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AWS Workmail Backup – What’s the Need to Create Backup & How?

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: 03-Aug-2022 | Technology | 5 Minutes Reading

Why should one have AWS Workmail backup? How can one create a backup? Are there any troubles faced while archiving emails?

Every person who is working as a professional has more than one email account to manage their data. AWS Workmail, is one of the email services that a lot of users have their accounts on.

It is a known fact by all AWS users that Amazon Work email is widely used for e-commerce business and has become quite a popular platform. It doesn’t only provide clothing, electronics, etc. but emailing facilities as well.

However, you cannot backup AWS Workmail directly from the email server. No matter how much Amazon Workmail provides protection to its users’ data, there is always one thing or the other that may go wrong.

Such risks include:

  • Hackers trying to get into your account
  • Ransomware attacks encrypting your emails
  • Accidental deletion of important emails
  • Voluntarily deleting data thinking it will be of no use

Some users also prefer keeping a regular backup of their data as a second layer of protection. Since there is no manual method, let’s see how professionals do it.

How Do Professionals Create AWS Workmail Backup?

Well, it is a pretty simple technique because even if it’s the professional’s way, they also need to save their time without wasting too much of their efforts.

To understand the method completely, you can download the Amazon Workmail Backup Software. It is capable enough to solve IMAP emails not showing up in Outlook errors. The software is compatible with Windows OS machines and offers a great number of email formats.

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This is a guide that explained the features of this tool and the steps to create a backup thoroughly. First, we will be explaining the steps to backup AWS Workmail and then the features of the software.

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Steps to Create a Backup Using the Software

Attention: Those users who have a Mac OS can use the IMAP Backup Tool and the following links to download the tool and export their emails:

Download Now Purchase Now

1. Run the tool and enter the sign-in details for your AWS Workmail account to log in.


2. Select the file format and go to the Browse button to choose the destination path for the end results.


3. Choose the Delete after Download tab to regain space after you have AWS Workmail backup on your local device.


4. Enter the dates in the Date-Filter feature that you will reach by clicking on the Apply Filter button. Also, choose the folders you want to move data from.


5. Lastly, complete the operation by choosing the Start button.


User Asked: What will happen if the application shuts down during the process?

Ans. There is no need to worry about having to go through the entire procedure again as the software is built with algorithms that keep the tool active. If such a situation occurs while you backup AWS Workmail, you just have to login to your account again and the process will be restored from the Home section.

When the process is completed, you can go to the location you chose to store the data and view the emails easily. The structure of the folder will be kept the same and no modifications will be made to any of the files.

Also, the attachments and the metadata are kept intact.

Let’s now learn the in-depth explanation of the features provided.

Unique Feature of the Software for AWS Workmail Backup

1. Multiple Email Formats: With the help of this tool, you can directly download your data in the format of your choice. The formats include PST, PDF, EML, MBOX, & MSG which can be accessed in their respective email clients without any trouble.

2. Maintain Folder Hierarchy: Users stress that their data structure will be changed during or after the backup procedure. This software eliminates all the modifications and keep the folder structure the same as before the process keeping the data intact.

3. Date-Filter Feature: To backup AWS Workmail selectively, you do not have to perform the process again and again. You can use the filters provided for selective data backup by setting dates for a certain duration and export only those emails that fall under the chosen period.

4. Delete after Download: In case you want to save some space in your mailbox after creating a backup of your data, this feature comes in handy. By applying it, you can direct the tool to delete the data that you have downloaded on your local storage.

5. Incremental Backup: This feature for AWS Workmail backup helps you to scan your mailbox again after the first process. If you have any new emails that you have received during and after the process, the tool will download only those emails to avoid duplicity issue.

6. Pause & Resume: There is an option to Pause and Resume the backup procedure to manage it. During the process, if there is any issue with the internet connection or anything, you can pause the process. Once that issue is resolved, you can easily resume the process back.

Observed Verdict

The blog describes the method for AWS Workmail backup which the professionals use for exporting their data.

Amazon Workmail doesn’t provide any method to download the emails which is why we have discussed the sure shot solution to perform the task. It is available for both Windows OS as well as Mac OS machines.