How to Copy Text from Secured PDF Files in Trouble-Free Manner?

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: October 5, 2021 | PDF File

Want to know multiple solutions to copy text from secured PDF? Yes, then don’t freak out. In this write-up, we are going to mention multiple techniques to copy text from protected PDF. As we all know that creating PDF files is the most common and best way to share documents. Still, sometimes we need to extract images, text, etc. from the PDF files. So, stay connected to this blog till the end to know the methods.

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  1. Copy Text from Secured PDF using Automated Tool
  2. Features of Professional Tool
  3. Use Manual Method to Copy Text from Protected PDF

Professionally Copy Text from Secured PDF

PDF Extractor Software is one of the best tools to extract text from secured PDF. It is user-friendly and provides a guarantee to extract data from PDF. So, let’s jump to the working of the software:-

  • Install and run the PDF Extractor professional tool on your system
  • Add the password-protected PDF documents by clicking on the “Add File or Add Folder” button
  • Hit the “Change” button to find a location to save the newly extracted files
  • Now, click on the “Text” option under the item type and use the “Page Settings” option to filter out data
  • Finally, click on the “Extract” button
  • In the end, the tool will display a “The PDF files are extracted successfully” message
  • After this, you can check your extracted files and simply exit from the software panel

Prominent Features of PDF Extractor Tool

  • Supports extracting PDF documents in bulk
  • Allows extracting inline images in batch
  • Give a feature to apply the “image settings” to filter out some specific images
  • Support to give header-footer feature
  • Formatting of PDF documents are always maintained by the tool
  • Provides different attachment filters options
  • Users can also remove the wrongly added files from the software panel
  • Allows extracting data from restricted or password-protected PDF files

These are some of the advanced features of the PDF Extractor Tool. Users can use the above-mentioned tool but If you want to go with free methods, then jump to the next section of the blog.

Manually Copy Text from Secured PDF

In this section of the blog, we are going to discuss the different manual methods. Users can opt for the professional tool, but if you want to try the free methods. You can check out the methods mentioned in the next section. Manual Solutions are free to use but have some drawbacks which we will discuss later on.

Copy Text from Protected PDF Using Google Chrome

Go through the process given below to use this method:-

  • Firstly, go to the folder in which you have saved your PDF document.
  • Select a PDF File and do a right-click and click the “Open With” button from the drop-down list and choose the “Chrome” option.
  • Now, hit the print icon.
  • After this, go to the “Save as PDF” option and re-save the PDF file.
  • Download and install a PDF reader application.
  • Now, using the PDF reader application, open the recently saved PDF files.
  • At last, simply copy the text which you want to extract and paste it to a Word or Text file at your convenience.

Copy Text from Secured PDF using Google Drive Option

Step1:- Login to Google Drive Account

  • The first step is to add the id-password and log in to Google Drive.
  • Hit the gear icon and open the settings.
  • A window will pop up, click on the “Convert Uploaded Files to GoogleDocs Editor Format” button and tap on the “Done” option.

Step2:- Upload the Secured PDF Document

  • Firstly, Open Google Drive click on the “New” button, and hit the “Upload Files” button.
  • Now, in the drive, drag and drop your secured PDF document.
  • After this, do a right-click on the document and select the “Open With” option, then choose the “Google Docs” option to open the file.
  • Now, copy the data which you want to copy from the PDF file and paste the data into a text or word file.
  • After pasting the data, save that specific file.
  • Or you can also click on the “File” option, from the drop-down list click on the “Download” button and then select the “Microsoft Word” option.

These are the steps of the manual method.

Wrapping Up

In the above write-up, we have mentioned different methods to copy text from secured PDF. You can go with the manual as well as the professional method to extract text from secured PDF. But, the manual method is not safe and secure to use. So, we suggest our users to go with the automated tool which is safe to use.