from Roundcube, it becomes a lengthy and complex procedure as there is a need to execute these steps again for every mail.

Smart Approach to Backup Roundcube Emails

After learning about the manual method, you can see that it’s not a convenient backup method for downloading Roundcube emails. 

That’s why we came up with a smart approach that uses Mac IMAP Mailbox Backup Software to make the whole email backup process a breeze.

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Users have various features to choose from that they can apply for a successful backup process selectively.

We will learn about the features of the software after knowing how this tool works.

How Does the Software Backup All Emails in Roundcube?

Here is the complete step-by-step process to backup all emails from Roundcube webmail.

1. Run the software and click on IMAP Host to choose the Other Fill in the details for your account and provide the IMAP Server & Port No. Hit Login.

viewing modes

2. Go to the Export Type section and choose the format you want to transfer your data in. Tap on the Advance Settings button to make use of the available filters.


3. Then, select the pattern with which you want to rename your emails in the Naming Convention Choose the “from” and “to” dates in the Date filter for a specific time period.


4. To backup RoundCube emails and remove them from the mailbox, apply the Delete after Download Click on Yes for confirmation.


5. Set the destination location by clicking on the Browse button.


6. Choose the Start Backup button to complete the procedure.


Wait for a few minutes for the process to complete. Once finished, you will find the emails in the chosen location. You can then access these emails in the email client that supports the file format.

Now, about the features of the software.

Intuitive Features of the Roundcube Backup Tool

  • Save emails in multiple formats like PST, EML, PDF, HTML, MBOX, etc.
  • Selective data transfer from a specific time duration by using Date-filter
  • Use the Email-filter to make sure emails from chosen folders are saved
  • For making space in the mailbox, avail of the Delete after Download feature
  • To download new data only after the first process, use Incremental Backup
  • Apply different patterns to the end files by applying Naming Convention
  • Preserve the structure of the folder and the data integrity during the task

To Summarize

It should not be hard to backup Roundcube emails to the local drive even if email download in bulk is involved. If you are finding it difficult to download your data, the method you are using might not be the right one, or you might need to do it the right way. That’s why, in this article, we guided you through the detailed steps through which you can export all Roundcube emails.

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