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Tricks to Unlock PDF for Reading – Explore Here!

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: 19-Oct-2019 | PDF File | 4 Minutes Reading

No doubt, PDF is a widely used file format used by a large number of users due to its remarkable security options. From protecting the document by setting the password to applying different kinds of restrictions, one can seamlessly restrict others from viewing the confidential documents. However, it becomes a hurdle when the PDF document prompts for a password whenever the user tries to open it. As a result, there comes a requirement to unlock PDF for reading instantly.

Moreover, removing the password will allow users to easily gain accessibility to the file instead of asking the owner to enter the password in the case of file sharing. Now, the major dilemma seen among most users is to follow the right approach to remove PDF read protection. With the help of this blog, follow the simplified and trustworthy solution, which is elaborated in the below section.

Instant Solution: With the PDF File Unlocker Software users can permanently unlock PDF files from owner’s password for reading. The tool creates the resultant document which is free from passwords.

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Users Querries

Let’s have a look at the user queries listed below to know the precise demand to unlock PDF for reading.

“Recently I joined a firm wherein a salary account has been opened. Now, the bank officials used to send all confidential PDF documents, which are password-protected via email. To access the file, every time I have to enter the password to view the file. As a result, it consumes my valuable time as I need to check for the password and enter the same. Is there some approach, which will allow me to unlock PDF files locked for reading so that it can be easily accessed?”

“A couple of days back, I shared an important business report of the last six months to my team members, in which the report is password protected due to security reasons. Although the password has been shared with my teammates, however, they have raised a concern to remove pdf read protection as they need to view it frequently which always demands the password. Could someone let me know some genuine solution to unlock PDF for reading? Please advise.”

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Manually Unlock a Secured PDF File for Reading

One can easily remove the PDF read password using Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is a paid application. Following are the steps to carry out the process:

  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro and provide the password to unlock the restricted PDF file
  • Navigate to Lock icon, which is placed at the top-left corner and click Permission Details option
  • Otherwise, go to File>> Properties>> Security option from its interface
  • Under Document Properties, select the Security tab & from the Security Method, choose No Security option and click OK to proceed further
  • After that, click File>> Save to update the changes done. Else while closing the Adobe Acrobat Pro window, the application will ask to save the changes done
  • Now, the file saved is original PDF file without any password

Tips:- Tool to Remove Password from PDF File

Instant Solution to Remove PDF Read Protection

PDF File Unlocker Software is the most recommended and trusted software by the experts to unlock PDF for reading. The tool incorporated with the best set of features to smoothly remove password from PDF file i.e. owner and user level password. Besides this, different PDF restrictions such as copy, print, edit, page extraction can be effortlessly removed from the PDF file. Moreover, this software is available for both Windows and Mac versions.

Unlock PDF for Reading

Steps to Unlock PDF Files Locked for Reading

  • At first, download the tool and click on the Unlock button
  • Click Add File/ Add Folder to upload the PDF file
  • Now, browse the destination location to save the decrypted PDF file, click on Change
  • Then, click on Unlock PDF button in which the software will prompt you to enter the document and open the password
  • After that, a pop-up message showing “PDF file has been unlocked successfully” will be shown

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The Bottom Line

This blog clearly states the approach to unlocking PDF for reading using both manual and automated solutions. Moreover, availing the above-disclosed automated solution i.e., PDF Unlocker is best suggested, which is an ultimate solution loaded with advanced features to easily remove PDF read passwords to gain accessibility.