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How to Download Rackspace Email? Top 2 Methods Explained

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Published On March 29th, 2024
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This how-to guide explains two different methods using which you can download Rackspace email without any error. Let’s get started! Before knowing the exact steps let’s briefly understand the emailing platforms and why you should perform Rackspace email download.

Rackspace email is a well-known email hosting platform for individuals and businesses. Further, it provides reliable and secure email solutions. It is an inexpensive, business-class webmail service that can be accessed from any corner of the world. Besides this, it offers a variety of cloud computing services such as Rackspace webmail. 

Benefits of Downloading Rackspace Emails to Local Drive

Email is a crucial aspect of any organization. As it helps businesses and individuals to run their operations smoothly & steadily. But, when you download emails from Rackspace then it is going to benefit you in various situations.

  • Data Backup and Security: When you Rackspace download all emails, you can ensure a system backup of your critical data. By doing this, you can save your emails from accidental deletions, server outages, or data breaches. Further, backup allows you to take more control over data security and availability. 
  • Storage Management: Rackspace email servers have limited storage. If the allocated space is dried up, you must delete emails to make a new space. Thus, to save from such conditions, it is better to download Rackspace email. By this method, you can avoid additional costs to purchase storage space. 
  • Offline Access: When you download your emails, it allows you to access messages and attachments without an internet connection. Additionally, the backed-up Rackspace emails are very useful during internet disruptions or traveling. Also, this helps you to remain productive irrespective of your online status. 
  • Faster Search and Retrieval: Locally stored emails can be searched and accessed easily. This approach is quite faster than server-based searches. Hence, to improve productivity and speed up the search results, it is best to download Rackspace email to the local system. 
  • Platform Independence: Rackspace email download lets you access emails from various email clients. As a result, you get the flexibility to choose the email application that fits your needs. 

Now, let’s move on to the core part of our discussion.

How to Download Emails from Rackspace?

As the main heading of our topic suggests, there are two ways that you can use to save your important Rackspace emails. One is the manual approach and the second is an automated one. In the second approach, you will have the option to use the Rackspace email backup wizard through which you can customize the whole process. Here’s the download and purchase link to the tool.

Download Now Purchase Now

On the other hand, the manual method requires your full attention as you’re going to do all the steps without any technical support. So, let’s start with the manual method and then move to the automated one.

Rackspace Download All Emails Using Manual Method

This method entirely uses the Rackspace web application for all primary operations. It is worth considering if you have fewer emails to download. Follow the steps given below to save the emails. But getting into make sure that you have Archive Portal access. 

#1: Fill in the required credentials and sign in to the Archive Manager

#2: Now, click on Searches entitled on the left side of the Dashboard. 

#3: Here, locate the search name that you have searched to download. Then, click on Run

#4: After that, mark the checkbox to download Rackspace email. Next, click on the Export button.

#5: Then, a window will show up. Henceforth, click on Next to confirm the total number of emails you want to download. 

#6: Choose the file format as PST

#7: Give an Export name. Then, check the box to receive the email notification once the download is ready. 

#8: After this, click on Request Export.

#9: Tap on the Exports tab to execute the process. 

#10: Lastly, click on the Download button. 

Shortcomings of the Manual Method

Let’s find out some of the limitations of downloading Rackspace emails manually:

  1. The process is tedious and time-consuming. Any mistake during the process can lead to data loss.
  2. It is suitable for users with administration permission. 
  3. You can export search results with a maximum of 20 GB size.

Automated Solution to Download Rackspace Email

No doubt, the manual method is simple. However, it has certain limitations that can be overcome in this section. For a hassle-free and varied flexibility experience, relying on a professional tool can be viable. Thus, the perfect answer to the question of how to download emails from Rackspace is the SoftwarePro IMAP Backup Tool. By utilizing this utility, you can effortlessly save Rackspace emails in various file formats such as .pdf, .eml., .mbox, etc. 

Download Now Purchase Now

Step 1: Run the application. Now, under the IMAP host domain choose the Other alternative. After that, fill in your credentials such as Email Address and Password. Then, press Login

welcome screen

Note: This software supports different Export Types like PDF, MBOX, HTML, TXT, etc. But to concise our subject, we will focus on PST Export Type

Step 2: Now, mark the radio button that signifies PST Export Type

Select the PST Export Type
Parameters briefing

  1. Incremental Backup option: If you already have backed up your account, then go with this move. 
  2. Delete After Download: This option deletes all the selected emails from the server after the completion of the procedure. 

Step 3: To locate the location where you want to save the file, click on Change

Click on Change to locate the location

Step 4: At the end, press the “Start Backup” button. 

Click to Start to download rackspace email

Final Verdict

Now, after going through the article you must have been cleared with the idea of “how to download Rackspace email?”. The above methods include two ways i.e. either manual or automated. As we know that the backup of data is crucial in various cases such as accidental deletion, data loss, or any condition. So, we recommended you to better go with the professionally designed tool to improvise your productivity and time. 

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Q- After I download Rackspace email, can I delete them from the server?

Yes, the above-mentioned tool has the ‘Delete after Download’ feature you can choose to delete the emails after the download and free up the space.

Q- Can I use the tool for free?

Certainly. The tool comes with a demo version using which you can download 100 emails. If you have a large number of emails then it’s suggested to opt for the full version of the software.

Q- How much time it’s going to take to download all my emails from Rackspace?

Well, it entirely depends on the number of emails you want to download. However, if you are planning to go with the automated method then it’s definitely going to take less time as compared to the manual one