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How to Set Zoho mail in Outlook? – Sync Zoho with Outlook 2016

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Are you trying out to move to Outlook from Zoho and need Zoho POP settings to configure to Outlook? If you want to know how to set Zoho mail in Outlook, get along with the article and learn the configuration of IMAP settings in Outlook.

How Do I Sync Zoho mail with Outlook?
Zoho mail Thunderbird Configuration

Zoho is a grown and very popular CRM throughout the globe. The Zoho CRM also offers a feature of Zoho mail. This function let’s user to get connected with their customers and increase their relationship. But after a moment of time, the user thinks of moving from Zoho mail.

There could be a variety of reasons for which users to set Zoho mail on Outlook and for switching from Zoho mail, some personal or professional. But this lets the user into a dilemma to shift to which email client.

As you know, we have many email clients, commonly known are Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo. It becomes a difficult task for many users to shift their emails to another email client. You can use Outlook or Thunderbird, as the destination email client, as these email clients offer many features and also works in Offline mode.

Here we will be discussing to transfer of Zoho mail in Thunderbird and Outlook. We will start with Zoho mail to Outlook email migration.

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How to Set Zoho Mail in Outlook 2016?

In Outlook 2016, one can easily add the mailbox to Outlook account by following the methods mentioned below.

A user can add the mailbox to Outlook through two account settings: IMAP & POP. Let’s start with Zoho IMAP settings in Outlook. Configure your mail in Outlook with IMAP settings.

Zoho IMAP Settings for Outlook

  1. Launch MS Outlook 2016
  2. Click File menu >> Add Account
  3. Choose Manual Setup for account addition
  4. Select POP or IMAP option
  5. Enter Your name and Email address in User Information to set Zoho mail on Outlook
  6. Set Account type: IMAP
  7. Incoming mail server: imap.zoho.com
  8. Outgoing mail server: stmp.zoho.com
  9. Provide User name and Password of Zoho account
  10. Click More Settings…
  11. Move to Outgoing Server, check for My outgoing server requires authentication
  12. Shift to Advanced tab and enter server port numbers (Carefully)
  13. Incoming server: 993; Encryption:SSL
  14. Outgoing server: 465; Encryption: SSL
  15. Close Window, click Next & then Finish to complete

This will add the emails to Outlook.com. If you don’t see the mail folder in Outlook folder panel, just restart the MS Outlook.

Now, let’s see how to set Zoho mail in Outlook with POP settings. In this format, the procedure is the same, but the difference come in some parts that are shown below.

Zoho POP Settings for Outlook

Step 6. Account Type: POP3
Step 7. Incoming mail server: pop.zoho.com
Step 13. Incoming server: 995; Encryption: SSL

After the process is completed, restart the MS Outlook application to append the changes on the Outlook application. From the above methods, you will be cleared to set Zoho mail on Outlook with IMAP and Zoho account settings.

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Now, let’s take a look at the mailbox to Thunderbird configuration.

How to Set Zoho Mail in Outlook Or Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a similar email client to Outlook, where it offers offline and online work permission. The Thunderbird creates an MBOX file (.mbox), which is nowadays notified only with the email folder name such as for Inbox folder, the MBOX file denotes name as “Inbox”.

If you want to reach to the Thunderbird email folders located in your system, copy the location shown below


Now, we get to the Thunderbird Configuration. To add your mail in Thunderbird, you need to perform the following procedure:

Steps to Set Zoho Mail on Outlook Or Thunderbird IMAP Settings

  1. Run Mozilla Thunderbird application in your system
  2. Reach to Tools menu >> Account settings
  3. In the window opened, click Account Actions >> Add Mail Account
  4. Enter your Name, Email ID, & Password. Click on Continue
  5. IMAP type is by-default chosen. Click Done to finish the configuration
  6. Test check server ports, click on Manual Config.
  7. Check the server name and port numbers and select Done option

The Zoho mail account will be added to the Email folder panel in Mozilla Thunderbird. Now, we shall see the how to set Zoho mail in Outlook or Thunderbird via configuration settings for Zoho mail POP

Zoho POP Settings for Thunderbird

The procedure to set a Zoho mail with a POP account is similar to the procedure shown above. But some changes are to be made, so as to get the mailbox configured in Thunderbird with POP account type

Step 5. Choose POP3 account type & select Done option
Step 7. Check

  1. Incoming Server name: pop.zoho.com
  2. Port Number: 995
  3. Encryption: SSL

If you have other port numbers or encryption standards, please check it with the Re-test button, before proceeding.

In case you cannot find the Zoho mail folder enlisted in the folder panel, Restart Mozilla Thunderbird application.


In this article, we have discussed how to set Zoho mail in Outlook / Thunderbird email clients. We have provided the procedure to configure your mail in Outlook 2016 and Mozilla Thunderbird with IMAP and POP settings for Zoho. Get your Zoho mail switched to other emails clients with a stepwise solution to get satisfying results.