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Free Tool to View Deleted, Corrupted & Formatted Data from Hard Disk Drive

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  • View data from corrupted FAT and NTFS disk partition
  • Explore Hard Drive data from MBR & GPT partition table
  • Hard drive viewer shows pictures, ppts, docs, & archived files
  • Auto-detect internal and external hard drives and Explore
  • Works with pen drive, SD card, and all other external devices
  • 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB sized hard disk are easily supported
  • Installed hard disk explorer on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

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Prominent Features of Hard Drive Data Explorer Software

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Open and View Hard Disk on Windows

The HDD explorer software freely extracts data from system hard drives and mount it on the pane. It will be extracting all items like audio files, video, power point files, etc., from the chosen disk. The opener will be listing items in alphabetic order with their original name.

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Regain Data of Formatted Hard Drive

Hard drive reader for PC provides an automatic approach to read items from a formatted hard disk. It will be extracting data only from NTFS formatted drives. When the data extraction procedure gets finished, it will instantly load all the encountered data on preview pane.

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View Deleted Files and Folders

Freeware is having capability of retrieving back to shift deleted or permanently erased items, which are unable to retrieve from Recycle bin also. The recovered deleted items gets listed in the software with red color on the preview wizard of the hard drive explorer software.

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Automatically Detects All Partitions

Free GPT partition reader is having capability of detecting all system partitions. Just after the launching time, it will display all hard disks, which are appended in the machine. No matter what is the size hard disk, it will be working smoothly with all sizes.

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Explore Files of External Components

The hard disk explorer freeware not only explores the internal hard drives of a machine but, also works with external storage devices. It also extracts files and folders from pen drive, SD card, external hard disk, and all other components that are connected through UBS in the system.

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Windows Tool to Read MBR & GPT File

Hard drive data explorer software enables users to view GPT / MBR partition on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. When an individual faces trouble while opening Windows partition, they can utilize this free product in order to fix these kind of issues.

Navigation for User to Operate Hard Drive File Explorer Software

Frequently Asked Questions for Hard Disk File Viewer Tool

Does your free hard drive data explorer software provides any data saving feature while working?
No, the hard drive file viewer tool is brilliantly designed to open and view hard drive on Windows OS.
By a mistake, I have clicked on wrong drive in your Hard disk data opener. However, it had start scanning file. Is there any procedure to stop this ongoing scanning procedure?
Yes, move your mouse cursor on very left-hand side of the software screen. Here, click on Stop button and then, a warning message dialog box appears. Click on Yes, if you are sure that you want to stop the procedure.
Is your hard disk data explorer software workable upon Windows 8.1 OS?
Yes, the HDD Viewer application is a free Windows-based utility, which is easily compatible on all versions of Windows.
I am having a hard drive of 3.5TB. Will your reader work with this size of disk?
Yes, no matter what is the size of the system hard disk. The free product will be working flawlessly with any size of the external or internal hard drive.

Steps to Read Deleted and Formatted Data From Hard Disk Drive

Step 1: Open Hard Drive Data Explorer Application

Download and install the Hard Disk Viewer Freeware on your machine

hard drive data reader
Step 2: Choose the System Disk to be Explored

Among all the listed machine drives, select your desired hard drive and click on Scan

view corrupt hard drive file
Step 3: Scanning of the Selected Hard Drive

The freeware thoroughly starts scanning the chosen hard drive and extracts files from it.

deleted data viewer
Step 4: View Files From Chosen Hard Disk

Now all the data will be loaded on viewing panel of the opener. You just need to click on particular folder whose files are required by you for viewing purpose.

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Online Video of Free Hard Drive Viewer Tool

Client′s Words for Hard Disk Data Reader Software

"I was provided with a task to open and view data from NTFS formatted hard disk on Windows 10. But, when I tried to perform this activity manually, NTFS partition was showing an error statement. The line was stating that my file is inaccessible and cannot be opened. Oh my god, literally a nightmare moment! But, meanwhile one of my friend recommended me to use hard drive data viewer and I took his words. The application is a bundle of surprises, which offers many astonishing features within it."

-- Kerry Clayton, Canada

"I work in a forensic firm and it is my one or the other day duty to analyze a file or a hard drive on my machine. However, due to bad luck or you can say the occurrence of shortcomings it became a hassled procedure for me. Thankfully, I got this Hard drive data explorer software, which made it an easy task to open hard disks data on Win 8. I am completely satisfied with this free tool"

-- Daniel Griffin, Jamaica

Comparison Between Hard Drive Data Viewer and Viewer Pro Versions

Features FREE Version PRO Version
Recover Formatted Data
Repair Corrupted Data
Permanently Deleted Data Recovery
Restore Data from Corrupted HDD
Preview of Recovered Data
Search Hard Disk Files
Export Selected Files
Save Recovered Data

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