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How to Convert EXIF to PDF Format | Here’s the Solution

Anuraag Singh | Modified: 2021-11-29T19:18:16+05:30 | PDF File | 4 Minutes Reading

convert EXIF to PDF

Seeking a way to convert EXIF image file to PDF, then no need to worry because here in this article, we will explain how you can convert EXIF to PDF with the help of 2 simple procedures.

Now-a-days PDF is a well known file format and even school kids make a PDF file, Because it is one of the most known and OS independent file formats. It means you can easily open and share this file format to any devices like PC, Laptops, and Mobile devices.

On the other hand, the EXIF image file is also known as the Exchangeable Image File Format. EXIF specifies the sounds (audio files), images formats, and tags that are used in digital cameras and scanners. It contains the data of the camera used, image resolution, colour type, etc.

In simple words we can say that, it is the metadata stored in your media. Metadata basically gives the information of the other data not the content like image, text, etc.

Print Procedure for Converting EXIF to PDF

Everyone needs a free solution, so if users are looking for something costless, the print process is an easy and free method for converting EXIF images (metadata) into PDF format. But it comes with some limitations such as the chance of data loss of data integrity. So use this method carefully.

  • Go to EXIF image Location on your laptop or computer,
  • Select that file and Right-click on that and select the Print option or direct Edit option.
  • Now, on the print screen select the option : Microsoft Print to PDF file or Print to PDF and then press the “Print
  • After that, you can save the EXIF image file into PDF at any location on your laptop.

Drawback of the Print Procedure

Well the above described method is a nice approach in order to convert EXIF to PDF. And  user don’t need to spend single penny on it, its totally free method but with limitations.

Well, this procedure is only beneficial for a single EXIF image file (metadata) converted to PDF. Or in terms of making multiple EXIF into PDF it will fail. You need to perform the above steps for every time in a repeated manner for if he/she wants a bulk conversion, if you want each image into a separate PDF file.

Expert Suggested Way to Convert EXIF to PDF

So, we know that the manual method is free and it is fine for fewer data conversions. But in the case of huge data the method is not that much effective.
Now, in this situation, you can try the most trusted and effective solution i.e. Image Converter Software.
Which is recommended or suggested by experts, has 96% satisfied customers rating and 4.8 Trust pilot rating.

First, tap either on Download or Buy button (demo version will be provided after you tap on Download button),

first page of the image converter tool

  • Now, see Preview of add file(s) / folder (s), >> Next


  • Choose the Format from Export formatPDF,

select PDF

  • Then tick on any of the options given ribbon belt according to your requirement,

pdf settings

  • Now, set Password and Restrictions

set password and restrictions

  • Set page layout then hit on Convert

page layout settings

  • Now software automatically starts the conversion process.

conversion process starts

  • And, give you the Export report.

export report

Advance Benefits of EXIF Converter

  • Convert multiple EXIF to PDF formats.
  • You can choose option for PDF file: Each EXIF file separately and also all EXIF in one PDF
  • Add number of EXIF images page in PDF file.
  • Any kind of additional Adobe software or application is not required.
  • No decrease in the quality image file(s).
  • Change in location option available.
  • Apart from the EXIF (metadata) file, the converter can convert GIF to HTML format also.

Technical market is already so full with many EXIF converter software but this “EXIF to PDF converter software provides enough reasons for users to use it. If you have EXIF image files less than 10, users can use the demo version.

Apart from these two methods ( Print or EXIF converter tool), there is no way to export EXIF files to PDF format. Users can use any other converter available in the market but they will not get satisfaction as they are not reliable, and do not maintain image integrity.


The given articles have simple methods: one is free, another is expert recommended EXIF to PDF converter tool. Now it depends on the user what he/she will prefer i.e Print or EXIF converter tool. Both are properly explained above with drawbacks and benefits, so read and apply properly.

That’s all, Thankyou