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Add Bates Stamp & Bates Number in Multiple PDF File in Batch

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  • Generate Bates number on multiple PDF file documents in bulk
  • Add Bates number and stamp for files based on combination of PDF files
  • Permits users to remove encryption from PDF file & add Bates number to it
  • It is not necessary to install Adobe Acrobat to add PDF Page numbering
  • Supported by all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10
  • No size limitation: add Bates Number to any size PDF document

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Descriptive Features of PDF Bates Numberer Software

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Add Bates Number to PDF

With the help of PDF Bates Numberer software, it becomes easy for a user to add Bates number, Bate stamp or page number to PDF in various ways. Moreover, a user can easily assign Bates numbers to multiple PDF files in batch. The tool offers users an option to add PDF files or folder with multiple PDF files. In addition, to arrange the order of PDF file the tool provides Move UP & Move Down options that one can use.

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Different Options to Add PDF Bates

A user can use this PDF Bates Numberer software to add the Bates numbering, page numbering & stamp to PDF three different style, which are:

  • Generate Bates number in PDF File
  • Add PDF Bates number for file series
  • Add page number & print PDF document

One can choose any of the styles to add Bates Number in the PDF file document. Moreover, if they want can print the PDF file also with page numbers.

types of pdf page number

Different Type of Bates Number

The PDF Bates Numberer software is an amazing utility with many advanced features. One such feature is it allows users to use multiple details for generating the Bates Number:

  • Add suffix or prefix with bates in PDF
  • Choose the number to be in Bates number
  • Add Bates by choosing any start number
  • Select a number to increment the Bates
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Allows to Add Extra Information

The PDF Bates Numberer tool permits users to add some additional information to the PDF file, such as:

  • Additional Text: This option allows users to add some confidential text or information on each PDF document.
  • Additional Text Positioning: Apart from adding additional text, a user is also allowed to set the position of added text on the PDF file i.e. Top Right, Bottom Right, Top left, and Bottom Left.
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Set Position of Bates Number

With the help of this tool, if a user wants can change the position of bates Number in PDF document. One can modify the position of Bates Number in four unique way i.e. Top left, Bottom Left, Bottom right, Top right. In addition, a user is also allowed to:

  • Keep same Bates number on all PDF file
  • Option to stamp current date on the PDF
  • Allows to add continuous sequence of number in each PDF file
pdf file naming

Different File Naming Options

The software is designed in such way that PDF Bates Numberer allows users to save the PDF file with different naming options such as:

  • Keep Original File Name: If a user wants can save the resultant PDF document with its original file name.
  • With First Bates Number: If a user wants to save PDF file with the first Bates number that is used while setting the Bates number, then go for this option.
pdf bates formatting

Different Bates Number Formatting

A user can use this software to add page number to PDF document and if wants can set the desirable font size of their choice. In addition, it is really easy for a user to change the color of the font for the Bates number. Moreover, it also allows users to highlight the PDF Page number in order to make them look more attractive on the pages.

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Generate a Complete Bates Report

While adding Bates number on PDF file(s), the tool will display a small summary of the process. It generates a complete report of all the preferences and all other options that are selected by the user such as color, Bates number position, font size, etc. Moreover, it also shows a complete status report of the selected PDF file.

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Software Navigation for PDF Bates Stamping Tool

FAQ for Adobe PDF Numberer Software

Is it possible to add stamp Bates Numberer to multiple PDF documents?
Yes, a user can easily add stamp Bates Numberer to PDF file. The PDF Bates Numberer either add an entire folder of PDF files or multiple PDF files at once.
Does the tool maintain the integrity of PDF file data?
Yes, it maintains data integrity even after adding Bates Numbers. It does not alter any data maintained in it.
Can I save the PDF files with Bates Number with its original name?
Yes, a user can choose Retain Original File name option to save the PDF files with older name only.
Is it possible to add page number to PDF file without installing Adobe Acrobat on the local machine?
Yes, It is possible to add Bates Number to PDF document without Adobe Acrobat on the local machine.
Does the PDF Bates Numberer is compatible on Mac OS X platform?
No, the tool is a completely windows-based application. A user cannot use it on Mac OS X.

How to Add Page Number to PDF File or Folder

Step 1: Install PDF Bates Stamping Software

First of all Download & Install PDF Bates Numberer. After that open the tool having the main screen like:

steps pdf bates

Now, to begin, click on Bates button

apply bates to pdf
Step 2: Choose Option to Add Bates

As a user clicks on Bates option a screen will appear from which a user needs to choose any of the provided options:

  • Generate Bates Numberer: If a user chooses this option then, it adds Bates number to selected PDF document.
  • Generate Bates Number for File Series: If a user is having a combination of PDF file series and file pages, then select this option. The tool generates a page number to all the pages & files maintained in the selected folder.
  • Print PDF: One can go for this option if he/she wants to take the print of the PDF file with Bates numbers.
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Now, to begin the choose Generate Bates Numbers option and click Next

esily generate bates
Step 3: Select Adobe PDF File or Folder(s)

After that, to select the PDF file of your choice click on Add File/ Add Folder option and browse the desired PDF file(s)

add pdf file or folder

Then, choose the PDF files that a user wants to stamp with Bates numbering

choose adobe pdf to software
Step 4: Remove Encryption from PDF File

Here, a user can check/ uncheck the Remove Encryption From PDF File(s) option from the left pane of the tool. After that, click on Next to proceed

free software to pdf stamping
Step 5: Provide Required Details to Add Numbers

Enter all the required details according to your requirement

pdf bates numbring step

To add some confidential text, write in Additional Text option

adobe stamping guide

Adjust the position of the confidential text by choosing Additional Text Positioning option

pdf numbring methods

As soon you are done with all above, click on Next to continue

apply number to pages
Step 6: Select Position to Apply Bates Number

After that, provide position to the selected pages by selecting any of the Bates Number Positioning options

methods to number pages

If you want can choose the Font Color and Size also of the Bates number

software to count pages

Now, you need to choose the one File Naming Convention from the given 2 options:

  • Retain Original File Name
  • First Bates Number
pdf naming convention

Next, choose the destination folder to keep the stamped PDF files and click on Next to continue

number pages online

As you click on Browse button, the tool will display the specific location

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Step 7: View All Attributes of Selected PDF File

Now, a screen will appear that will display all information selected in the above steps

steps to number pdf file

After that, click on Preview to view the PDF pages after Bates stamping

download software free

Now, the PDF Document will appear like this

best way to number pages
Step 8: Apply PDF Bates Stamping Process

After previewing, click on Generate option to begin the Bates numbering process of your PDF.

apply pdf bates stamping

PDF Bates stamping process will complete within few minut

view data in software
Step 9: View Complete Process report

As the process completes, the tool will display the complete status report

preview software process details

Watch Online Video of PDF Bates Stamping Software

Client′s Review for Add Page Number to PDF File Software

"I have Tried this PDF Bates Numberer tool and I must say that it is an amazing utility with so many advanced features. Bates Number formatting options I liked the most. It helps in making the complete document more prominent to the users. Thanks to the developer for developing such a great utility. I am definitely going to suggest this tool to my friends also."

-- Taylor, Australia

"What an ultimate utility designed by the developers. I never thought that adding bates number to the PDF file is so easy to process with the help of this PDF Bates Numberer software. Moreover, the feature that attracts me most toward this tool is that after adding bates number one can print the PDF file on paper also. Thanks to all teams of the software fro such a great help."

-- Rose, Switzerland