Solution to Create GPT Partition in Windows 10 During Installation

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: September 29th, 2021 | Windows Error

“I just bought a second-hand laptop from a friend. The hard drive of that laptop has been partitioned as MBR. But I want to format that hard drive with GPT style partition. Please tell me how do I format a GPT partition in Windows 10. I have checked for some solutions on the Internet but those methods seemed difficult to me. So kindly provide me with a solution that is simple as well as feasible by a novice user like me.”

Like these people mentioned above, many other people are looking for a solution to format a GPT partition in Windows OS. Since GPT is a comparatively new method of partition, it offers more facilities to the users. If you are one of these people who want to have GPT formatting on your disk, this is the right page for you. Here, we will describe some of the popular techniques of this disk formatting.

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Steps to Create GPT Partition in Windows 10

There are two ways of formatting GPT style partitions. One is during the installation of Windows 10 on a fresh hard drive and another is in a used hard disk. In this post, we will be sharing with you the full instructions to perform both types of formatting.


In order to have GPT partition on your hard drives, these prerequisites have to be fulfilled.

  • Windows Operating System version should be x64/ x86 bit
  • The connected hard drive should be 64-bit
  • Booting should be done using UEFI mode

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Steps to Create GPT Partition During Windows 10 Installation

Perform the below-mentioned steps sequentially. It will result to create GPT Partition during Windows 10 installation. Follow the steps:

  1. Shut down the PC and insert the DVD or USB that contains Windows 10 OS.
  2. Use UEFI boot mode to boot the system to the USB or DVD.
  3. Press Shift+F10 from with the Windows Setup to open a command prompt.
  4. Now run these commands sequentially in the command prompt:
  5. Type command diskpart and press Enter key.
  6. Type list disk command and hit Enter.
  7. Type select disk command and enter the disk number from the previous step.
  8. Type clean command and press the Enter button from the keyboard.
  9. Type convert gpt command and press Enter
  10. At the last type exit and press Enter
  11. Now you can close the window and continue with the rest of the installation steps.

Note: – If you are currently using MBR partition on your Windows 10 computer and want to move on GPT. Then find the complete guide here to convert MBR partition to GPT Partition without Data loss.

User’s Query to Crate GPT Partition in Windows 10 During Installation

“Just bought all the equipment and assembled them to create the system as per my need. Now comes the main part of installing Windows 10 OS on my system. I want to create hard drive partitions by using GPT method. Please tell me how can I do that. I do not want to go by the default MBR partition. Asking for suggestions from all my fellow members.”

“I have Dell laptop in which I am using Windows 7. Now I want to upgrade to Windows 10, also want to create GPT partition. But afraid of data loss, is it possible to create GPT partition during Windows 10 installation without data loss. Kindly suggest me a safe and secure solution.”

“I bought a new hard drive and want to create partitions in it. All I want to create GPT partition. Is it possible to create GPT partition in external hard drive Windows 10? I haven’t used this external hard disk. Suggest me a reliable solution.”


In this post, you will find a safe and secure solution for how to create GPT partition in Windows 10 during installation. After performing all steps listed here, you will get the desired solution and easily create GUID partition in Windows 10.