How to Import OLM to Thunderbird Windows? Transfer Emails with Attachments

admin | Published: April 18, 2019 | Thunderbird

Mac users have a wide range of email applications to choose from as per convenience and requirement. Among them stands Outlook for Mac which stores all its mailbox items in OLM format. Sometimes users have a need to import OLM to Thunderbird. The reasons for this conversion can vary user-to-user. For some shifting from Mac OS to Windows could be the cause. For others accessing an old OLM file in Thunderbird may be the requirement. Irrespective of the reasons, this scenario requires OLM file conversion to MBOX file. And here, we are going to provide users with the stepwise procedure to achieve the same.

Mozilla Thunderbird does not support Outlook OLM files. It actually stores all its data in MBOX file format and hence is compatible with it. And that is why conversion of these files into MBOX is necessary for this scenario which lacks any other alternative.

Robust Way to Import OLM File to Thunderbird Windows

OLM and MBOX are completely different file formats and conversion between them is not an easy task to achieve. From encoding factors to issues of content readability, this data migration scenario suffers from a lot of risks. Such issues can only be overcome with tools specially designed for transferring OLM to Thunderbird for Windows. The OLM to MBOX Converter is one such solution with expertise in converting multiple OLM files to Thunderbird readable MBOX format. Some other benefits regarding this easy-to-use utility are:

  • Conversion of orphan OLM files on Windows platform
  • Filter and Export only selective emails with Date Filters
  • Maintain folder hierarchy in converted MBOX
  • Scan multiple OLM files at once
  • Operable on all Windows OS including Win 10

A Complete Stepwise Procedure to Convert OLM to Thunderbird

Download and install the software on your Windows system and take advantage of altercation-free conversion.

Download for Windows

  1. Run the specialized utility on your systemstep 1
  2. Now add the OLM files into the software interface. You can also add multiple OLM files at once with Add Folder optionStep 2
  3. Now Apply filters to import OLM to Thunderbird MBOX selectivelyStep 3
  4. You can also choose to maintain folder hierarchy with Settings button corresponding to Advance OptionsĀ Step 4
  5. Once done, select the preferred destination location and hit the Export buttonexport olm files
  6. Finally, the OLM emails will be converted to MBOX files

Once you have the Thunderbird compatible MBOX files, simply import them in Mozilla Thunderbird to access the emails right away.

This utility is also available as a free trial version which enables importing 25 emails/folder from OLM file to Thunderbird.

Steps for Importing Converted MBOX files

  1. Launch the Thunderbird application
  2. Navigate to Menu and hit Tools option
  3. Here, move to ImportExportTools and hit the Import mbox file option
  4. Select the required import way (say, import directly one or more mbox file)
  5. Browse and select the mbox files. It will be imported in Thunderbird within a matter of minutes.

Note: This intuitive tool is also available for Mac platform. Users trying to import OLM to Thunderbird Mac can make use of this Mac utility and carry out hassle-free conversion. Download for Mac below:

Bottom Line

The need for email migration can arise at any point in time. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the user. Similarly, there are scenarios when users need to know how to import OLM to Thunderbird. For this task, conversion of OLM files to Mozilla Thunderbird supported MBOX format is necessary. We discussed one efficient solution that specializes in such a task. It is capable of hassle-free conversion of multiple OLM files at once. However, whether to opt this solution or not is up to the users’ requirement.