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Best Tool to Repair, Recover and Restore Data From Exchange Backup Files

exchange bkf recovery
  • Repair BKF File to Recover Exchange Server Data
  • Restore data from Microsoft Exchange Backup File
  • Compatible with large sized MS Exchange .bkf file
  • Extract data from Windows Backup for Exchange
  • Open Up to 1.2 TB of BKF File: No limit to file size
  • Supports restoring EDB, STM and Log File data
  • Works with all version of Exchange 2013 and below
  • Exchange Environment is not essential to recovery

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Main Features of Exchange Backup Repair Software

repair exchange backup file

Repair Corrupt Exchange Backup

The BKF Repair utility can repair any corruption found in a .bkf file. It repairs any major or minor corruptions found in the Exchange backup file. It then recovers any lost or deleted mailbox data. Use this tool to recover mailbox items like emails, attachments, presentations, spreadsheets, Word documents, contacts etc and restore them.

online bkf recovery

Recover Complete Mailbox Data

The Exchange BKF Recovery tool repairs data as soon as the backup file is scanned into it. It ensures complete data recovery of Windows Backup file containing data from Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes. This includes retrieval of Log File Data, STM, Exchange database files and the entire contents of the server mailboxes.

recover exchange backup mailbox

Preview Contents of BKF Files

The tool provides an added feature to view all the contents of a backup file before extracting data from it. All the mailbox data and Exchange Server files are available for viewing after the BKF file is uploaded into the tool. Use the checkbox next to each item to select files or folders that need to be saved on the local machine.

restore bkf files

Restore Exchange Mailbox Data

Extract complete contents of a Backup file that contains Exchange mailbox data. Save the files anywhere on the system or carry them elsewhere. Start to restore items with just a click of a button. Make sure that the correct files are being extracted by verifying them on the software panel. All backup file data is available for preview before use.

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Maintains Folder Hierarchy

The BKF Exchange restore tool ensures data integrity and folder hierarchy of all backup data. The Exchange server files are found in the same exact folder as they were in the original backup file. There is no data loss and MS Exchange Server data is restored without any issue. Make sure the drive to which the data is being saved has ample space before extracting.

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Easy and Simple User Interface

The Exchange Backup Recovery tool has an easy-to-use, user-friendly panel that can be easily used by all. It has easy access to the navigation bar. It uses a tree structure to display contents of the .bkf file on the left pane. The buttons are simple and help to perform data restoration effortlessly. Even a non-technical person can use the software panel with ease.

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Software Navigation for Exchange Mailbox Backup Recovery Tool

Frequently Asked Questions for Exchange Backup Restore Tool

Can the software work with the latest Windows 10 operating system?
Yes, the software can work with Windows 10 operating system. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and below version.
Is there a provision to restore data from multiple BKF File at a single time?
No, the BKF recovery tool does not work with bulk files. It can only extract data from a single .bkf file at one time.
Can the repaired files be exported back to Exchange Server using this tool?
No, the tool can not move back the restored files to the Microsoft Exchange mailbox.
Can the Exchange Backup Recovery tool save the BKF file in a healthy format?
No, the tool only repairs and restores data from the Backup file that contains data from Exchange Server mailbox. It does not repair and save the BKF file in any format. It can be used only to extract data and not to repair the .bkf file.
What will be the time taken to repair Exchange Server Backup File?
The time taken to extract data from a backup file for Exchange mailboxes may differ according to its contents. The duration of extraction process varies according to the data in Exchange Server backup file.

Steps To Restore Exchange Database From Backup?

Step 1: Download and Install Software

Firstly, download and install the Exchange BKF Recovery software. Then, launch the tool by typing the name of the software in the Search Box of the Start Menu or any folder explorer window.

steps to recover bkf file
Step 2: Load The BKF File into the Tool

Now, upload the .bkf file into the software by clicking on the Load button from the top navigation bar.

search exchange server bkf file
Step 3: Browse to the Backup File Path

Next, Browse to the folder location where the Exchange BKF File is saved and click on Open.

scan exchange backup file
Step 4: Wait For The File to Load

After that, the tool will start loading the contents into the BKF Exchange Repair tool.

best exchange bkf recovery
Step 5: Start the Extraction Process

Now, all the contents of the .bkf file will be displayed on the software panel.

repair bkf file
Step 6: Select Items for Restoration

Next, select the items that need to be extracted. If complete backup needs to be restored, then simply click on the Extract button. If selective items need to be retrieved, then click on Extract Selected button.

select bkf file items
Step 7: Set the Destination Folder

Then, Browse to the folder path where the output Exchange Server files will be saved.

destination to save
Step 8: Wait for Process Completion

Now, the export process will be initiated. Wait for it to complete. An instance will be created with the Exchange Server file names in the designated folder.

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Step 9: Message Box Will Be Displayed

Finally, a message box will be displayed indicating the completion of the extraction process.

display report
Step 10: Verify the Successful Completion

Make sure to check the files in the destination path set previously. Verify that the complete extraction has taken place successfully.

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Online Video of Exchange Mailbox BKF Recovery Software

What Clients Say About Exchange Backup Recovery Software

"I have just started using this product and am amazed by the results. I was able to restore the entire content of Exchange Server backup file. It so happens that my lost and deleted emails were also recovered after using this tool. I am delighted to have purchased this tool and have given it to my data centre team to repair backups and restore contents."

-- Albert Ortega, Spain

"I am a tech-savvy person but still was not able to repairs errors that prevented me from accessing backup data. I have tried and tried for months and nothing worked up until I found the BKF Exchange restore software. I wanted to view contents of backup stored some 7 years ago. I had saved all my mailbox data in a backup file but was not able to view contents of backup file data. But this software helped me not only recover data from the backup file but also restore contents from it. Thank you!"

-- Neil Robertson, Canada