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Best Tool to Locate, Save and Backup Profile from Thunderbird Email Storage Folder

thunderbird email folder finder
  • Auto-locate Thunderbird email folders on the machine
  • Lists all Thunderbird email local folders with attributes
  • Facility to copy and save folders to a different location
  • Locate & Show Thunderbird folders of different accounts
  • Thunderbird installation essential for any kind of saving
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and All below Versions

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Key Features of Thunderbird Email Folder Surveyor Tool

list all emails

Detailed Listing of Email Folders

The Thunderbird Profile locator automatically locates all the email folders saved on the computer. It generates a list of all the email folders and displays them. Get the details of different profiles saved on the system. Locate and Save data from email folders of different profiles through a single interface.

thunderbird profile locator

Copy & Save Thunderbird Folders

Option to copy the data from email folders to a different location on the system or on another system. Use the listing generated by the system to locate Thunderbird email files on the system. Backup data from multiple profiles through a single panel. A list of all the folders with their location can be saved in a separate CSV file.

save selective

Selectively Save Email Folders

Selectively transfer Thunderbird folders to a new computer using this software. Choose to save only a few of the email folders like Inbox, trash, drafts, sent items, etc. One can save just the Inbox folder and leave trash folder. This will save a lot of time and prevent needless saving of data. It will make the process faster and backup of profiles easier.

find thunderbird profile

Easy-To-Use Software Interface

It has a very user-friendly graphical interface that can be used by even a non-technical person. It can backup Thunderbird profile folder easily by clicking just a few buttons. Thereby making the task much easier and simpler. The tool makes managing data from different profiles from a single panel effortless. It well-designed to cater to the needs of business and home users alike.

thunderbird store locator

Save Process Report In A CSV File

The tool is reliable and relevant as it provides a feature to save the details in a separate CSV file. Once the process of saving Thunderbird profile has been completed, a button named CSV appears on the navigation bar. By pressing this button one can save all the details of the process to a folder location of choice. Verify the process has been undergone successfully by going through this file. It can be used for reference in the future.

all windows os

Supports All Versions of Windows

The tool is efficient enough, that it can work Windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 and all its below versions. It is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit systems. Not much configuration is needed to perform the Thunderbird storage location finding and saving. However, Thunderbird installation is a must on the system where the profiles are located.

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Thunderbird Storage Folder Identifier Software Navigation

FAQs of Thunderbird Storage Location Detection Tool

Can this tool work on Mac operating System?
No, the tool can not operate on a Mac operating system.
Does the Thunderbird needs to be installed on the computer?
Yes, the Thunderbird application is a must to be installed on the user machine.
Can multiple Thunderbird profiles be copies using this software?
Yes, multiple Thunderbird folders from different profiles can be saved on a different path using this software.
Is this Thunderbird Folder Location Detector work with my Windows 10 system?
No, the tool does not support Windows 10 currently.
Can I save process report using this software?
Yes, a CSV file can be saved at the end of saving Thunderbird profile data.

How To Locate Thunderbird Local Folders Using Thunderbird Store Locator Software

Step 1: Download and Install the Software

Firstly, Launch the application by pressing the Windows key and typing the name Thunderbird Store Locator. Double-click on it to open it. As soon as the software is launched, a list of all the Thunderbird email folders available on the system will be generated.

locate thunderbird email folder
Step 2: Select Folders Needed for Saving

Next, check the box next to the file(s) that need to be copied to another location on the system. Then, click Copy from the navigation bar.

select folder
Step 3: Copy Folders To a Separate Path

After this, a message box will appear indicating that the copy process is completed.

best software download online
Step 4: Save CSV with Details of all Tasks

Now, the details of the complete process can be saved in a CSV file. Click on the CSV button after saving Thunderbird profile(s) to another location.

find thunderbird profile folder online
Step 5: Choose a Folder Location of Choice

Then, choose a folder location of choice and save the CSV file as shown in the image below.

choose location to save
Step 6: Message Box to Indicate Completion

Finally, the list of all the details about the tasks completed using this software will be saved. A message box will appear indicating the completion of the process.

view successful message

Online Video of Thunderbird Email Folder Finder Software

Client’s Review for Thunderbird Email Storage Locator

"This is a brilliant software. I have two Thunderbird profiles saved on my system. I was unable to identify which Inbox.msf belong to which mailbox. Both email folders being the GMail account had the same name for the mail folders. One was and the other With this tool, I could easily identify which folder belongs to which mailbox."

-- Debra Bowen, France

"I am not a very technical person but was still able to use this tool effortlessly. This is the perfect solution for saving my profile to another computer. I have an old Thunderbird application installed on my system. I was looking for a tool that could help me locate Thunderbird profile so that I could install the latest version. Now I can do that easily. Thanks!"

-- Josefina Gonzalez, Spain