How To Import PST Files To Office 365 Mailbox Manually?

admin | Modified: December 6th, 2019 | Office 365

Nowadays, migration from desktop-based Outlook to Office 365 OWA becomes a very common thing. It’s because users are getting a wide range of functionalities & features over the cloud platform. The best one is of course, Office 365. Most of the user’s are familiar with its interface and its application. Office 365 is just a web-based version of desktop Outlook with more features. But, the problems are, it is not at all an easy task to import Outlook PST to Office 365 if you don’t know the right approach. Therefore, to help users to make this task simple, we have written this technical post. This post will explain to you how to import PST files to Office 365 mailbox without any hassle.

Top 3 Methods to Import PST Files to Office 365 Mailbox

Microsoft provides two methods of manual approaches using which users can import Outlook PST to Office 365 cloud.
Apart from this, you can also use trusted and secure software to import Outlook PST to Office 365 Account. All solutions are explained here:

“Hello, I am Rachel. Recently, I have bought Office 365 subscription plan and create an account. But, there is no option to import Outlook PST into Office 365 like it was in Outlook email client. I am not much of a technical user. Please guide me with a method to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance.”

Method 1: Import PST Files to Office 365 Mailbox Using Professional

The most trusted and verified software by the Microsoft MVP’s is Office 365 Import tool. This software overcomes all the demerits & limitations which a user faces while using Network Upload or Drive Shipping method. Because, in the manual methods, you need to follow a long sequence of steps and the chances of error during operation are quite high. Also, If any of the instructions gets failed, then you need to start the process from the beginning.
So, it is beneficial to have a solution that is fast, reliable, error-free, and hassle-free. For this, users can go with the Office 365 Import Tool.

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It is the only solution that overcomes all the limitations of manual approaches. It is available worldwide and moves email, contact, calendars, the task from PST files to Office 365 online. The utility is capable to maintain folder hierarchy throughout the process.

Also, the tool supports the Incremental Import approach which allows us to import only new or update data from a PST file. Moreover, the date filter is also available for selective migration of the PST file to O365. Also, Office 365 Import software available for the Windows Operating system. Check out how to import PST file to Office 365 mailbox using the tool.

Steps to Import Outlook PST into Office 365

1. Enter Office 365 Admin or User credentials for login

Note: Login via Office 365 admin account if user wishes to import Outlook PST file into multiple Office 365 accounts simultaneously. Also, to import PST in Office 365 shared mailbox. And login via User credentials to impot multiple Outlook PST into your own Office 365 account.

start the tool

2. Click on Add File / Add Folder / Add CSV option for importing PST file

3. Map each PST file with its destination client id

4. Select the Category of data your need to Import and Apply filter for each selected category.

5. Click on Import button to start the import process

Advantages of Professional Solution

  • Import multiple PST files quickly
  • Incremental import option to import new or updated files
  • Login using both Admin or User account
  • Import PST to Office 365 shared mailbox
  • No file size limitation on PST file
  • Easily import PST files to Office 365 users account.

Method 2: Drive Shipping Method to Import Outlook PST into Office 365

Office 365 has provided its own method for its users to import their Outlook data file into their Office 365 mailboxes. It is basically used to bulk import PST files to the Microsoft O365 account. Drive shipping workaround copy Outlook PST file on a drive and manually forward the drive to Microsoft. Once the Microsoft validates the file, it moves the data from drive to Microsoft cloud.

Here, users can select the desired PST data and import it into target mailboxes using setting filters. And, when the import job begins, the O365 Import service migrates the PST data to Office 365.

For Complete and step by step guide to using drive shipping method to import PST files to Office 365 mailbox. Click Here.

Limitations Associated With Drive Shipping Method

This method also has some downsides that must be considered before approaching this workaround.

  1. Currently, Drive Shipping method is available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, Europe, India, and East Asia.
  2. This method is available through the MS Enterprise Agreement (EA). It cannot be available via. Microsoft Products & Services Agreement (MPSA).
  3. The cost associated with the drive shipping method to upload a PST file Office 365 OWA is $2 USD/GB of data. For example, if you ship 1 TB of PST files, the cost should be $2,000 USD.
  4. Maximum 10 hard drives can be the ship for an individual import job.
  5. A time-consuming procedure and data item more than 150 MB will be skipped during the migration task.
  6. Users cannot import Outlook PST file that has 300 or greater than nested folders.


In this article, we have discussed two manual approaches that can import PST files to Office 365 mailbox. Due to the limitations of the Network Upload and Drive Shipping method, we also discussed an automated solution, Office 365 Import Tool. It overcomes all the downsides of manual approaches and imports Outlook PST into Office 365 in the minimum time of utilization. You can first try the free demo version of the tool which allows you to import 25 items per folder from a PST file into Office 365 OWA.