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An Absolute Free Solution to Open a Disc Image File and View Its Data

disk image file viewer
  • Feel free to browse disk image file of any size in a hassle-free manner
  • Disk image file reader supports 3 disk image files i.e., DD, DMG, and E01
  • Capable of extracting permanently lost items from browsed disk image file
  • View shift deleted data of the disk file without paying any dollars for the same
  • Requires no pre-installed program to open and explore disk image on Windows
  • No need to have any additional guidance to work with disk image viewer
  • Supported on all versions of Windows OS, including its latest one i.e. 10

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Prominent Features of Disk Image Reader Software

scan disc file free

Scan and Read Disk Image File

Free Disk Image viewer utility provides facility to open and view all types of disk image files with an ease. It supports DD, DMG, and E01 disk image files to be explored with help of this freeware. One is free to view entire content of the source file without any platform dependency issues.

view deleted files

Display Permanently Deleted Data

Disk Image reader is designed with such advance algorithms that it is capable of regaining data from browsed file, which was lost due to one or the another reason. Software will load and display the retrieved data for viewing whole content of the source disk image file.

filter disc format

Filtering Facility While Reading Data

An advance feature of the Disk Image reader is its date-filtering option. This enables users to perform filtering inside the DMG/DD/E01 file. The filtering scenario is based upon the certain criteria i.e., File Creation Date, Modified, and Last Access Date. One is free to filter items within the disk image file.

search disk image file online

Renders Advance Searching Option

Disk Image opener have came up with an exiting feature of searching a particular file from the displaying screen. Instead of viewing entire file content, users can view only the desired item by mentioning file name or any other attribute related to the searching file.

preview disc file

Preview Data With Properties

The Disk Image file reader provides an additional option to preview properties of a particular item like image, email, etc. One just need to right-click on the item, click on Preview option, and then software will automatically load a Preview window in which users will be able to learn file properties.

interface of disc software

Have An Easy-to-Use Interface

Disk Image Viewer for free program loads folders and sub-folder in a well-structured format. A tree-based structure is displayed on left-hand of the software panel where users have to click on the targeted folder. Moreover, the viewer is having a simplified interface due to which it is possible for novice users also to read Disk image file.

Freeware Disk Image File Reader Software Navigation

Common User FAQ for Disk Iamge File Viewer Tool

Is your Disk Image reader program compatible with Windows 8.1 operating system?
Yes, our software is Windows-based, which opens and extract disk image file on all versions of Windows, including 10.
Among all other applications, what makes your software unique?
The application is providing facility to view all types of disk image files (DD, DMG, and E01) at one place for free. Moreover, Disk Image reader is providing advance filtering and searching option to view disk image file on your computer.
I am having a disk image file of 4.55 GB and wants to view its data with help of your freeware. Is it possible to view disk image file of such size with help of your utility?
Yes, our Disk image viewer is not restricted with disk image file size. You can browse disk image file of any size with help of this utility.
Is your Disk Image file reader completely free of cost? Does it require any additional payment for recovering deleted data from the source disk image file?
Yes, the tool is completely free of cost. It does not require any payment for retrieving data from the source disk image file therefore, you can explore disk image file without any hassle with help of this tool.
Will it be possible to regain deleted disk image on Windows with help of this Disk Image file viewer?
Yes, disk image opener enables users to restore the deleted data from added file.

Steps to View Disk Image File Data

Step 1: Run Disk Image Viewer For free

Download setup of the free viewer from this site and install it on your machine. After complete installation, run the freeware to start reading disk image files

step to explore disc file
Step 2: Select the Source Disk Image File

Hit on Open to browse any type of desired disk image file and view its content

select disc file format
Step 3: Choose Any of the Disk Image File

A Select Scan Options window will appear in front of you, where you have to select any one of the three displayed options i.e., DD, DMG, and E01. Suppose, here we have chosen DMG option. Click on Browse button to continue

choose disk image file online
Step 4: Add the File in Software Panel

Move towards the location where your disk image file is located in your machine, select it, and hit on Open

add disc file free
Step 5: Scan the Chosen Disk Image File

Click on Scan button for allowing software to extract entire file content along with deleted one. After completion of scanning operation, a pop-up message window will appear in which you have to click on OK to continue

scan disc file
Step 6: Finally Time to View Disk Image File

Now all your data is loaded and displayed on the viewer screen where you can have a look on complete content of the source file along with their properties.

view disk image file
Step 7: Use Filtering Option

You need to expand On drop-down menu for selecting criteria of filtering operation and then, mention From-to-To date range of the items, which you want to view

filter required disc file
Step 8: Use Searching Operation

In order to search few items from bulk amount of data, you can make use of this facility to easily get the desired data

search disc file
Step 9: Get Preview of DISC data files

Right-click on the item whose properties are required and then select Preview option to open Preview window where you will be able to see properties of that particular item

read disc file data

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Client′s Review for Disk Image Viewer Software

"I was having an E01 disk image file with me, which was having OST and PST files within it. Since I was trying to open this file after a very long time therefore, I forgot the exact procedure to explore this file, causing a major issue for me and my team. One of my teammate recommended me to use this application I took his suggestion and used this Disk Image reader. It was so easy for me to open the file that now I don’t even need to remember any technical process to read file. Thanks to the team!"

-- Mitchell Mitchell, Grenada

"I have used Disk Image file viewer to open my DD file on Windows 10. It was a great experience for me while working with this application. Performance speed of scanning the file is fastest from all other applications, which I had being using till now. The surprising part about this software is that being a freeware, it recovers deleted data files. Seriously, Disk image file reader is the best product to view all types of disk image files on Windows platform."

-- Elsa Cook, Syria