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  • Open, View, Read and Examine all the DMG Data Files
  • Search Specific File Type like MBOX, EML, EMLX, etc.
  • Option to filter DMG Emails of a particular Date range
  • Effortlessly view selected or desired DMG files or folders
  • Supports all the versions of Windows Operating system
  • Option to read and analyze corrupted or damaged DMG files

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Incredible Features of Freeware DMG Viewer Software

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Read DMG File in Windows

Using this tool, users can view and read all the emails from Mac DMG file on any Windows Operating System. DMG Reader for Windows tool can extract mail files from Mac OS, which generally includes all formats as mentioned above, on Windows platform very easily.

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View Protected DMG File

This software is designed in a way that it permits its users to open, view, and extracts data files from a DMG file in Windows Operating System even if the file is encrypted. This tool allows users to read the files, which are password protected thus, it is widely used dmg extractor software.

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Specific File Selection Filters

One of the best features of DMG viewer software is that it provides so many options to make the task quick. This tool provides an option to filter the files out of all the available files. Users need to click on “All” to view all the mails or “Select File Types” if they want to define any specific file and to read that file only.

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Modes to Add DMG File

The DMG Extractor utility provides two options to add the file. Users can add the DMG files one after the other to the software. For this, they have to choose the option of “Files" mode or they can choose the entire folder by clicking on the option of "Folder" mode. Therefore, it totally depends upon the choice of users to select the mode.

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View Systematic DMG Emails

DMG file Viewer tool does not only provide the facility to view the files of DMG, but maintains the hierarchical of the folder or files. It shows the files in an arranged way in the preview pane. Once the files or folders are chosen it will explore all the details such as Name, Size, Created On, Modified Data and Last Access Date on extractor right pane.

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Preview Details of Email Files

The DMG Extractor software consists of a link to "Preview" corresponding to every email with the help of, which users can check different views of a message. These different views include Normal Mail, Attachments, Hex, Properties, Header, HTML, and RTF. Therefore, it becomes very easy for the users to see any kind of view of DMG files.

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Common User FAQ for DMG File Viewer Tool

Can the software extract email header of a DMG email?
Yes, you can choose to view the header part of the selected DMG email with DMG file extractor/Viewer Tool.
Can I choose all the files instead of choosing a particular file type?
Yes, this software provides an option to view all the file types and for this you need to click on “All” option.
Does the software allow to view the attachment as well along with the emails?
Yes, indeed you can view all the attachments of DMG emails as well using this software.
Is there any kind of limitation on the size of DMG files?
No, there is no limitation and you can read DMG file on Windows of any size with DMG file Reader tool.
Does the tool require the installation of any other application to view the DMG files?
No, it is a stand-alone utility and is independent. Therefore, you only need DMG files to read them via this tool.

Steps to DMG File Using DMG Expractor Software

Step 1: Download and Install DMG Viewer

First go to Start » All Programs » DMG Viewer. Then, you need to click on Scan button

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Step 2: Select Specific or All File Type

Now, after this, there are two options to “All” and “Select File Types” choose any of these options to select the file type you want to view

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Step 3: Choose File Mode or Folder Mode

Next, choose the from these two mode

  • File- To add a single file
  • Folder- To add a folder or multiple files
choose dmg file or folder
Step 4: Brows DMG to Extractor Tool

Then, click on the button of Browse and add the DMG file from the device.

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Step 5: View Selected File Format Data

Finally, once the file is selected you can view it on the dmg file viewer screen.

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Client′s Review for DMG Viewer Software

"DMG Viewer tool is very much helpful in viewing DMG files in Windows Operating System. The filter and search options provided by the software are truly deserves appreciation. I want to like to thanks to the whole team who are behind creation of this wonderful utility."

-- Xavier Lecuyer, France

"This tool has made it easy for me to investigate Mac data and read DMG files in my system. I have used the tool to view the email header of a file. One thing I want to confess is that I cannot rely on any other tool to view the data files of DMG in my machine other than this. I like the software very much."

-- Stine J. Svendsen, Dutch