IMAP Emails Not Showing Up in Outlook – Solution to Fix It

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: July 27, 2021 | Technology

Are your IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook as well? Have you also been trying to find a non-technical explanation you help you learn why this is happening? Do you want a simple approach for it?

We have it here. All your queries will be answered here without any doubt left in a user’s mind. Almost everybody knows that IMAP is a protocol which is the standard for email synchronization with the server and email client.

When the IMAP emails or folders are exported manually, sometimes, you may not be able to view the emails in your account.

This is the IMAP emails not showing in Outlook error which is commonly seen when an IMAP server is configured with Outlook. After exporting your emails using the Import/export process, usually this error occurs. It is because this technique keeps the properties of the IMAP folder & emails that are not compatible with a regular archive in Outlook.

Due to this, you can find various negative side-effects, functionality issues, and visual glitches that are not suitable. Functionality issues can lead to a lot of delay that directly affects the working of a business.

How to Overcome IMAP Emails Not Showing Up in Outlook Issue?

There are two methods that can be used to overcome this issue but they are both technical and require the correct expertise to be performed. Without the expertise required, there is no way you can successfully get over this error.

Also, both these methods are lengthy and time-consuming which is not what a user would want. You can either try to see your messages again by setting your view to IMAP Messages.

Other than that, the technical methods will change the class property of the folder to solve IMAP emails not showing in Outlook error.

Now, if you do not want to fall in a situation like this ever again, you can use the professional’s way to download the emails which is the IMAP Backup Software.

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Let’s understand a bit about this tool and see how it can prevent this error from occurring.

Steps of the Software to Download Emails to Outlook

The tool as mentioned above can easily perform the exportation task for you in a painless manner. Find the steps of the software as described below to avoid the IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook error and then the features will be explained in the latter section.

Follow the below steps:

1. Run the tool on your Mac OS machine and select your email service. Give in the account details and click on the Login button.

ldif file

2. Then, choose the file format as PST in the Select Export Type segment and go to the Advance Settings option.


3. From the window, select the Split PST Option and enter the size for the end files for removing the barriers of IMAP emails not showing in Outlook error. Go to the Date-Filter option and select the dates to choose a time-period.


4. Select the checkbox for Maintain Folder Hierarchy and Delete after Download options.


5. Set the destination for your end files in the Change field or click Make New Folder.


6. Hit the Start Backup option to get over with this operation.


The process will be completed in a few seconds or minutes at max. Once the process is finished, you can view all the emails without any troubles or any error.

Features to Avoid IMAP Emails Not Showing Up in Outlook Issue

  • Various export types such as EML, PST, PDF, EMLX, MBOX, HTML, TXT, MSG, etc.
  • Export data from specific duration by setting dates in Date-Filter option
  • Keep the folder structure the same using Maintain Folder Hierarchy feature
  • Regain space in the mailbox or server using Delete after Download function
  • Facility to use Naming Convention patterns like Subject, Subject + Date, etc.
  • Works on prior and latest versions of Mac OS up till 11 and higher

What Functions Are Messed With Using Manual Technique?

The IMAP emails not showing in Outlook error is shown when you perform the method to download your emails manually using the Import/Export feature. This causes various functionality issues such as:

  • You wouldn’t get the Follow Up flags for the files that you have imported.
  • A Filter Applied message is shown in the Status Bar at the bottom left corner.
  • It is possible that you might see the views that are certainly for IMAP accounts upon switching to the View tab and pressing the Change View option.
  • The IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook error is also caused when the folders that you have exported are connected to your smartphone or tablet.

In order to get over these constraints, you can use the software to download your data so that there are no such troubles that you need to face.

Summarizing It

There are users who export their emails from IMAP mail server to their desktop-based email client using the manual method. However, manually there are various errors that can be encountered and make it a tedious process getting all the emails back.

One such error, IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook, is caused when you try to export large amounts of data in Outlook application. For this, we have explained the professional’s way that you can perform to download your data effectively.