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Remarkable Tool to Remove Password from PDF Document

pdf unlocker software
  • Remove Adobe PDF file restrictions like print, copy, extract text, etc.
  • Able to unlock Adobe PDF files from owner level security of passwords
  • Presence of Adobe Acrobat is not necessary to remove PDF files security
  • Tool is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 9 and all other below versions
  • Batch decryption of PDF files with Business or Enterprise License
  • Supports all versions of Windows 10 and other below versions
  • Recovery of passwords from corrupt PDF files is not possible

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Notable Features of PDF Unlocker Tool

pdf password remover

Decrypt PDF Files

The PDF password recovery tool provides the feature to unlock PDF Adobe files. It can remove password from files for extracting, printing, copying, and editing. There is a single file mode also by which users can unlock one Adobe PDF file at that point in time.

unlock adobe pdf file

Unlock Encrypted PDF Files

PDF Unlocker Software eliminates owner level password from Adobe files so that user can remove PDF file security with ease. Even the user level applied password on Adobe files can be cracked by entering password when prompted. This tool unlock files in a hassle free way.

decrypt pdf online

Decrypt PDF in Batch

Suppose there are multiple Adobe files having same file restriction then PDF password recovery tool then it can eliminate password for various purposes. User needs to order business or enterprise license for batch operation because a single user license works just in single file mode.

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Preserve File Integrity

While users remove Adobe PDF file restrictions and save file, the PDF password Remover tool will ensure that the integrity of data is maintained. No changes will be made to the actual formatting of data files. Attachments too will remain intact along with data files.

pdf password remover online

Show PDF Files Permissions

As users browse and load Adobe files, tool will instantly preview and list all the linked permissions. Even current status of file permission in ‘After’ and ‘Before’ columns as the tool unlock encrypted PDF files gradually.

free tool to decrypt pdf online

Save File in New Folder

While users save data after decrypting them, the PDF password unlocker lets users to choose any desired location or else they can also store the resultant files in a new folder. Thus, files are saved according to user convenience.

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Note: Software will get delivered on your registered email id, within 15 minutes after placing the order.

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Frequently Asked Questions PDF Decrypter Software

Will the PDF Password Unlocker work for corrupted PDF files?
No, the PDF Password recovery tool does not works on corrupted files.
Will the software unlock PDF data of adobe Acrobat XI?
Yes, the tool can remove PDF password from every version of Adobe Acrobat.
Can the PDF Unlocker Software remove password from multiple files at a time?
To unlock multiple files, user needs to buy licensed version of PDF Unlocker tool.
Can the PDF Adobe Password Remover eliminate print restrictions from Adobe files?
Yes, this is one of the features of tool. It can remove printing restrictions from PDF files.
Will the software decrypt PDF files on Windows 10?
Yes, the software can remove PDF password on Windows 10 and all below versions as well.

Steps to Remove Password Using PDF Unlocker Software

Step 1: Install PDF File Unlocker Software

Download and Launch PDF Unlocker Program. Now, click on the Unlock option.

steps to unlock pdf file
Step 2: Brows Adobe PDF File to The Tool

A window will open here click on Browse to select the PDF files to be unlocked.

online pdf password remover
Step 3: Select PDF File and Add to Software

From the list, choose the desired PDF file and then click on the Open button.

decrypt PDF files
Step 4: Provide Destination Location & Save

After loading file, permissions and stats are previewed. Click Browse for destination files.

pdf decryption free
Step 5: Create New Folder to Save Result

In this step, browse destination location of PDF files or else click to Create a New Folder.

unlock PDF easily
Step 6: Start Adobe PDF Unlock Process

Now click on Unlock PDF button to initiate the process of unlocking Adobe PDF files.

unlock encrypted pdf
Step 7: View Successful Encryption Process

Click OK on the pop-up message that appears after the successful unlock of PDF files.

remove PDF file security
Step 8: View Comparison of Restriction

Now, tool displays the comparison of PDF restrictions before and after the process.

view pdf file details
Step 9: Option to Decrypt Adobe PDF File

Then, check the decrypted PDF files for extracting, copying, pasting process, etc.

decrypt pdf file online
Step 10: Select PDF File Copping Process

To check copying operation, follow these steps:

  • Open PDF file > Select text to be copied.
  • Edit Menu > Copy File to Clipboard option.
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Step 11: Print Data from Adobe PDF File

Check Printing option by clicking Print option, if text gets selected then it can be printed.

PDF password recovery
Step 12: Exit from PDF Unlocker Tool

Exit the software window or unlock more PDF files by clicking on Yes or No option.

unlock Adobe files 7 Exit

Online Video of Adobe PDF File Unlocker Software

Client′s Review for PDF File Unlocker Tool

"I have used this PDF Password Unlocker Software and it is really amazing. It has a great performance and takes very less time to process the files. In few minutes the encrypted files are free from security issues. I must say that is you wish to remove PDF file security you can blindly follow this tool!"

-- Annie Lewis, Austraila

"I tried making some changes at the time of publishing my text but PDF file restricted me to do so. Then, this PDF Password recovery tool came to my rescue. It works really well. I could remove owner level security because of this amazing tool to decrypt PDF Adobe files. I loved it!"

-- Fairie Rose, Germany